22 Best Beach Camping Spots Near Brisbane, Queensland

Whether you’re an avid camper or simply enjoy time at the beach, there are many different spots for beach camping near Brisbane. Although there are not many places within Brisbane itself, several are within two hours or less of Brisbane for camping near the beach.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery after bush camping in Brisbane, try these sandy shores on your next vacation. 

Here are 22 of the best beach camping locations within a few hours of Brisbane, QLD. 

What are the Best Beach Camping Spots near Brisbane?

There’s something for everyone at Brisbane’s top beach camping destinations. You’ll find plenty of island camping spots on the list, including Stradbroke Island, Bribie Island and Fraser Island (K’gari)

Off-road enthusiasts can enjoy some of the best 4WD tracks near Brisbane along with plenty of fishing and surfing beaches.  

Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island

Amity PointOpens in a new tab. is one of North Stradbroke Island’s many beach camping sites and offers many ways to camp and a gorgeous view of Moreton Bay.

You’re able to bring a caravan, and they also offer cabins and EcoShacks with and without power and wifi and several other on-site facilities. It’s also a short drive away from several surf beaches and is ideal for fishing, boating, kayaking, and hosts facilities for picnicking, a playground, and BBQ equipment which makes it a perfect place for beach camping with family. 

Amity Point also boasts stunning views of the sunset and plenty of wildlife to see including dolphins, whales, pelicans, and koalas both in and around the campsite for those who enjoy watching wildlife up close. 

Gallagher Point, Bribie Island

Bribie Island has many beautiful spots to camp, including Gallagher PointOpens in a new tab.. You’ll need a car with 4WD to reach the campgrounds as the roads are sandy and unsuitable for anything less than 2WD. 

The campsite has gorgeous views of the Pumicestone Pass, Toorbul, and the Glass House Mountains, and is more suitable for smaller campervans and caravans, or for tent camping beside your car. Gallagher point also has a maximum of six people per site, so a smaller group would be best for camping here, and there are no facilities on-site.

When tackling Bribie Island’s sand dunes, be sure to pack a 4WD recovery kit and know how to use it in case you get stuck. 

Adder Rock, North Stradbroke Island

Another wonderful location for a family camping trip and also located within North Stradbroke Island like Amity Point, Adder RockOpens in a new tab. is just under two hours from Brisbane and the campgrounds themselves have plenty of native Pandanus and Tea Trees around the grounds. 

They also offer both caravan and cabin options for camping and offer free wifi in some of these locations. Adder Rock also has many facilities to make use of and whale-watching, eateries, surf beaches, and other activities near the campgrounds to pursue.

Lime Pocket, Bribie Island

Lime PocketOpens in a new tab. is another of Bribie Island’s campsites, located on the western side of the island, and this one is only accessible by boat! Here, you are only able to camp in a tent, since it’s only accessible by water, caravans and campers are unable to get to the island.

The closest boat ramps are located on the mainland at Coochin Creek, Donnybrook, and Toorbul, but there are also some located in Golden Beach, Sandstone Point, and Bells Creek. There are also access points from Bribie Island itself located in Bellara and Bongaree. While passing through the Pumicestone Passage, be sure to mind the Go Slow area, as minimal impacts on the seagrass, a staple food of the dugongs that frequent the area, is very important to their survival and may offer a chance to see dugongs in their natural habitat. 

Blue Lagoon, Moreton Island

Much like Gallagher Point, Blue LagoonOpens in a new tab. is unable to be accessed without being experienced in bushwalking or 4WD. It’s also recommended if you’re towing a trailer, that you take a secondary access road, Bulwer-Blue Lagoon Road, as the main road, Middle Road, is one-way and makes it very easy for a heavy vehicle to become stuck in the soft sands.

Blue Lagoon offers scenic drives and beautiful views, and opportunities for kayaking and swimming. It offers 25 different campsites, but some have seasonal closures which means not all campsites will be available all year round, so checking their website for bookings and availability is your best option to be sure the site you have in mind is available, and bookings can be made up to six months in advance.

Home Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Home BeachOpens in a new tab. is close to many of the beach camping spots near Brisbane, and offers sheltering from the south-easterly winds and a sunny spot to spend the day. 

Home Beach has a nearby day spa, and is close to Point Lookout, and has plenty of places to snorkel and scuba dive, beaches to swim or surf, heritage walks, and like the other islands of North Stradbroke, chances to whale-watch! It offers both powered and unpowered camping sites for campervans, and family tent sites that can house up to four at once, so you have several options on your preferred ways to camp and what’s available to you.

Ocean Beach, Bribie Island

Ocean BeachOpens in a new tab. is another of the Bribie Islands’ many beach campsites, close to nearby Poverty Creek, and allows you to camp on the beach behind the dunes! It also gives you the opportunity to explore the ruins of Fort Bribie; you can see some of these structures from the beach itself but markers behind the dunes will assist in finding the ruins themselves.

4WD is required here as well as many of the other campsites and requires a permit to be purchased before entering the campgrounds. Much of this campground is wheelchair accessible (possibly with assistance), along with many amenities like flushable toilets and showers, that make it a very inclusive and easily accessed place to camp. Ocean Beach has a whopping 63 campsites and offers quite the scenic drive as well as views within the campsite itself. 

Ben-Ewa, Moreton Island

Ben-EwaOpens in a new tab. is a perfect camping spot for families or school groups as its bays sheltered from strong winds give plenty of places to fish, swim, and kayak in the shade. The campsites here are clearly defined and medium in size and in total, Ben-Ewa has 12 different sites.

Adams Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Adams Beach faces the calm waters of Moreton Bay and offers 37 camping sites suitable for all kinds of camping, both with options of power and without, and even offers some glamping options for those who would rather camp more comfortably. 

To access this site, you may either drive in, take a ferry, or bring your own boat. You are unable to have a fire here, but gas-powered appliances are permitted for use. There are also no pets allowed at this campsite, so if you’re bringing your furry friend, you may want to look at other more suitable options. 

Cylinder Beach Camping Ground, Stradbroke Island

Cylinder BeachOpens in a new tab. is a notable pick for those who also like to surf, and offers many campsites. The unpowered campsites are limited to one vehicle per site but there are 59 to use so plenty of options, and also offers powered options, three Eco Tents, and a three-bedroom house. 

There is limited cell reception and Cylinder Beach is another that does not allow pets on site, but is close to several cafes and restaurants, convenience stores, and a hotel, and offers showers and on-site coin-operated laundry.

Bradbury’s Beach, North Stradbroke Island

This campsite is located quite close to Adam’s Beach and has 21 single-vehicle campsites and 6 Eco Tents and offers suitable phone coverage as opposed to Adam’s Beach. Again, this is a no pets zone, but it offers many amenities and has close-by art galleries, access to ferries, clubs and restaurants, and convenience options. 

Bradbury’s BeachOpens in a new tab. also has a BBQ area much the same as Cylinder Beach, offering coin-operated laundry and showers with timers. 

Poverty Creek, Bribie Island

Poverty CreekOpens in a new tab. is accessible by 4WD vehicles, boats, or canoe/kayak, and similar to Lime Pocket and Gallagher Point, has access to Pumicestone Pass historical sites. Here, you are able to have wood-fired BBQ’s and allow fires granted you bring your own wood and abide by stated weather conditions.

It also has a scenic drive to the campsites as well as fishing and swimming spots, picnic tables, and wheelchair accessibility (with some assistance in some cases). 

Comboyuro Point, Moreton Island

This campsite is available only to 4WD vehicles and camper trailers and has 49 shady campsites all marked by totems. Comboyuro PointOpens in a new tab. allows fires and recommends gas or fuel stoves, but wood fires are also permitted, though fire bans and weather conditions still have an effect on allowances so be careful to check what is allowable when visiting. 

It is also within walking distance of Bulwer township so you have the option to explore the town as well as the campsite itself. 

Flinders Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Flinders BeachOpens in a new tab. is another of the many sites here that is only accessible by boat and a popular location for cruise yachts and located in a gorgeous grassland with little natural shade. Open fires aren’t allowed here and fuel or gas stoves are recommended for use instead, but it offers many fishing spots and picnic tables, some of which are covered. 

Flinders Beach is a tent-only camping spot as you are unable to bring campers or caravans and has several historical sites you can visit during your stay. There are many sites here but they are not defined separately as it is an open area.

Wrecks Campground, Moreton Island

Wrecks is accessible by 4WD vehicles and boats, and has very well-defined campsites with many native plants, trees, and shrubbery. This campsite does offer localised wifi although cellphone signal is unreliable unless you’re near the resort close by. The WrecksOpens in a new tab. has a beautiful drive, and many spots to snorkel and dive, fish, canoe, or kayak. 

There are 21 available sites all marked clearly with totems, but there are seasonal closures of some campsites so be sure to check which sites are available before arriving. What sets this beach apart is that you must leave your car offsite, you must park on the beach a short way from the campsites themselves, and is a wonderful spot for families with children. 

Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Main BeachOpens in a new tab. is another tourist-centric beach camping spot much like Mission Beach, and is a short distance from both Surfers Paradise, and Tedder Avenue- a popular walking strip of shops, cafes, and bars. There is a resort-style pool, cabins with air conditioning, and many beaches to explore. 

It is accessible by vehicle, caravan, and camper, and offers many different kinds of cabins, and offers Foxtel in both the cabins and an on-site rec room. This is a very family-friendly campsite and as Mission Beach does, also offers a playground as well as a baby changing room.

Best Beach Glamping Spots Near Brisbane

Still deciding on camping vs glamping? Get the luxe vacation you’re looking for just a few hours from Brisbane. 

Here are our top picks for glamping destinations near Brisbane: 

The Hideaway, Cabarita Beach

The HideawayOpens in a new tab. is a prime glamping location set between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. It offers deluxe Bell tents with family options as well with Koala beds and air-conditioning options available in some tents. It also has communal entertainment areas built from shipping containers and bathroom suites, with fun amenities such as pop-up bar options available upon request. There are 18 luxury tents available onsite with wifi available and on-site parking options.

Pure Glamping, Lake Wivenhoe

Pure GlampingOpens in a new tab. offers queen-sized beds, amenities packs, wifi, usb charging ports, an outdoor firepit, and several options for how to camp as well as family camping options similar to The Hideaway. There is a small beach and many trails available for hiking, horseback riding, and biking, and a designated swimming area with options to snorkel, scuba dive, and fish as well as boating and kayaking. If you plan to fish here, though, a licence is required.

Adder Rock Camping Ground, North Stradbroke Island

Adder RockOpens in a new tab. offers glamping options on top of their regular beach camping as well! Their tents are Safari themed with decks and hammocks, access to a communal kitchen, and many other amenities, and is within walking distance of both Home Beach and Adder Rock, as well as Point Lookout with many food and shopping options. 

Mobile Camping Service with Luxury Tents, Noosa

This is another special addition, as Pitch Luxury CampingOpens in a new tab. will actually come to you or your location of choice! They advertise themselves as being the perfect fit for birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events, and as far as beach camping goes, their personal recommendation is Noosa beach, but as they are limited with timing due to demand so booking in advance is highly advisable. They offer many different tent options, some more glamorous than others, at varying price points, and have bigger party tents better suited for large events. Bookings and options are available through the link provided on their site. 

Related Questions

Where can you camp on the beach in Brisbane?

Anywhere that it is stated camping is permitted. Most beach camping areas in and around Brisbane will have these details listed on their websites. A quick search can tell you everything you need to know about beach camping legally in the state of Queensland. 

Is it legal to camp on the beach in Queensland?

Yes, but with some caveats. While you are able to camp on the beach, there are designated areas for camping and you need a booking. Be sure to check each campsite’s rules for where you are able to set up camp, which can often easily be found on their corresponding websites, and follow any rules and guidelines stated. 

What beaches can you camp for free in Queensland?

Free camping beaches are a little harder to find, but there are options! To be sure, a search of their websites will be the best way to have all of your ducks in a row, but there are many to choose from such as Notch Point, Krombit Tops National Park, Babina Rotary Park, Fletcher Creek, Bedford Weir, and Lake Somerset. 

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