Easy 4WD Tracks Near Sydney: 18 Must-Try Off Road Trails

Looking to escape the busy city environment and enjoy the beauty of nature with some of the best 4WD tracks? Your next adventure could be only a few hours away. 

There’s absolutely nothing that can beat the thrill of travelling in your 4WD, and driving on some of the most beautiful tracks in New South Wales. It’s a fun, messy, and extremely rewarding adventure. 

Even people who don’t have their own 4WD are getting into the adventure zone, through the abundance of options available for vehicle hire. It’s truly an incredible experience that is available to virtually anyone at any time. 

This is why we are providing a list of 18 4WD tracks to try near Sydney to help you have a memorable, adventurous weekend in nature. This list covers a wide range of tracks, perfect for beginners to those who want to take a couple days off the beaten track. 

With each location covering numerous different tracks and campgrounds, you have the option to choose the most suitable one for you, that is only a short distance from Sydney. 

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What are the Best Easy 4WD Tracks Near Sydney? 

1. Watagans National Park (Cooranbong)

Distance from Sydney: 140 km North

Track length: 10 to 30 km

Time: Several Days

About the track: If you want to escape from the loud, busy streets for a short while, the Watagans National Park is just the perfect option for you! With the offering of a magnificent rainforest scenery right at your doorstep, it features several recommended tracks for all 4WD skill levels. 

The easiest track is ‘Watagan Forest Road’, which runs from Cooranbong in the hunter valley down to Jilibily on the Central Coast. If you’re up for an extreme challenge, and looking to tick off your 4WD bucket list, then visit Daniels Point Road. This track is known for its insane number of ruts, deep bog holes, and climbs. 

2. Kurrajong Discovery Trail (Blue Mountains National Park)

Distance from Sydney: 97 km North-west

Track length: 81 km

Time: 2 Hours

About the track: Kurrajong has Aboriginal origins, derived from the name of endemic trees that grew in abundance in the area. This track goes through the Blue Mountains National Park, where you will descend into the Burralow Valley, and eventually reach a camping/picnic area.

For an amazing lookout, you can go around Mountain Lagoon via Sam’s Way and onto the T3, which provides beautiful scenery overlooking the Colo River gorge and Wollemi Wilderness. It’s best to spend the whole day driving around, in order to take advantage of the views, walks, and rest spots along the journey.

3. Deua National Park (Deua)

Distance from Sydney: 350 km Southwest

Track length: 34 km 

Time: Several Days

About the track: Deua track is perfect for 4WD’s who are up for a challenge. This track features some of the region’s most difficult 4WD tracks that are so steep that even trailers have been banned. By keeping this in mind, it is highly recommended to use low range and a locked diff to avoid losing traction. 

After travelling a couple kilometres along the track, you’ll reach extremely steep sections and the Dampier trail, which has an awesome view. If you wish to encounter any wildlife on your journey, you can camp out at Bendethera Valley campground where wombats and kangaroos love to come out to play. 

4. Yalwal 4×4 Tracks 

Distance from Sydney: 216 km

Track length: 2 to 10 km

Time: 3.5 Hours

About the track: Previously a gold mining town, Yalwal is now home to some of the most challenging tracks in NSW, and known as the ultimate off-roader’s playground. This place is approximately 3 hours from sydney, and is a ‘4WD mecca’, featuring multiple thrilling tracks, offering free camping as well. 

One of its best known tracks is Monkey Gum, which is definitely left only for experienced drivers, so make sure you have a substantial lift, and excellent 4WD knowledge. If you crave a good challenge, then you will absolutely not regret this trip. 

5. Baal Bone Gap (Seven Valleys)

Distance from Sydney: 176 km

Track length: 30 km

Time: Several Days

About the track: This trail is located on lands of the Darkinjung Darug peoples, home to over 400 floral species, and a few rare birds like the regent honeyeater. If you have the experience and knowledge, then this trail is suitable for you! 

Travelling through the Gardens of Stone National Park, located in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, you will be soon met with a wonderful view of Capertee Valley and Pearson’s lookout. A point of interest in this area that would be worth stopping by to visit is Lost city. 

This track, which is close in proximity to the Wallerawang in New South Wales,  is regarded to be one of the more challenging ones in its area, and may take as fast as 7 hours and 55 minutes, depending on the driver’s skill level and the weather. The track may have some puddles of mud right after moderate to heavy rains, so be sure to check the conditions of both the terrain and your vehicle before heading out. 

Although primarily visited by 4WD enthusiasts, it is also frequented by hikers and mountain bikers. Dogs and pets in general aren’t allowed in the tracks, so you’d have to leave your pup behind if you plan on taking on the track. You are unlikely to encounter people here regularly so make sure you have your repair tools and/or other necessities that you may need in case your vehicle breaks down.

6. The Barrington Trail (Barrington Tops National Park)

Distance from Sydney: 262 km North West

Track length: 15 km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: The Barrington trail is highly suited for beginners, taking you from the lower Barringtons up to the Tomalla road intersection. In the highest areas (up to 1500 metres), you can even spot some stands of gnarly snow gums. It is recommended to bring an accurate GPS device with you on your trip, as the area has poor signage, and it is quite difficult to navigate around. 

This track is best driven during the months of October to May, as most tend to be closed from the beginning of June to September. If you want to challenge yourself, you can start off with the Barrington trail and then drive some of the side trails, like Polblue Ridge Road, Horseswamp Trail, and North Branch Road. 

7. Oxley Wild Rivers National Park (Yarrowitch)

Distance from Sydney: 450 km North

Track length: various

Time: various

About the track: Featuring deep gorges, free-flowing rivers, and towering waterfalls, Oxley Wild Rivers is one of NSW’s largest National Parks. The landscape is incredibly rugged, with the track clinging to the side of near vertical mountain sides. 

Although most of the access roads in the park may be traversed by passenger vehicles, there are some locations that are only accessible to 4WD vehicles. The tracks can be quite narrow and you will notice a number of blind corners while in the park so make sure you drive with utmost care, especially if you have a bull bar or nudge bar fitted. 

The tracks in the park contain a lot of very long climbs and descents that reach up to 1,000 metres. As such, make sure that your vehicle is tuned properly and appropriately for the type of terrain you’re going to tackle at the park. There aren’t many detailed paper maps of the tracks in the area, and the online maps provided by the NSW Park are much less comprehensive. As such, it is highly recommended that you bring your own offline 4WD map app or GPS with you on the trip.

8. Lobs Hole Ravine Road (Pinbeyan)

Distance from Sydney: 481 km

Track length: 39 km

Time: 3 hours

About the track: This trail leads from Jounama to Wallace Creek lookout through the northern regions of Kosciuszko National Park on the NSW South Coast. From tackling the rocky terrain to river crossing, this track is accessible all year. 

It’s perfect for anyone who is wanting to go on a historic sightseeing tour or an exhilarating day out fishing, walking, or camping. You can even see historical remnants along the track! Just make sure to check water level prior to river crossing, in order to not encounter a life threatening, emergency situation. 

9. Pinnacle Firetrail (Turon National Park) 

Distance from Sydney: 185 km North west

Track length: 9.7km (Turon National Park total 50km) 

Time: Several Days

About the track: Turon National Park provides an excellent base for many tracks in the area, including Ben Bullen, which is specifically known for its steep climbs and rocky sections, as well as the famous Pinnacle Firetrail. 

Along the firetrail, you will be met with a large rock (the pinnacle) which can be climbed up to capture some awesome views. Two main campsites in the area are Woolshed Flat and the Diggings, great for stopping by as you pass along the track. 

10. Wombeyan Caves (Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve)

Distance from Sydney: 180 km Southwest 

Track length: 83 km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: Wombeyan Caves is a great spot for cave enthusiasts or those who are looking to challenge themselves with new experiences. Reopened after repairs made in late 2015, there are five caves available to visit, including tours of Wollondilly, Junction, Mulwaree, and Kooringa Caves, and Fig Tree Cave. This spot would be great to take the kids along to!

The track is ideal for newbies, anyone who already owns a 4WD but have never taken it off road, or those with new 4WD accessories aiming to give them an off road test drive. Although the track is usually claimed to not be for the faint hearted, the destination and the travel is most definitely worth a try. 

Traversing the track right after a heavy rain is highly discouraged, as the terrain becomes too dangerous. Even without rain, falling rocks are usually an issue so keep this in mind when driving through the track. Aside from a few blind curves, there isn’t anything else to watch out for.

11. Gibraltar Rock Trail (Kanangra Boyd National Park)

Distance from Sydney: 167 km West

Track length: 29 km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: Located in northern Kanangra Boyd National Park, Gibraltar Rocks trail is certainly a good one for newbies. The track can become pretty boggy with a large number of muddy holes, therefore it’s best to check that you have all your recovery gear and drop your tyre pressure before you go. 

Access to this 4WD track comes off Jenolan Caves Rd to Mini Mini Range Road. Due to the poor service signal, it is best to load up maps before you go. 

12. Stockton Beach (Worimi Conservation Lands)

Distance from Sydney: 183 km North

Track length: 32 km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: Stockton Sand Dunes is known as one of the best and most accessible beaches on Australia’s East coast. Just ask any experienced four wheel driver. They will either tell you they love it because it’s one heck of an experience but hate it at the same time because of how busy it gets on the weekend. 

Located in the Worimi Conservation Lands, it offers 32km of expansive beachfront, running north from Stockton, up to Anna Bay in Port Stephens. Just make sure to deflate your tires before driving on the sand and take it slow. You can enter the park via Lavis Lane at Williamtown or via Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay. 

13. Greens Break Road (Watagans National Park)

Distance from Sydney: 141.6 km

Track length: 2 to 10 km

Time: 6 Hours

About the track: Greens Break Road offers everything from small bog holes to challenging climbs. The start of the track takes you down to the very first challenge, the famous fallen tree. Beyond this tree is where the adventure begins. Halfway along this track, it turns sharp to the left, which is where the real fun begins. At this point, you will be met with a heavily rutted hill climb that brings you back to the entrance road. 

Easiest access to this track is from Martinsville Road Entrance to the Watagans. Unlike others, this track does not offer a B-line through the most part, however, the large number of trees make winching a breeze. To turn this fun 4WD trek into a full trip, check out the best Watagans National Park campsites

14. Newnes Plateau (Wollemi National Park)

Distance from Sydney: 260 km

Track length: various

Time: various

About the track: Newnes Plateau is one of the most well-known 4WD destinations in NSW, home to some of the best off-road tracks near Sydney. One of these is the 32 km long glow worm tunnel, which is recommended for more experienced four wheel drivers. 

To get to the campground on the other side, you have to cross at the ford at Wolgan River. Nowadays, track into Newnes is tarred with gravel towards the end, making it accessible for soft roaders. 

The track is known for its narrow and unsealed roads. It begins from the Zig Zag Railway and ends at the Glow Worm Tunnel. Occasionally,  kangaroos and other wildlife may be seen roaming around, and there may also be logging trucks travelling through the track so make sure you slow down when approaching the narrower sections and blind curves. 

Some sections of the track are very dark, so it is highly recommended that you equip your vehicles with extra battery powered lights to supplement your vehicles lights. If you want to enjoy 4WD driving and immerse yourself in cultural heritage at the same time, then this track will not disappoint.

15. Belanglo Loop (Belanglo State Forest)

Distance from Sydney: 137.8 km

Track length: 29.9 km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: Benlango is considered to be one of the best places for newbies to take their off-road rigs to, beginning and ending from Dalys Clearing Campground on Daly Road in Belanglo. This track is also used for hiking and mountain biking, so please take care and share the roads. 

The relatively long track goes through the Belanglo State Forest, and is great for both beginners and experienced drivers. The track is known to have a number of its sections closed off, so make sure to check and verify with the state forest’s administration if the roads you’re planning to pass through are open that day. 

Track signage is arguably lacking and some signs are either missing or have fallen to the ground. As such, it is recommended that drivers bring with them a compass for off road navigation and/or a 4×4 GPS when traversing the loop.

16. Abercrombie River National Park (Arkstone)

Distance from Sydney: 250 km

Track length: 30 km

Time: 2 Days

About the track: Abercrombie National Park features two entries, each allowing easy access regardless of your skill level. One of the most challenging of the tracks is Bald Hill Trail, one of the steepest in the area. Just make sure you have a 4WD with low range gearing and high ground clearance to navigate these highly steep sections of the tracks. 

Along the drive, you can also visit the four main campgrounds, (Bummaroo Ford, Silent Creek, The Beach and The Sink), all with something unique to offer. No matter if you are still learning at the wheel or have all the know-how, there will definitely always be something to peak your interest.

17. The Dowling Track

Distance from Sydney: 760 km

Track length: 560 km (Many unsealed roads)

Time: Several Days

About the track: The Dowling track is an outback route which connects Northern NSW to Queensland, following the path of Vincent James Dowling, a significant explorer in the 1860s. Due to it being an outback drive, it is important to ensure you are prepared for 4WD camping and notify others of your estimated ETA, as well as bringing along several emergency survival supplies.

This track is best driven during the dry season, between spring to autumn. You probably won’t see many others along your journey and you can stop in local towns to break up the trip. Spots along the way to check out include Bourke, a famous outback town, as well as Hungerford and Fords Bridge. 

The Dowling track experience is simply a must for any off-roader. If you’re planning to drive the Dowling Track on a full interstate 4WD tour, be sure to check out some of the best 4WD tracks near Brisbane

18. Ado’s 4WD Course 

Distance from Sydney: 468 km

Track length: 50km

Time: 1 Day

About the track: Located near Dubbo, this 4WD course lies within the Warrumbungle mountain range in Central North of NSW, with track rates of grade 3 and 4. Positioned in a working sheep and cattle property, this course lies within the Warrumbungle mountain range, central North of NSW. 

At Ado’s you have the option of staying onsite in the shearer’s quarters or the nearby Warrumbungle National Park for camping. Please remember to close all the gates behind you as it is a working property and it is important not to bring any inconvenience to the owners. This experience is simply a must for the whole family. 

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Are You Allowed to 4WD at Menai?

Unfortunately no, you are not allowed to use your 4WD at Menai. It is private property and therefore you will face a large trespassing fine if you still choose to do so. 

What Beaches Can You Drive on in New South Wales?

There are numerous beautiful beaches across the state, including Kurnell beach at Boat Harbour. This beach is relatively easy to navigate, perfect for 4WD beginners to practice on. If you’re up for more of a slightly challenging beach track, then Evans Head beach is just the right fit for you! And for those who like a real challenge, come to McBrides beach!

What Are the Best 4WD Camping Spots in NSW? 

One of the best 4WD camping spots is Belmont Wetlands State Park, a beautiful area containing natural bushland, boasting wetlands, and vast sand dunes. Another great camping spot, if you’re up for a bit of a longer drive, is Nymboida River Campground. This place provides you with options to engage in numerous recreational activities, including fishing, canoeing, and bush walking. 

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