Everything You Need To Know About Green Slip Cover

When people purchase a vehicle for the first time or move interstate they are greeted by a new form of insurance which is referred to as a Green Slip. While most people get the gist of what Green Slip Cover is and why it may be necessary, there are still a large number of people who are unsure about what it all entails.

A Green Slip is an insurance policy that covers personal injury which also includes injury and death of other drivers if you do find yourself in an accident. Green Slips are compulsory and need to be paid before your vehicle can be registered and legally driven.

Each state has their own rules when it comes to Green Slips so we have compiled a short and sweet article, that has everything you need to know about Green Slips including what you’re covered for and how you can go about getting them.

Who Is Covered By A Green Slip?

Green Slips are put in place to provide compensation for people injured or killed during a motor vehicle accident. People who are covered under the Green Slip include:

  • Passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Motorcyclists
  • Cyclists
  • Drivers in other vehicles
  • The driver at fault to a lesser extent

If death occurs resulting from a road accident, the family or close relatives of the deceased will be able to claim expenses through the Green Slip policy rather than from the individual who was at fault. As we mentioned earlier, drivers who are at fault don’t get the same coverage compared to others involved in the accident. If the driver is charged with a serious driving offence in relation to the accident itself, they will not be able to claim any benefits.

Trailers are also included under the Green Slip insurance, provided that the vehicle towing the trailer is covered. As long as you have paid for the policy and are driving legally, the compensation will operate all over Australia regardless of your home address. As an example, this means that if you live in New South Wales and have paid for the Green Slip under the NRMA, you will be covered if you crash your vehicle in Victoria.

What Does A Green Slip Cover?

The Green Slip scheme is focussed on providing support for those who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Benefits of the policy are also paid out to all people that are injured in the accident (including the driver if the result wasn’t caused by a serious driving offence).

If you are injured and looking for any compensation you will be able to claim up to 26 weeks or 6 months of:

  • A percentage of your weekly income before your injury if you require time off work
  • Treatment and rehabilitation expenses that are reasonable and necessary (you won’t be covered for extras that you try to slip in)
  • If you require help around the home in your recovery process you can also claim commercial attendant care

Individuals who are injured in a motor vehicle accident who are not at fault may also be able to claim beyond the initial 6 month period. This extension is normally only reserved for injuries that are more serious and require further treatment and care. Additionally, individuals who have been seriously injured may also be eligible for the Lifetime Care & Support Scheme.

It is important to note that theGreen Slip insurance covers only individuals involved in an accident regardless of the injuries that person sustains. Things that your Green Slip won’t cover include:

  • Damage to your vehicle or property
  • Damage to other individual’s property who were involved in the accident
  • Compensation for the theft of your vehicle

While the Green Slip is a type of insurance policy and taken in addition to regular insurance that normally covers you for these points above.

What Is The Green Slip Policies In Each State

While it is a legal requirement that all motor vehicles in Australia must have a CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance, each state is different in how they approach this. In the states of New South Wales and Queensland, vehicles can’t be registered to drive until they have a valid CTP whereas in the other states this cost is part of the registration. Below is a more in-depth look into the Green Slip policies for each Australian state.

New South Wales

New South Wales has many different insurance companies that can provide the Green Slip. Due to more than one company offering this insurance you may find that the pricing for these slips differs for each company. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority is the governing body for Green Slips in New South Wales. The SIRA website for this state has a lot of helpful information when it comes to Green Slips and making claims.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in New South Wales By Going To There Website Here


In Queensland, the governing body for this insurance policy is the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. Like New South Wales, the Green Slip isn’t built into the registration of your vehicle and must be paid for beforehand so that you can legally drive your vehicle. Also like NSW, there are several different companies that can provide these policies and yet again the prices will differ from company to company. The basic scheme for CTP in Queensland operates on a common law fault which it is why it is important that you have all of your insurance settled before you take to the road.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in Queensland By Going To There Website Here

Australian Capital Territory

Since the ACT technically resides in New South Wales they also go through NRMA for their vehicles’ registration and checks. Don’t forget you are required to purchase your Green Slip separately to your registration. NRMA Insurance and GIO Insurance are the only providers in the territory for Green Slips, unlike NSW.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in the A.C.T By Going To There Website Here


Drivers in Victoria are required to pay a transport accident charge or insurance fee, for their vehicles. When the fee has been paid, the motorist is considered to be insured by the Transport Accident Commission. This is the Green Slip equivalent for Victoria as it covers those who have been injured or killed by a third party in a motor vehicle accident.

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) is the governing body for these claims and policies.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in the A.C.T By Going To There Website Here

Western Australia

Western Australia’s governing body for these claims is the Insurance Commission. The price of this insurance policy is inbuilt into your vehicle’s registration cost, so you don’t have to worry about going through several different insurance companies.


The governing body for Green Slips in Tasmania is the Motor Accidents Insurance Board. Like the rest of the other states, the fee is included in the registration of your vehicle. The MAI website has a toll free number that you can call at any time if you are in need of assistance.

Northern Territory

The Territory Insurance Office is in charge of handling motor vehicle accident compensation and claims. The TIO website works in conjunction with Allianz to help make the whole claims process less admin intensive.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in the Northern Territory By Going To There Website Here

South Australia

The governing body for these claims in Southern Australia is the Motor Accident Commission however claims are also managed through Allianz Australia.

You can learn more about getting a Greenslip in South Australia By Going To There Website Here

Which Companies Offer Green Slips?

As previously mentioned only a few states offer third-party companies to supply the Green Slips for motorists. Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania all have the fee included in your vehicle’s registration cost.

Victoria makes you pay an insurance fee when you register your vehicle and the ACT only has to providers of Green Slips which are NRMA Insurance and GIO Insurance. Below we will list some of the companies in New South Wales and Queensland that are eligible to supply Green Slips for their members.

Companies In New South Wales

The following companies are able to provide Green Slips for vehicles in New South Wales:

Companies In Queensland

The following companies are able to provide Green Slips for vehicles in Queensland:

It may be worthwhile to speak to each company individually and gather a quote from all of them. Once you have several quotes with their benefits you should be able to make a decision on which one would be the best choice for you.

The Different Types Of Green Slips

For the states that allow you to purchase the Green Slip separate to your registration, there are several different types of Green Slips that you can purchase. Generally speaking, most people tend to go with a 12-month and 6-month policy. However, there are also other options for owners who have fleets or who operate as motor dealers.

In order for you to keep the registration on your vehicle valid, you must purchase a new Green Slip before your current one expires. If you decide to renew the policy after the due date you will need to wait a couple of days before you are covered once again. If you are caught driving with a lapsed Green Slip you could face fines up to $1,200.

It’s also important to note that if you decide to renew your Green Slip within 21 days of its expiry you can no longer opt for the 6-month duration, you will have to purchase the full year.

Vehicles with limited road access, such as ATVs and historic vehicles, can opt to take out conditional registration or a permit that allows you to drive the vehicle for a short amount of time.

How To Purchase A Green Slip

Credit: Green Slips

There are multiple ways in which you can purchase a Green Slip. Firstly you can buy it directly from a licensed insurer or go through agencies and outlets to help you find the right one. Before you make your purchase it is important that you understand what is expected of you.

Buying Green Slip Insurance From An Insurer

As we previously went through there are several different insurers for New South Wales (6) and Queensland (4). While each Green Slip will offer the same level of protection, each insurer will offer additional types of cover to persuade you to use them over their competitors. You will be able to get quotes from most of these companies online or via phone call.

What You Need To Provide

When you meet with the insurer of your choice you need to provide some information about your vehicle. This includes who will be driving the vehicle and their personal details. Taking into consideration the year, make and model and postcode of where your vehicle along with the drivers will be the basis of how much the policy will cost. Personal details of the drivers usually entail their age as well as the number of demerit points they may have.

If you provide false or misleading information you may have to pay the difference and you risk having your registration cancelled. You will be held liable for any associated fees as well as having to pay it again and you may be faced with severe penalties.

What Documents Do I Need

When you are meeting with an insurer or trying to get a quote you need to provide your registration papers. For new vehicles to be registered you also need to supply the Vehicle Identification Number or the chassis number. If you have this ready to go with you it will streamline the entire process.

An Insurer’s Obligations

You have rights when purchasing a Green Slip so you should be aware of what an insurer’s obligations are to you when you purchase this insurance.

They must:

  • Do everything that is necessary to ensure that the business is conducted in an efficient, honest and fair manner.
  • Not discriminate of individuals or groups of customers.
  • Provide a clear process for providing a Green Slip.
  • Make sure that the Green Slip insurance is available to all customers.
  • Manage claims and pay compensation to those who have been injured.

Related Questions

What Is A Green Slip For? 

Your Green Slip is an insurance policy that will provide compensation for individuals who are injured or killed during a motor vehicle accident where you are at fault. In all states of Australia, it is required by law to have this paid for before you start driving.

Is A Green Slip Compulsory? 

Yes, the third party insurance Green Slip is a legal requirement in New South Wales, Queensland and ACT. All the other states have the fee inbuilt into your registration fee so you don’t have to deal with several companies in order to be covered.

What Should I Be Paying For My Green Slip?

The majority of states in Australia charge under $500 for a year Green Slip where you can also find many only charging $300. The most expensive state is New South Wales where on average they charge $637 for a standard vehicle. While you can look for a better deal in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT the remaining states have a flat fee that must be paid.

Do I Need A Green Slip If I Already Have Comprehensive Insurance? 

For the majority of states, you will automatically pay for your Green Slip when you register your vehicle. Other states will require Green Slip insurance cover in addition to your insurance. This is because your comprehensive car insurance is for property compensation while the Green Slip is compensation for injury and/or death to others.

Can You Get A Green Slip For 3 Months? 

You cannot purchase a Green Slip for cars for 3 months. When you are registering a car, motorbike and light truck the policy is available for shorter periods either 6 or 12 months. When you are renewing the registration for a trailer you can extend the Green Slip for 3 or 12 months. When you go about purchasing your Green Slip, it should match the period of which you are registering your vehicle. For example, if you are paying for a year’s worth of registration you may as well mirror this and opt for a year-long Green Slip policy.


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