Holidaying With Kids

Holidaying With Children

There may be occasion when you organise an extended holiday involving the children or even grandchildren.

First and foremost you will need to keep the children occupied. If you are going to the beach, then pack beach balls and boogie boards and everything that they could possibly need.

The key, though, is to remember that while there might be lots to do during the day, once the sun sets and there is no television they need activities to fill in their time as well. So don’t forget to pack books to read and games to play, like Monopoly or Scrabble. Even a simple game of cards can keep children occupied for hours.

Active children means healthy appetites. Children eat a lot more when they are on holidays. Take lots of healthy food, because they want to snack every 10 minutes. Take plenty of health bars and fruit and make sure they each have a water bottle.

Accidents will happen, so a first-aid kit – one with steri-strips for closing small open cuts – is crucial. Also know how to use your first aid kit. Learn how to clean cuts and how to feel if a leg or arm is broken. The first-aid kit should be accompanied by a roll of wide silver tape commonly found in hardware stores. This is ideal for keeping bandages in place.

Also pack plenty of clothes, and ensure they are old ones that your campers can happily get messy in. Even if you say that you are not going to do any washing on your RV’ing trip, you will. There is always one kid who will use up to six changes of clothes on the first day and make you wash. If your RV does not have a clothesline type attachment or clothesline stand-alone, pack a piece of rope that you can tie between two trees as a makeshift clothesline.

Another handy hint is for each child to have their own torch. They can put it beside their bed and it always makes them feel safer.

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