Portable Toilet Chemicals

Home Made Portable Toilet Chemicals

Portable toilet chemicals are certainly not cheap, so many travelers have investigated making their own from simple ingredients bought at the local supermarket.

Listed below are some home remedies found to work in caravan/motorhome portable toilets or porta-pottis. Remedies with disinfectant and some other ingredients may not be suitable for septic systems so take care where you dispose of toilet waste.

Although some home made toilet chemicals may be cheaper to use, feedback on some caravan forums suggest some caravan parks with septic toilets have banned the deposit of the toilet waste into the septic system where home made remedies have been used. The reason for this is given that as most of these home made toilet chemicals contain Pine-O-Clean or Bleach and this kills bacteria required for the natural breakdown of the waste solids.

If the toilet cassette manufacturer warns against the use of bleach or other powerful cleaning agents you need to consider this before using various home made toilet chemical recipes.

Disclaimer: These home made toilet chemical remedies are provided for information purposes and this website accepts no responsibility if you choose to adopt their use. You should make your own investigations into their suitability or the likelihood of damage to the toilet cassette or equipment.

Remedy 1
100 ml MYO disinfectant
1 cup Borax dissolved in hot water
1 cup Cloudy Ammonia
Add water to 2 litres
120 to 150 per toilet change


Remedy 2
1 litre of Pine of Clean
1 litre of Cloudy Ammomia
1 Cup of Borax
1 Litre of warm water

Mix Borax and water then add the rest


Remedy 3
Bottle cloudy Ammonia
Bottle Eucalyptus.
and Borax
Makes a few litres though


Remedy 4

Mix together 1/4 cup washing soda and 1/4 cup borax with a bit of water and add to the holding tank. (The ingredients are readily available from a supermarket). You can add some kind of perfume to the rinse tank if you want a fresh smell. The liquid toilet cleaners that clip onto a plastic holder on the toilet rim, and “clean” when you flush can be utilised. Simply pierce the cap and squeeze a bit into the holding tank.


Remedy 5

Several caravan forums have had positive feedback on the following home made toilet chemical recipe:-

Woolworth’s home brand Nappy Treatment Plus is the favoured product or you could try Coles Napicare Plus. These products state they are phosphate free, biodegradable to Australian Standards 4351 and safe for septic tanks. The products contain sodium percarbonate (made up of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate which acts as a sanitizer, deodoriser and descaler) and this breaks down to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate upon decomposition.

1 lid full ( or 2 tablespoons) of nappy treatment plus to ½ litre of warm water and stir until dissolved. Pour into bottom holding tank/toilet 20ltr cassette.

Most travellers use nothing in the top ‘flush’ tank but some add 1 tablespoon of the nappy treatment plus (dissolved) into the flush tank.

As with any chemical use caution. Material Data Sheets indicate the ingredients can cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid inhaling the dust and medical treatment should be sought if swallowed.

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