Mail Redirection

There are several companies providing mail redirection services such as Landbase Australia, Mailaway Redirection Services, Mail to Follow, Pass the Post & Post Haste Australia, Keeping You Posted,Trail Mail and Viking Mail Service to mention just a few.

It is important you check out the Terms & Conditions applicable. There is a fee for the service and non payment may result in mail being returned to sender. Some of these companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the plan fee if not completely satisfied and even discounts to customers who return for a second time.

Other people feel confident using a friend or relative to forward their mail to them. An option a fellow found worked for him was to pre pay everything that is going to come up in that period (insurances, regos, etc.,) and have all his mail re-directed to a trusted friend. He had his friend open his mail and for things that he couldn’t prepay, he had transferred say $1000 into his friend’s bank account.

Another alternative is to have your regular bills debited directly to your bank account. For example, most local councils and electricity suppliers offer the facility to debit your bank account each quarter with your rates and electricity accounts. They still send you an account about one month beforehand so you know how much is to be deducted. Telstra also offer a facility where you can view your account on line which is an advantage if you have internet connection.

There is also service providers who can manage the payment of all your bills such as MyOneBill Pty Ltd. A budgeted amount is deducted from your bank account and your registered bills go to them and they automatically pay all your bills.

Australia Post

Australia Post’s Mail Redirection has a facility to re-direct your mail to another address. You can select temporary or permanent redirection by completing a request form. A fee applies for this service.

If you choose to use one of the above companies that provide mail redirection you can request Australia Post to redirect your mail to the company’s PO Box number or simply change your postal address to that of the company’s PO Box.

Also ask Australia Post about Poste Restante. Mail can be forwarded by family and friends who have a copy of your journey plan to a post office for collection by you once you reach the destination. By placing your family name first this will ensure the post office files it correctly and mail will be held for up to one month. Make sure they place a sender’s address in the event you miss collecting the mail so it may be returned. You will need to produce some form of identification to be able to collect your mail.

You can forward mail by this method addressed:-

Name eg: CITIZEN John
Poste Restante

How Do I Vote When Travelling?

Voting is compulsory in Australia and you can be fined for failing to vote. If you are unable to attend your local place on election day you may :-

  • Cast an “absent vote” at any polling place in the state or territory you are currently in
  • Apply in writing for a postal vote. You will then be sent ballot papers which must be returned before polling day
  • Attend one of the early opening polling booths prior to commencing your trip. They open about two weeks before an election

Further information is available on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). You can also subscribe to receive an email notification when the next federal election is announced.

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