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There’s no better way to spend your holidays or weekends than to feast your eyes from the epic views of the ocean to mountains framing the western skyline. Scenic Rim has more to offer from camping to wildlife spotting. If you’re looking forward to spending your weekends outdoors, Scenic Rim is the best place for you and here’s why:

Scenic Rim is the ideal place for camping if you are visiting for a day or several weeks.  It is surrounded by national parks that offer day and overnight trips and multi-day trips. In addition to that, if you’re short of time planning the trip and you prefer someone else to do the planning, you can join tours with experienced guides. Lastly, Scenic Rim national parks provide safety precautions and park alerts for their visitors to ensure security and avoid any danger that may occur during your stay.

Here is an overview of 4WD Campgrounds in Scenic Rim:

  • Scenic Rim Adventure Park
  • Swan Gully Park
  • Birgriggen Park
  • Mt Barney Wilderness Camping
  • Keith Little Park
  • Tamborine Mountain Caravan & Camping Park
  • Rum Jungle Camping Area
  • Border Ranges National Park
  • Janowen Hills 4WD Park
  • Barney Gorge Junction Camping Area

How Do I Get to Scenic Rim?

The distance from Brisbane City is 70km, and the estimated travel time is an hour. Follow this route if you are travelling from Brisbane City: 

  • Head to the south by taking the Pacific Motorway;
  • Take the Logan Mwy at the Upper Mount Gravatt exit; (The Logan Mwy is a toll road)
  • Stay on the motorway and turn left onto Beaudesert Rd (Mount Lindesay Hwy).

What Should I Know About Scenic Rim?

The Scenic Rim Region is a region located in the West Moreton area of South East Queensland, Australia. Established in 2008 and extending back its histories to the early 19000’s. The main town of the area is Beaudesert.

Scenic Rim is Brisbane’s World Heritage-listed backyard. It is home to lush rainforests, spectacular mountain ranges and ancient landforms. This region is located inside an ancient volcanic caldera.  There is a rich history on how Scenic Rim was formed.  The Green Cauldron, which consists of the Scenic Rim Mountains and the Mt. Warning area in northern NSW, was

once a volcanic hotspot and over the years has grown into a lush landscape featuring six National Parks.

According to Scenic Rim geologist, Dr John Jackson, more than 26 million years ago, the Scenic Rim was created for around three million years. He explained that as the heat intensified, volcanic activity erupted and the mountains formed from magmas and lavas that intruded from the hotspot. 

The early volcanic activity can be observed in the region’s rich flora and fauna. Rainforests prospered because of the temperate climate and rich basalt soils and have proven to be fertile grounds. Dr Jackson said that everything comes down to the chemistry of the rocks, which results in different vegetation and different birds and animals which feed on the different seeds. Today, the mountains serve as living links to Australia’s ancient past. The traditions, stories, and rituals of the indigenous inhabitants are etched around the environment and highlight their connection to a living landscape.

This natural occurrence led us to study, exploring, and enjoying its scenic views. It attracted not only scientists and naturalists but as well as thousands of visitors every year. Now, it is home to six National Parks. Visitors have the luxury to enjoy different outdoor activities and connect to its rich natural history.

How Are The Campgrounds at Scenic Rim?

The Scenic Rim accepts and welcomes camping at all the times of the year. Throughout the region, camping and caravans are well catered. You can either pitch your tent near one of the region’s three dams, pull up at a van park, or find a cool spot near a creek. You can camp in natural surroundings in many natural parks, regional parks, forests and reserves. There are formal camping areas that are provided at most parks and forests where camping is allowed. For each camping area, the facilities differ, so make sure you read the detailed camping information supplied for each park or forest. 

Also, park alerts are posted in individual park pages. This park alerts will keep you up-to-date with the latest information on access, closures, and conditions.

You can bring your kids and pets too in kid and pet-friendly parks. There are a particular set of rules you should follow. For example, in Scenic Rim Adventure Park, they have no glass beer bottle policy, and cans are deposited in the cage at the entry office area.

 Camping permits should be obtained, and camping fees are paid before camping in a park or forest. All campsites can be booked either through online, at an over-the-counter booking office or by phone before you arrive at a park.

Visit the Goomburra section in Main Range National Park, if you are looking for areas with plenty of space for the kids to run. There’s also Mount Barney National Park, where you can spend a couple of days exploring the rugged landscape on epic summit routes and rock climbs. Spend a multi-day trip at Lamington National Park and bushwalk through rainforest and past waterfalls to stoke in scenic views. Parks and forests are scattered around the Scenic Rim, below are the lists of known parks you need to visit:

  • Tamborine National Park
  • Moogerah Peaks National Park
  • Glen Rock State Forest
  • David Fleay Wildlife Park
  • Pine Ridge Conservation Park
  • Green Mountain Camp Site
  • Sarabah National Park
  • Mount French National Park
  • Andrew Drynan Park, 
  • Lake Moogerah Caravan Park

If you want to know more about the campgrounds in the area, you can visit their website.

Where Can I Take A Bushwalk in Scenic Rim?

Scenic Rim is home to six natural parks. There are also regional parks around it, so there are a lot of places that you can reach just by walking.

Easy Walks

Morans Falls Track to Python Rock

The 6.2 km Morans Falls Track is an ideal activity, and it will give you great views during the hike. This walk can be combined with another easy walk starting from the same location, which goes to Python Rock. This path is a 3 km walk and has a better lookout.

Morella Track

Morelia Track is more suitable for you if you want to have a pleasant stroll through the different vegetation of rainforest on a flat track. This track is a 6 km return loop to Mt Nebo. 

Mary Cairncross Reserve Circuit

For shorter walks, try the 2 km walking tracks a nice circuit in Mary Cairncross Reserve. It is also accessible by wheelchairs and is an excellent place to stroll and relax.

Moderate Walks

There are also moderate walking trails you can enjoy. In D’Aguilar National Park, you can choose between 4.3 km and 8 km hikes and relish the rainforest, lookouts, waterfalls, streams, and hoop pines.

Sunshine Coast Great Walk  

For experienced walkers with excellent fitness and seeking for a challenge, a 4 to 6-day walk is the best for you in The Sunshine Coast Great Walk. This 58 km hike can be broken down into smaller hikes, and spectacular views are a certainty.  

Cooloola Great Walk

The Cooloola Great Walk begins in Noosa North Shore and ends in Rainbow Beach (or reverse). If you are daring enough, try the 102 km hike. This walk winds through rainforest, beaches, and eucalypts, and includes some significant landmarks like the Noosa River and the Great Sandy National Park.

Fortitude Valley Great Walk

If you’re planning on doing a ‘’Great Walk,’’ head to Patty Pallin in the Fortitude Valley. There, they have maps for areas which details camping grounds, kilometres, water sources and routes so you can plan for your hike.

These walks vary from light and easy to intense, so make sure you match your fitness level to the type of trail you’re going to tackle. 

What Are Other Camping Enthusiasts Saying About Scenic Rim?

‘’We stayed at a place called Camp Lakefire, and we explored from there. Our camp is on the Maroon Dam. It is a man-made water structure, an area for recreational activities.

It is a change from the usual bush camping. Bush camping without power or amenities is a bit of difference for us.

Generally, I took my two sons and went to Queensland’s Scenic Rim in South West and is about two hours from Brisbane.

It’s formed from an extinct volcano, the Scenic Rim is a holiday destination in its own right and very beautiful.’’-Jason Goodwin (Campground Reviews)

Related Questions

What’s The Best Time to Visit Scenic Rim?

The climate along the coast is mild and subtropical with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C in summer and 11°C to 21°C in winter. In the West and mountain plateaus, winter morning can fall below a 0°C and hot summer days can reach a simmering 25°C to 40°C. Walking during colder months from April to September is best when rain and leeches are less common. 

Is There A Fire Ban In Scenic Rim?

Fire bans are implemented ahead to prepare for the hot weather. Fire bans are declared because bush fires are more likely to occur and cause damage on the days when the weather is scorching, dry, and windy.

How Do You Know If You Have a Total Fire Ban in Place?

You can check the Emergency WA Website or the Scenic Rim Regional Council page online. Beware of the Fire Danger Rating Signs placed on the roadside or listen to ABC local radio and other media outlets.

What Can’t You Do in a Total Fire Ban?

During a total fire ban, you cannot start, maintain or use a fire in the open, neither carry out any activity in the open that causes, or is likely to cause a fire.

Why is Beaudesert Famous?

It is known for its showgrounds, and is the gateway to the Scenic Rim’s spectacular scenery and offers a host of activities.

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