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If you’re a fishing enthusiast looking for some great spots to cast your line in, Redcliffe is the place to be. Redcliffe is a coastal town in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, Australia, known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks and great fishing opportunities. It is a great location for fishing, especially if you enjoy fishing in a coastal or marine environment, but what are the best places to settle down and cast out?

Redcliffe Jetty is known by many to be the best fishing spot in Redcliffe. However, the area has many hidden gems, like Woody Point Jetty and Scotts Point, which offer waters packed with fish with the bonus of only being known to the locals. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the eight best fishing spots in Redcliffe. From tranquil rivers to stunning ocean views, you’re sure to have a great time and make some memorable catches! Read on.

What Are the Best Fish to Catch in Redcliffe?

Redcliffe has a variety of fish species available all year round, including bream, snapper, whiting, flathead, flounder, cod and tailor. Other species that can be caught in the bay are mackerel, trevally, jewfish, mangrove jack and cobia. 

However, some species are more abundant during certain seasons. For example, snapper activity increases from May until September. Trevally, bream and diver whiting are best seen during winter. During summer, you can target mackerel, reef fish and snapper with offshore fishing.

What are the Best Fishing Spots in Redcliffe?

Redcliffe is home to many great fishing spots for anglers of all levels, ranging from river mouths and jetties to beaches and reefs. Among the best fishing spots in Redcliffe that you won’t want to miss is Redcliffe Jetty, Oxley Creek, Woody Point Jetty, Margate Beach, Scotts Point and Scarborough Beach.

1. Redcliffe Jetty 

Considered a saltwater, land-based fishing location, Redcliffe Jetty is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Moreton Bay Region. This is a great place to catch whiting, flathead, tailor, bream and snapper, with blood or beach worms as recommended bait. You’ll get plenty of squids here during winter time too. Tailor is mainly caught in spring. It’s best to visit this place at sunset or sunrise if you’re looking to reel in a big haul.

Redcliffe Jetty has clean beaches conveniently placed next to a little shopping strip, so you can get any last-minute supplies you may need. However, you need to pack a hat and sunscreen as there is not much cover on the jetty. Also, there are no toilets on the jetty, and the nearest ones are across the street, a few hundred metres away from the jetty. 

2. Oxley Creek 

Oxley Creek, as the name suggests, is a freshwater, land-based fishing location with many public access points along the creek. It’s Brisbane’s largest creek catchment that is home to tilapia, but there are also flathead, bream, Australian bass, and bull sharks. In the area, there’s a car park and a pontoon where you can launch your kayak.

3. Woody Point Jetty 

Woody Point Jetty has good parking and is a popular site for anglers. It is a land-based saltwater fishing point that gives you a decent catch all year round. From the jetty, you can fish into the deeper waters and hook the fish from incoming tides. 

You can get the normal fish species like bream, flathead and whiting at Woody Point Jetty. During wintertime, it’s a very good spot for squid. It’s also a favourite location for shark fishing during summertime and tailor during spring. 

Woody Point Jetty has an accessible parking and toilet block, pedestrian crossings and a water fountain. It’s also accessible by wheelchair and walker.

Being in the southeastern end of Redcliffe, the jetty is also surrounded by various attractions to enjoy. There’s Crockatt Park for relaxing, the Pelican Park for swimming, Gayundah Coastal Arboretum for picnics and BBQs and Moreton Bay Cycleway (scenic concrete pathway).

4. Doughboy Bridge 

Doughboy Bridge is a man-made structure that goes to Hemmant. It’s a freshwater, land-based spot with deep water, so you can cast out water at high tide. It’s known for carp and tilapia, as well as bream.

5. Margate Beach 

Margate, Redcliffe features long mainland stretches of sand beach and a redeveloped timber boardwalk. With the boardwalk, Margate Beach is a good place not only for walkers but also for those cyclists and people on scooters. It also has quality BBQ facilities if you’re looking for an ideal barbequing beach for your family day out. You’ll also find curbside parking along its length.

Margate foreshore is a seawater, land-based fishing spot. Here, you’ll usually find whiting, bream and flathead. The best times to throw a line are in the early morning and late afternoon. 

7. Scotts Point 

At the far southern end of Margate Beach, Scotts Point is another saltwater fishing location that’s land-based, accessible by foot and with plenty of free parking available nearby. There’s a little rocky outcrop where anyone can fish at low tide and swing around. On the south side, fishing is not allowed. On the other hand, the north side is a great spot for bream, small snapper and flathead.

Known as the Scotts Point Bathing Pavilion, Scotts Point has a parking area next to the pavilion and a fish and chip shop across the road. You’ll find sheltered picnic tables, free BBQs at the pavilion, and shady trees to picnic from. To the south of Scotts Point is Progress Park, another great place to spend some time when you’re not casting. 

There’s also a walking and bike path that passes through Margate Beach and continues to Redcliffe and Scarborough.

8. Scarborough Beach

Saltwater Beach, north of Brisbane, is the closest swimming beach to the city. Aside from kayaking and sailing, this place offers great opportunities to fish along the purpose-built groyne. 

This saltwater, land-based fishing spot is a place for bream, small snapper, whiting and flathead. Old sweetlips can also be found in deeper sections of the water, and there are squids to be caught during high tides.

What Time of the Year is Best for Fishing in Redcliffe?

In Queensland, where Redcliffe is located, it is best to go fishing between January and February. Nevertheless, the best time to fish still depends on the species you want to catch. 

Do I Need a Licence to Fish in Redcliffe?

You don’t need a licence to fish in Redcliffe or in Queensland in general unless you’re doing it in stocked impoundments or stocking zones. These are areas stocked with native fish species intended for recreational fishing. 

There are also specific fishing rules and regulations in Queensland that must be followed regarding the size and bag limits for certain species, gear restrictions and closed seasons to protect vulnerable species during their breeding cycles.

What Bait Should I Use at Redcliffe?

Some common baits that are effective in Redcliffe include squid, whitebait, prawns, preserved worms, bloodworms, beach worms, mullet or pilchard pieces, soft plastic lures and hard body lures. Different fish species have different preferences when it comes to bait. 

For example, live or frozen prawns are the best option for bream, flathead and whiting. If you’re unsure which to use, ask experienced local anglers or fishing tackle and supply shops. 

Can I Catch Squid in Redcliffe? 

In Redcliffe, you can catch squid all year round, finding them in larger numbers during winter or when the water is clearer. Squid are commonly caught using jigs, especially pilchard-coloured jigs, but natural prawns will also do. 

Related Questions

Are There Sharks at Redcliffe? 

Yes, there have been sightings of sharks at Redcliffe. While fishing from the shore or jetties in Redcliffe, the chances of encountering a shark are generally considered low. However, it’s still important to be cautious and aware of potential risks in the waters, including the presence of sharks.

Where Can I Get Fishing Bait in Redcliffe? 

Generally, you can find fishing bait in local tackle shops or bait and tackle suppliers in Redcliffe, like Redcliffe Marine and Hornibrook Bait & Tackle. From fresh and frozen bait to a variety of lures and fishing gear, you’ll surely find them in these shops.

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