10 Beach Camping Spots near Perth | Everything You Need to Know

Right alongside those beautiful beaches, you might not be quite as aware of the ample opportunities for camping getaways. But we’re all well aware of Western Australia’s stunning coast. The world’s beach camping capital is with an incredible 12,900 kilometres of coastline.

These are some of the most magical spots to pitch a tent in Western Australia because of the stunning surf breaks, beaches with fine sand, beautiful inlets, and bays. So, they’re perfect for kayaking, snorkelling, and paddleboarding. Aside from that, you can also go fishing and boating. The good thing is that almost all of the best spots are near Perth, which you can access any type of vehicle.

Here are the 10 of the best beach camping spots near Perth:

  • Sandy Cape
  • Belvidere Campground
  • Prevelly Caravan Park
  • Yallingup Holiday Park
  • Conto Campground
  • Hamelin Bay Holiday Park
  • D’Entrecasteaux National Park
  • Peaceful Bay Caravan Park
  • Shelly Beach
  • Parry Beach

Are you planning for your next trip with your family or mates? If you want it to be memorable, these places deserve a good look…

What Should I Know About Beach Camping Spots Near Perth?

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia (WA).

It is Australia’s fourth-most crowded city with a 2.14 million number of people living in Greater Perth and is named after the city of Perth, Scotland. Perth is part of the South West Land Division of Western Australia. With the vast majority of the metropolitan range on the Swan Coastal Plain, land zone between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp.

There are a lot of beach camping spots near Perth that are accessible to any type of vehicles. That’s why if you need to have a memorable vacation, you must visit all of the spots that I recommend to you and enjoy camping there.

What Are The 10 Best Beach Camping Spots Near Perth?

Beach outdoors is outstanding as you generally get sundown or sunrise over the sea relying upon what part of the country you are in. There is a lot of free beach camping in some places in Western Australia, and it only takes you a few hours to arrive in most of the best campgrounds away from Perth.

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1. Sandy Cape

Distance from Perth: 234.6 km via State Route 60 (2 hr 33 min)

Sandy Cape National Park is the closest beach to Perth where you can legally camp on the beach (that isn’t a Caravan Park) and a quick 10km north of Jurien Bay. You will be alright outside of peak holiday periods because plenty of sites are available. But they strictly observe the first-come, first-serve rule.

Sandy Cape is most likely the most exceedingly awful secret for Perth outdoors and 4WD lovers. It required some time before we made the outing to find what all the hassle was about. A lot of good photos of the calm bay and pristine sands are already all over Facebook and Instagram.

You can find more information about Sandy Cape here.

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2. Belvidere Campground

Distance from Perth: 155.5 km via State Route 2 (1 h 45 min)

Being based close to the Leschenault Inlet and another closer to Perth, Belvidere is 20km north of Bunbury and offers both coast and stream exercises. Depending on the time of the year, the beach and inlet provide excellent fishing for different species along with kayaking, bushwalking and 4WDing. Still well catered for with BBQs and firewood available between April and November even though the campsite is small.

This campsite is lovely, especially at the end of the week. The campground is very nice and perfect for relaxing after a day’s fishing. It is very close to go to after work on Friday, yet not so loaded that it’s filled each end of the week.

The area is popular with fishermen, especially those chasing a feed of crab. You can cook him up on the barbecue (one at each campsite) and eat them at the provided picnic table when you catch one.

If you want to know more about Belvidere Campground, visit their website.

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3. Prevelly Caravan Park

Distance from Perth: 279.3 km via State Route 2 (3 h 6 min )

Enjoy some of the South West’s most beautiful beaches and head to the quaint coastal town of Prevelly. Walk the breathtaking Cape-to-Cape coastal track or sample the divine fruits and flavours of the famous Margaret River Wine Region. 

A perfect spot for a surf camping adventure is a tranquil village of Prevelly. There are 80 or so outdoors spots not a long way from the shore at Prevelly Caravan Park. About 15-minute-drive from Margaret River, a pleasing area offers superb surfing conditions almost every day of the year.

In recent times, the sublime surfing conditions and the arrival of several resorts and cafes have become a fashionable haunt because of its pristine location. It has only a small number of houses spread across the vast dunes which rise from the edges of the Indian Ocean and it is still underdeveloped.

If you want to visit the caravan park, you can book here.

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4. Yallingup Holiday Park

Distance from Perth: 256.8 km via State Route 2 (2 h 53 min)

The town is one of Western Australia’s most cherished and famous destinations to explore the reef just off the beach, an excellent spot for snorkelling, especially during calmer hours of the day in the Margaret River Region. It is one of Australia’s most beautiful surf breaks and acclaimed for its persistent quality waves.

The Yallingup Holiday Park is occupied most months of the year, and it is one of the most ‘Instagrammed’ in WA. The site is found right on Yallingup Beach. With the Three Bears, Yallingup, Smiths and Injidup beach, this spot is exceptionally dazzling. The limestone caves and the unusual rock formations (like at Wyadup Rocks) are popular places to explore.

Tent sites start from $32 per night at Yallingup Holiday Park with a rate that can change in school holidays and summer months.

Be smart and book in advance now! You can do that through Yallingup Holiday Park’s website.

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5. Conto Campground

Distance from Perth: 298.8 km via State Route 2 (3 h 16 min)

A newly upgraded campsite, Conto Campground, is just outside of Margaret River. Conto Campground near Conto Springs Beach is vast with over 100 sites nestled amongst shady peppermint woodlands in Boranup. Also, it is only a 20-minute-drive from the south of Margaret River. The campsites are a great place to swim, bodyboard, surf or just unwind on your stretch of sand and not far from the stunning Conto Springs Beach.

It has some stellar hiking trails (jump on the Cape to Cape track here) to go surfing, fishing or just putting your feet up and relaxing. The good thing is that it is mostly accessible with 2WDs.

If you want to know more about Conto Campground, you can visit their website.

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6. Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

Distance from Perth: 309.2 km via State Route 2 (3 h 19 min)

Hamelin Bay is not hard to see why it has been a popular tourist destination in WA for decades. With just a 25-minute-drive at the south of Margs, you will witness a long, white sand beach, beautiful turquoise water and incredible marine life. And of course, don’t forget their world’s famous massive stingrays with a dozen of them frequently approaching the shore, fascinated by fish scraps and bait regularly left in the water by those fishing. Bird spotting around the freshwater lake near the caravan park is also a must.

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park is a short stroll to the incredible Hamelin Bay in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and one of Western Australia’s most beautiful and memorable locations for beach camping.

You can book your reservations at Hamelin Bay Holiday Park here.

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7. D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Distance from Perth: 377.9 km via State Route 2 and National Route 1 (4 h 22 min)

D’Entrecasteaux National Park is a spot like nothing you have seen before with a tight segment of land running over 130km among Augusta and Walpole. The geographically remarkable area feels like a different world with steeped in environmental and indigenous history

The Cliff Top Walk is an exciting walk which winds its way along the cliff top while looking down at the churning Southern Ocean below. Connecting Tookulup with Point D’Entrecasteaux and allowing the visitor to experience being buffeted by the winds which roar across the cliffs.

You can learn more about D’Entrecasteaux National Park on their website.

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8. Peaceful Bay Caravan Park

Distance from Perth: 444.7 km via National Route 1 (5 h 5 min) 

The Peaceful Bay caravan park offers guests vehicle outdoors opportunities and access to incredible shores, 4WD tracks, bushwalking and much more. Right next to Walpole-Nornalup National Park, The Gap, Rame Head, The Tree Top Walk and Cape Range walk will keep you busy.

One of the most relaxing spots to camp on the planet is Peaceful Bay. It is somewhere between Walpole and Denmark. It is perfect for beach fishing, expect to reel in a few whiting and biting just off the shore. The place has a little caravan park store with supplies of essential things and a cafe/shop where you can grind down on new fish sticks and chips.

If you want to book your reservations at the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park, you can do it through their website.

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9. Shelly Beach

Distance from Perth: 445.0 km via Albany Hwy/State Route 30 (5 h 4 min)

In 30km west of Albany in West Cape Howe, Shelly Beach is a piece of a sequence of delightful beaches along the waters of Torbay. What makes this beach a popular yet remote feeling destination on WA’s south coast are the turquoise waters, stunning surroundings and clear ocean.

Shelly Beach has a vast car park set directly behind the beach and views are found only south of Cozy Corner alongside Coombes and Shelley Beach Roads. Shelley Beach Lookout merits a visit for its scenes across Torbay and Torbay Head toward the south, and of Torndirrup Peninsula, the Albany Wind Farm and The Gap over the water toward the west.

You can learn more about Shelly Beach here.

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10. Parry Beach

Distance from Perth: 450.8 km via Albany Hwy/State Route 30 (5 h)

A popular surfing location, Parry Beach is located at the far western end of William Bay National Park. With the consent of the local Denmark Shire, the campground is handled by a group of devoted volunteers. It extends around five kilometres converging with Mazzoletti Beach, taking guests to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. 

Along with the Parry Inlet off the South Coast Highway west of Denmark, the beach is fully accessible via the Parry Beach Road. Parry Beach outskirts Mazzoletti Beach which is open over the mouth of the Parry Inlet and the Bibbulmun Track winds through the campground, along the shore to Tower Hill and beyond to Lights Beach.

You can bring your dogs as long as the owners should keep their pets on a leash. There are public outdoor tables around the campground and caretakers sometimes offer you woodpiles, and offices including camp kitchen, solar-powered hot showers, a boat launching area and public toilets. 

If you want to learn more about Parry Beach, you can visit their website.

What Are the Other Things I Can Do While In Beach Camping Spots Near Perth?

These are the list of other things you can do while camping near Perth:

  • Visit Kings Park botanic gardens & war memorial
  • Have a view on Perth’s beaches
  • Visit WA’s wine regions
  • Explore Perth City
  • Walks and nature trails
  • Visit Rottnest Island
  • Visit Fremantle
  • Visit amazing natural landscapes
  • Visit the stunning waterfalls with your 4WD
  • Road trips to WA’s spectacular northern region

What Is the Best Time to Have Beach Camping Near Perth?

The best time to visit Western Australia is September-November and December-February, in my opinion. It depends on what mood you want to have when camping. You will find blue skies, warm days, cold nights and settled weather which makes my absolute favourite months in WA.

Sept-Nov is our spring, and the wildflowers are out, which makes it an exceptional time to visit. The further south you go, the weather will get colder, while when you go north, it’s warmer and more humid.

My favourite time in Western Australia is summer (early Dec/late Feb) for Perth & South WA. Perth usually has a lovely hot summer and beautiful beaches if you are a beach person.

The downside is when you travel on Christmas-end January, and over the Easter holiday. It is a hectic travel time here, and it seems all of Western Australia is on holiday in January and prices skyrocket. And that’s the reason why you also need to avoid all school holidays and public holidays.

What Do Other Tourists Say About Beach Camping Near Perth?

“What isn’t there to do?! Sandy Cape is an outdoor recreation dream, and we start early with a cuppa, watching the bay change colour at sunrise. The top of the dunes provides excellent views and photo opportunities over the bay if you are feeling energetic. There is a short yet steep hike through soft sand, and it has a scene at the top of the point. The dune is additionally a prime area for sandboarding and wearing out excessively energized children, small and large.

You can likewise follow the track onto the following coast, where you can camp and fish if you ever have a 4WD. There is a track offering more secret locations and lookout points, although we are yet to explore it which follows the coastline. The camp hosts can offer tips on where you can go and are knowledgeable about the area.

The secured bay is quiet and consistently perfect for swimming with a boat dispatch towards the southern end of the coast. Fishing, boating and swimming are popular in the area. You can stroll along the beach and explore the nearby bays. Both Jurien Bay and Green Head give a decent day or half-day trip and are short drives. The data bay on the road into camp has more insights concerning the nearby tracks, and there are likewise bushwalks in the zone.” – Jo Rogers (GetAway)

Related Questions

Can You Camp Anywhere In WA?

You are not allowed to camp within a few kilometres of some towns on public property. There are many places that you are not allowed to camp at all. Before you leave, finding the right information for wherever you are going is vital. Where you go camping should be based around your experience, supplies and budget.

Can I Put A Tent on The Beach?

The coast is a sea of sand and what a large number of you may know. Tents can anywhere be set up quickly, yet not very simple on the coast. Tents remain with the support of the stable, hard ground. Sand, then again, is fine and smooth, making it difficult to be utilized as the establishment of tents.

Is Camping in A Tent Safe?

Yes. Tent camping is very secure, and a considerable number of individuals consistently camp in tents with zero incidents generally. However, there are some security matters to consider when tent camping. You must do some research for tent safety concerns to consider and some tips for better tent security against theft and wildlife.

Can You Camp on The Side of The Road in Australia?

It’s generally not safe to just pull up on the side of the road and park for the night. Instead, look for truck stops, bush camps and rest stops. These are less prone to crime than roadside camping and will usually be slightly off the road. Ask other campers if you’re unsure of the rules,

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