A First Timer’s Guide to Beach Camping | Everything You Need to Know

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If you feel gloomy because you’re deficient in vitamin D from the sun for working all week, Beach Camping is all you need to recharge. Well, you’re in luck because Australia has the most beautiful beaches and number one in the world! The best thing is, with the enormous amount of coastline, whatever type of beaches you’re looking for, you will surely find it in Australia. 

Beach camping is an excellent activity that you can do. You just need to find the beaches you prefer, and the things you want to do in your trip. Also, you should consider doing other types of camping, like Themed Camping or Survivalist Camping. It is the most thrilling category of camping and learning all the camping techniques and dealing with different circumstances, especially in nature.

Going on a trip to the beach is a fun activity for almost everyone. So, are you interested in going to Beach Camping this weekend? Read on to know more!

What Should I Know About Beach Camping?

Beach Camping is one of the most exciting things to do, especially after a long and hectic week. In Australia, it is common for family or friends to go out, camp, and have fun. This activity is also conducted by schools, churches, and other youth groups to attain unity through bonding in this activity. They usually encourage participants to build their shelter, make fire and food from scratch.

Camping was first introduced by Thomas Hiram Holding when he wrote the first edition of The Camper’s Handbook in 1908. He wrote his urge for camping when he was a little boy and then crossed different places in the United States in 1853 with 300 people.

Today, camping is the most loved activity all around the world. It makes you smell the fresh air that the city never had, and it lessens your stress and makes you reconnect with nature. There are different types of camping, such as Tent Camping, Backpacking or Hiking, Survivalist Camping, Canoe Camping, RV and Van Camping, Bicycle Camping, and Themed Camping. 

Bring your campsite shelters to when sleeping outdoors, so this will make you feel secure and protect you. Choose the right kind of tent because it comes with different varieties, sizes, and shapes. Choose what’s best for you and learn the proper way to assemble your tent, and know the right spot to pitch it.

You must learn how to deal with outdoor pests because you will be living with nature. The camp is not complete if you do not make a campfire, so learn the basics to have a bonfire so it will keep you warm at night. Leave no trace. The golden rule of camping is to always clean the area before you leave, so make an effort to clean as best as possible or even better. 

Lastly, you should camp in the area where it suits your budget. Yes, camping is a soothing way to chill and unwind, but it must not compromise your budget. There are campsites in Australia that are no fees with great views and some excellent facilities. Enjoy your camping as much as you want, feel free to connect with nature, and connect with your company. 

Why Should I Go Beach Camping?

  • To chill and unwind, avoid the hustle of the city.
  • To reconnect with nature. Take a deep breath and let the fresh air fill your lungs.
  • You will realise family bonding are much more valuable than money.
  • Food tastes better when you make them yourself.
  • Beach camping is affordable.
  • It’s your chance to wander.
  • To experience the beauty of the sun and the night sky during nightfall. 
  • You and your kids will enjoy it. 

What Are The Finest Beaches For Beach Camping?

Coorong National Park is a two-hour drive from the south-east of Adelaide and has fantastic campsites with the impressive view of the beach nearby. The breathtaking views of Coorong and its beach are a perfect camp for all-ages. It also has a lot of different recreational activities, amusements, and nature-based attractions that you will genuinely enjoy.

There are shady areas where you can park your camper trailers and pitch your tents that’s easily accessible via 4WD or even 2WD. It also has campsites that are located at the edge of Coorong with a fantastic view from the cliff. However, it is only accessible by trekking its steep path or through boats and canoe. 

Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park is located at Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. This beach park is perfect for family outings. It has a lot of excellent facilities such as amenity building with a regular bath and for PWDs, laundry facilities, camp kitchen, microwave, toaster, and barbecue facilities. The area is perfect for surfing, bikers, and a lot of restaurants surrounding it, and you can also bring your camper trailers and tents. 

Rottnest Island is only offshore from Perth, in Western Australia. One of the most beautiful islands that are perfect for beach camping with white sands and beautiful campsites. This beach is most suitable for your tents and has excellent amenities such as clean CR and functional kitchen. Also, some cottages and cabins suit your taste and budget. 

Cave Beach in Booderee National Park is located at Jervis Bay, on the south coast of New South Wales between Nowra and Ulladulla, 3 hours away from Sydney. One of the most beautiful sites for light camping and pitch your tent in the grassy portion of the beach. The place is majestic yet straightforward with excellent amenities like freshwater, public toilets, cold-water shower, and barbecue area.

The Bamboos located at the Yorke Peninsula have free and cosy camps with a beautiful view of the ocean. The good thing is, beach camp is not fully built up, which makes the place so pure and fresh that it is perfect for simple camping. There are also fishing spots in the area where you can get fresh fish and canoeing spots nearby. 

Ninety Mile Beach located after the inlet at Port Albert lies the beautifully scenic beach. One of the most natural and preserved beaches in the world. Ideal for beach camping, fishing, swimming, walking, dolphin-spotting and even for sight-seeing. It is a marine protected area that you should consider visiting that conserves marine life and one of the reasons why tourists always come back for it.  

Johanna Beach at Great Otway National Park is situated in Victoria, Australia which has 25 amazing campgrounds and excellent ocean view. It is a dog-friendly place with relaxing seaside camp and natural attractions. However, it is not sufficiently improved, so the amenities are not furnished. If you want a raw and simple campsite, you should consider visiting Johanna Beach. 

Cylinder Beach Camping Ground at Stradbroke Island is perfect for tent camping and has the most iconic surf beaches. This campsite has excellent features like toilets, showers, barbecue, picnic areas, and free Wi-Fi. Your kids will surely enjoy this beach because aside from its sandy shore, it also has playgrounds. There are also many recreational activities that both adults and kids will enjoy like art galleries, bush walks, heritage walks, and whale watching. 

Waddy Point at Fraser Island is suited for beachfront camping. There are separate sites that are surfaced with grass and sand, best for pitching your tents and areas where you can park your camper trailers. Campfires are also allowed, so you can truly enjoy your camping at night with the heat coming from the bonfires and have fishing spots for you.

1770 Camping Ground at Joseph Banks Conservation Park is located at Seventeen Seventy, Australia. The camp has a fantastic view of the ocean and campsites, which is surrounded by its natural beauty. It has a large parking lot for your camper trailers and large vans, abundant wildlife, and parks with playgrounds where your kids can enjoy. 

Gunn Point Beach at Murrumujuk, Australia. One of the best yet hard to reach beaches because of its muddy road and must be accessed by 4WD. If you have 4WD and want some adventure, this beach is perfect for you. You can pitch your tents on the shore with your campers and enjoy its peaceful view.

Little Waterloo Bay Hikers Camp situated at Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, Australia. This sanctuary is probably the most beautiful beach in Australia for its clean and peaceful environment. Facilities like water and toilets are accessible near the camping place, and if you’re fortunate, you may see dolphins swimming.

Whitehaven Beach is a 7-kilometre stretch island that has white, beautiful, and smooth sands. It is accessible from many resorts that travel here like Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour and the island resorts. One of the most preserved beaches in Australia, staying here feels heavenly. Marine life is evident and abundant, so sometimes you can see sharks and stingrays present in the area.

Lucky Bay is accessible through Cape Le Grand National Park in Western Australia. The sand is fine and cool, you can also see kangaroos roaming around and dolphins swimming. Drop toilets with water are available in the area.

Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay Village, Australia. This park has so many places to see and so many activities to do. It also has fantastic whales and birds to observe that it is excellent for a campsite. Camping is one of the events that anyone would enjoy. Also, there are trails that you can hike with a fantastic view of the cliff. There are also facilities such as water, fireplace, toilets, showers, and picnic areas that are perfect for you. 

What Are the Things I Can Do While Beach Camping?

When beach camping, you should:

  • Do a rain check.
  • Make a campfire.
  • Know the camping basics.
  • Make a checklist to avoid hassles.
  • Bring at least two coolers—one for ice storage and one for other miscellaneous.
  • Bring food containers.
  • Always have a first aid kit
  • Bring trash containers for your rubbish.

What Are The Essentials For Beach Camping?

When camping or going on any trip, you must not forget about your essentials or else, and you would be hassled instead of appreciating your trip. As most people say, always make a list where you write your basic needs in camping and avoid regretting. Your list must have these things:

  • Beach tents/ basic tents. It will serve as the extension of your camper trailer. 
  • Sleeping bags. If you are sleeping in your tent, it will surely be cool, so make sure to carry your sleeping bags to provide warmth in your body.
  • Blankets. You’ll need this to cover your body for the whole night or as your beach blanket.
  • Pillow. You would not want to sleep with a flat surface in your head, so make sure to bring pillows to cushion your head.
  • Tarp. For your protection from wind, rain, and sunlight.
  • Trash bags for your rubbish.
  • Beach chairs. For your relaxation, while you’re in the sandy part of the beach.
  • Cooking gear and Utensils. So you will be able to cook your food when camping. 
  • Cooler. Bring at least two coolers, one for ice and one for food storage. 
  • Food. You would not want to camp while starving so always bring food, or make sandwiches. It is easy to make, and it is convenient. 
  • Drinking water. Always bring drinking water when camping because most campsites do not have potable water, especially in remote areas. 
  • Clothes. You would not have time for your laundry while camping, so always bring extra clothes, especially for your kids. 
  • Toiletries. Personal or family toiletries must always be carried when camping. Moisturizer, sunblock, toothpaste, toothbrush, or any necessities for your hygiene must be inside your toiletry bag, including medications and a first-aid kit.

What Is The Best Time To Beach Camping?

Summer is always the best time to go beach camping, so beaches are usually packed at that time. Typically, from the first week of December to the last week of February is the summer season in Australia. Ultraviolet rays or UV rays damage your skin to the extent during summer that’s why applying sunscreen is very important.

Related Questions

Is It Legal To Camp On The Beach In Australia?

In some areas, unfortunately, Yes. Just like sleeping in your parked car, it is not illegal to camp on the beach of Australia, but there are exceptions and regulations in every different state. Also, there are areas designated for camping, and you cannot pitch your tent, especially in dunes. 

What Beaches Can I Camp On?

Fortunately, Australia ranked first in the whole world that has the most beautiful beaches that you can camp in. Some are raw and well-preserved, and some have excellent facilities and amenities. These are some of the Australian beaches that you should visit:

  • Coorong National Park
  • Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park
  • Rottnest Island
  • Cave Beach in Booderee National Park
  • The Bamboos located at the Yorke Peninsula
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Johanna Beach at Great Otway National Park
  • Cylinder Beach Camping Ground at Stradbroke Island
  • Waddy Point at Fraser Island
  • 1770 Camping Ground at Joseph Banks Conservation Park
  • Gunn Point Beach at Murrumujuk, Australia
  • Little Waterloo Bay Hikers Camp
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Lucky Bay
  • Booderee National Park

Can You Camp Anywhere In Australia?

No. You cannot camp anywhere in Australia, especially for the campsites in the preserved areas and require permits. Usually, campsites need a reservation or booking a day before you arrive in the place, and it is suggested that doing your research online will give you insights on what campsite you might prefer.

Can You Camp For Free In Australia?

Yes, there are many beautiful places in Australia that you can camp in for free such as Paddys River Falls, Frying Pan Creek, Blue Pool, Bidjar Ngoulin, and Apsley Waterhole camping areas. However, camping for free may have its cons such as no toilets, no potable water, and no open barbecue grills. 

Is It Legal To Sleep In Your Car In Australia?

No Laws are stating that it is illegal to sleep inside your car in Australia, but in a different state, there are different rules. However, it is a health hazard to sleep in your car especially when your engine and ac is turned on because it can cause the vehicle to fill with deadly Carbon monoxide and the person inside may inhale it and may cause death.

Is Free Camping Safe In Australia?

Camping in Australia is safe, but always be careful, especially when camping in the middle of the forest, there will always be wildlife around. Usually, you will encounter a snake and other wild animals, but always remember to keep calm and compose yourself, wild animals will not fight back if not feel threatened. 

Is Camping A Safe Activity?

Camping is an excellent way to do physical activities. You need to do things like walking, biking, bushwalking, or swimming to keep yourself active for the rest of your camping trip. Also, make sure to pack protective gear, such as helmets, sturdy shoes, and life jackets. Most importantly, never hike or swim alone.

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