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If you’re looking for something fun to do, fishing is one of the recreational activities that you should consider. Luckily, fishing at Harvey Dam is like doing it in paradise. That’s why amateur and professional anglers will surely enjoy fishing in this place. So, what makes this place so unique?

Harvey Dam has so much to offer all in just one area. It has world-class recreational facilities, an amphitheatre for concerts, cultural events and picnic areas with sheds, and most importantly, scenic views. So, fishing is more exciting here.

Are you planning to go on a trip to Harvey Dam? Make sure to read this entire article and before you go!

How Do I Get To Harvey Dam?

Harvey Dam is located about 250 kilometres from Perth. Also, the best way to travel Harvey Dam is by 4WD.

  • From Perth city centre, take the Kwinana Freeway south and continue south onto the Forrest Highway for 8km until you meet Greenlands Road.
  • Turn left on Greenlands Road and travel for 6km until you reach the roundabout.
  • At the roundabout, go to the second exit onto the South Western Highway.
  • Head south for 48km until you reach Harvey.
  • Turn left onto Weir Road and the dam is 2.5km along on your left.

Where Should I Get The Right Fishing Equipment Before Going to Harvey Dam?

There are a lot of fishing stores in Western Australia that sell the right equipment. So, before you head to Harvey Dam, make sure to buy all your fishing paraphernalia. Here is the list of highly recommended fishing stores around Western Australia:

●      Angler Fishing World: located at South Fremantle WA, Australia

●      Bluewater Tackle World: Located at Myaree WA, Australia

●      Bluewater Tackle World: Located at Joondalup WA, Australia

●      BCF: Located at Beckenham WA, Australia

●      Fly World: Located at Bayswater WA, Australia

What Should I Know About Harvey Dam?

The original Harvey Weir was among the first irrigation systems in Western Australia, and only the sixth public dam developed in the whole state. At the start, the Public Works Department began building it in 1914 and completed the Weir in 1916. About 100 men were also employed using horse and dray for almost all of the excavation works.

The Weir had a 12-metre high concrete wall and had a capacity for 512 million gallons of water. So in 1931, work began to make the wall higher from its original height of around 12 metres to 18 metres, making the storage capacity of the dam at 2,275 million gallons.

In the 1990s with water supplies under increasing pressure to meet the demands of the growing economy and population, a new dam with more than six times the capacity of the original was planned. Originally planned to be completed in 2012, the project was brought forward 14 years and completed in four years instead of the initial five-year plan.

So, the new Harvey Dam became part of the $275 million Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme. This scheme took advantage of a large, high-quality source of water in an area that historically has relatively high and reliable rainfall throughout the year. It became a new irrigation dam to the town of Harvey, allowing the Stirling Dam to provide a 10 per cent boost to the State’s water supplies.

During the designated seasons, licensed anglers can fish for trout and try their luck for marron. Marron, trout & perch fishing is permitted only at the rear of the dam. Harvey Dam welcomes canoes, but no powered boats are allowed in the area.

If you want to know more about the area, you can visit their website.

How Can I Catch Fish In Harvey Dam?

Fishing spots vary through the weather condition and fish stockings. After the rainy season, fish tends to gather together in the flowing streams. On the other hand, fishes have a habit of spreading throughout the dam during the summer.

These are the list of fishing spots at Harvey dam:

  • Shore-based Fishing: Usually done near the shore, two species of fishes are often captured. Also, it is an excellent way to start fishing in the dam.
  • Kayak Fishing: There are a lot of launching spots that give you more access to a good structure. During the summer months, trolling is an excellent way to target Redfin that has gathered deeper in the dam’s waters.
  • Lures: If you want to use lures, you should go for deep diving minnow lures, soft plastics, and surface lures during the summer. The Redfin Perch in this area is similar to the east coast Bass and will often collide onto big lures, so don’t be afraid to use larger deep diving lures.

What Kinds of Fishes Are Found At Harvey Dam?

There are three different species of fish that are found in the Harvey Dam:

  • Rainbow Trout: This fish is usually gathered near the shore and deeper areas of Harvey Dam.
  • Brown Trout: This fish can be captured near the shore.
  • Redfin Perch: It is very abundant in the middle of Harvey Dam, especially during summer.

What Are The Other Activities Can I Do At Harvey Dam?

You can never go wrong on planning a picnic at Harvey Dam. The view is outstanding, and the facilities are beautiful. You can make use of landscaped recreational areas, free BBQ grills, and lovely gazebos. Canoeing, Marroning and enjoying the edge of the water is also an excellent idea in Harvey Dam. You can fish for your lunch as well! Best enjoyed with family and friends.

Harvey Dam has a lot of spots for you to wander. The most beautiful place is the north side, where you can see the actual dam. The 4WD track is the best option in case you want to roam around in the entire dam. Young and inexperienced travellers are advised to travel with the veteran. The tracks become more and more difficult along the way. The terrain turns out to be more slippery and muddy.

What Do Other Tourists Say About The Harvey Dam?

“Followed the GPS and ended up at the tail of Harvey dam where 4 X 4 meant to access. Great spot though as it was only us over there and couldn’t explain the serenity and calmness of the place. Felt inside where we stayed for a couple of hours.

 However, the original spot meant to have BBQ and toilet facilities. The dam from head to tail was well presented and equipped. (Will go another time to see the first top end of the dam.

 (Don’t turn from honeymoon road as it takes you to the track meant to be accessed by 4×4 I was on a Honda sedan but still made through half of it all road was gravelled. (Adventurous though)

 Follow the road to weir road for the actual spot where all the facilities are available…” –Aurang Z ( via TripAdvisor)

Where Should I Stay in Harvey Dam?

There are three places in which you can camp around Logue Brook and Harvey Dam. The first is the Logue Brook (or Lake Brockman), Caravan Park. It is less private than a bush campsite, but you do have a few extra amenities available (at a cost).

You can camp at Logue Brook Dam in one location (4 during peak seasons) for a few dollars a night ($7 for adults, $5 for concessions and $2 for children). Alternatively, you can camp at Hoffman Mill, which also costs a few dollars a night but is closer to Harvey Dam.

Related Questions

Can You Swim At Harvey Dam?

No, you cannot swim in the Dam. The lesser crowd, fresh air, magnificent scenery and fishing is what you can only get at Harvey dam. Swimming, diving, rock climbing and other dangerous activities are not allowed.

Are Dogs Allowed At Harvey dam?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Harvey Dam. You can bring your dog for a walk and let them play.

Where Do We Get Water From?

Your drinking water comes from natural resources. Groundwater or surface water supply the water in Australia. Groundwater comes from the snow that soaks underground. Some waters are stored in open places and or in pores or layers of sand gravel.

How Do You Catch A Trout In a Dam?

You can catch trout in a dam by using live bait like salmon eggs, minnows, sculpins, nightcrawlers, corn, and red worms. A trout is usually abundant in summer where the heat is up, and they scatter throughout Harvey Dam.

Can Dogs Go in NSW State Forests?

State forests contain thousands of kilometres of tracks and roads for four-wheel driving, mountain biking, trail biking, horse riding and bushwalking. Dogs are welcome in NSW state forests so you can bring your four-legged friend on your family picnic or camping trip.

How Far Is Harvey From Perth?

78.02 miles

There are 78.02 miles from Harvey to Perth in the north direction and 88 miles (141.62 kilometres) by car, following the two routes. Harvey and Perth are 1 hour 29 mins far apart if you drive non-stop. It is the fastest route from Harvey, WA to Perth, WA.

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