The Best Fishing Spots in WA: Top 15 Ocean, River & Land Fishing Destinations

Fishing is one of the best activities to do in Western Australia and anywhere else. It is an activity that requires patience and skill. It is also something that you can do alone or with a friend—whether you want to clear your mind or just want to enjoy a fresh catch!

There are many fishing spots in Western Australia where the fish are always biting. And the best fishing spots in Western Australia consist of ocean, river and land or beach spots. So whatever type of fishing spots you are into, you will surely find at least one area that you will enjoy. 

Before we dive into the best fishing spots in WA, you need to decide whether you want to go river or ocean fishing. Both are very enjoyable activities that any type of angler will enjoy, but they are quite different in terms of budget, safety, and the gear you need. 

Is Western Australia Better for Ocean or River Fishing?

Western Australia is an excellent fishing destination, whether you are looking to go ocean fishing or river fishing. It is abundant in ocean, river, and even land fishing spots. So whatever floats your boat, there are over 100 different fishing spots with tons of types of fish to catch in Western Australia. 

Enjoy a variety of unique fishing destinations for your next holiday, including Harvey Dam and Preston Beach within a few hours’ drive of Perth. The only thing you need to worry about is how much time you have on your hands to go on a full-blown fishing adventure. You can go on a day fishing trip to different destinations, and depending on your budget– there will always be an ocean, river, and land fishing spot for you. 

What are the Best Ocean Fishing Spots in Western Australia?

Western Australia is filled with tons of ocean fishing spots where beginner and pro anglers can enjoy and learn fishing. Here are the best ocean fishing spots in WA:

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands has over 100 different islands, which could only mean one thing– there are tons of spots within the islands to catch different types of fish. The islands are grouped into three major groups, and each of the three offer excellent catches. 

Most of the anglers who visit this spot prepare for a multi-day fishing charter, meaning you are going to have to prepare a budget to fully enjoy and maximize your stay.

It is quite the challenge to catch fish in the morning at Abrolhos Islands because of the relentless morning wind, but that is one thing to look forward to if you are up for the challenge.

Some of the common catches here are the Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, and Coral Trout. However, there are other types of fish to catch, especially if you are going to stay in the islands to explore the many fishing spots it has to offer.

Garden Island

Garden Island is a common recreational destination in Western Australia, and fishing is one of the most popular activities when you go to this destination. It is located just off the Rockingham Shore, and the island is so long– meaning you are in for a lot of fish to catch. 

The only way to get to the island is by boat or kayak if you are not an employee, so you might want to prepare for an ultimate fishing adventure if you choose this spot. 

Although the journey can get pretty rough, it will be all worth it with the many species of fish you can catch at Garden Island. You can catch almost everything from squid to herring, but the snapper is abundant, especially in the western part with deeper waters. 

You can also cash tailor, skippy, dhu-fish, mackerel, tuna, and salmon. As stated, if you want to catch bigger fish, you can go to the western side. 

Albany and surrounding areas

If you are looking to catch pink snapper, red snapper, and blue morwong fish, the islands of Albany is an excellent place to catch these types of fish among many others. Going to this destination is the best excuse to take your small boat out and enjoy what the southern ocean swells have to offer.

And if you are in for a little river fishing, you can always take a detour to the Kalgan River to the east and for a chance to catch black bream fish. Whether you are headed east or west, there are many fishing destinations within this particular area.  


This holiday ocean fishing destination is an excellent place for families to visit. While your family can enjoy other activities, you can enjoy the solitude of relaxed fishing. You can catch all sorts of species such as whiting, tailor, or bream fish.

If you are willing to put your adventure hat on and explore a few kilometres further, you can try your luck at catching mackerel and more. This spot is an excellent place for experienced anglers to venture farther into the shores to catch more species like dhu-fish, pink snapper, red throat emperor, baldchin groper, and many more– depending on the season you choose to visit. 


Exmouth is one of the best fishing destinations in Western Australia, and even the entire continent mainly because of its plethora of different fishing opportunities. If you are into game fishing, Exmouth makes a prime location for fishing thanks to the many brilliant fish species you can catch in the area. 

You don’t need to have a big boat to catch fish, such as mighty blue, striped, and black marlin, wahoo, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and tuna. Because you only need to go a few kilometres off-shore to encounter them, a small boat is enough to make the journey. Plus, there are even more options on either side of the cape, allowing you to catch more types of fish and try saltwater fly fishing if that is your thing. 

What Ocean Fish Can I Catch in Western Australia?

There are many types of fish to catch in beaches and oceans in WA, here are some of the most common fish you can catch:

  • Baldchin Groper
  • Black Bream
  • Dhu-fish
  • Australian Salmon
  • Giant Herring
  • Kinga George Whiting
  • Flathead
  • Sand Whiting
  • Pink snapper
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Tailor
  • Tuna
  • Silver Trevally

However, the variety of fish you can catch differs depending on the season and location. But going to one of the prime fishing locations mentioned above will give you a better chance of catching more than one variety of fish. 

What are the Best River Fishing Spots in Western Australia?

Western Australia is known for its top-notch river fishing spots and fish diversity. So, if you are in the area or interested in trying river fishing for the very first time, here are some of the best spots to river fish that you should definitely visit:

Fitzroy River

The Fitzroy River is home to the Barramundi, which is an excellent trophy fish that is quite the challenge to catch. If you are game for a little challenge, you should definitely go to Rockhampton and join the challenge. 

One of the best things about going to Fitzroy River is that even if you are not from this part of Australia, you can fly in, check in, and get your boat out without travelling by land. However, it might be expensive to fly in and lodge, depending on where you live– so make sure you prepare a budget to enjoy a weekend of going to freshwater lagoons and waterholes. 

Aside from the Barramundi, you can also catch the king threadfin, giant trevally, saratoga, and many more. 

Kalgan River

The Kalgan River is more than just a fishing destination. It is a scenic location that provides peace and calm, which most fishing enthusiasts look forward to. In terms of fish to catch, the Kalgan River is the best place in WA to catch bream fish. 

If you want to experience solitude, you can visit Kalgan River and experience something you might not have experienced before. It is just you, your kayak, and a vast river filled with biting fish.

Although the Kalgan River is known for being abundant in black bream fish, it is home to other species, such as herring, yellowtail, small salmon, pink snapper, silver bream, whiting, blue swimmer, and many more. 

If you are looking for a place where even beginners will enjoy river fishing, the Kalgan River should be on the top of your list.

Blackwood River

This picturesque destination is an excellent place to do some river fishing in Western Australia. Going to this location involves walking, exploring, and boating until you reach the prime fishing spots where you can catch giant herring, milkfish, yellowfin whiting, large blue spot flathead, and many more. 

If you move more upstream, that is where you will find bream and trout. Because Blackwood River is an excellent habitat for fish, you can also combine your experience with kayaking and birding to be one with nature and a unique experience. 

Brunswick River

Many locals love to fish in Brunswick River in Western Australia because of its abundance in Southern black bream fish, common stingray, and sand sillago. However,  when going to this destination, you should use your best judgement on which areas you can fish and make sure you follow the rules and regulations. 

Although this river is not exactly a tourist destination, it is an excellent place for locals to fish. Tourists are welcome as long as you respect the environment and fish responsibly. 

Warren River

The Warren River offers an excellent fishing setting for you and your family. It is quite the journey getting here and that is all part of your unique fishing adventure. The Warren is known for many native Western Australian fish, such as the redfin perch and trout. 

Among the many fishing spots within the river, you will find good spots to camp in and places to catch salmon and other fish species. The best way to explore the Warren is by kayak or canoe. You will definitely have a blast if you consider the exploration part of fishing a significant part of the whole experience. 

What River Fish Can I Catch in Western Australia?

Western Australia is home to many freshwater fish species such as:

  • Black and Silver Bream Fish
  • Pygmy Perch
  • Western Minnow
  • Trout Minnow
  • Balston’s Pygmy Perch
  • Salamander Fish
  • Night Fish
  • Freshwater Cobbler
  • Common Jollytail
  • Black-stripe Minnow

Aside from the fish species mentioned, there are more types that you can catch between different seasons. So, make sure you visit the river spots more than once during the year for a better chance of catching different varieties. 

What are the Best Land Fishing Spots in Western Australia?

Aside from river and ocean fishing, you can also do land fishing in Western Australia. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on charter boats for fishing in WA, you can always go land fishing and still get a good catch without leaving the mainland. 

Here are some of the best land fishing spots in Western Australia:

Busselton Jetty- Geographe Bay

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of riding boats and going island hopping to catch fish, Busselton Jetty in Geographe Bay is an excellent fishing spot where many fish types are biting. 

Aside from fish, this place is an excellent spot for catching giant squid and blue crab. If it is your first time fishing, doing land fishing in this area is an excellent place to learn before going on full-blown fishing adventures. 

Steep Point- Shark Bay

Without leaving land or riding a boat to get to your fishing location, Steep Point-Shark Bay is one of the best fishing locations in the world because of its beautiful scenery, variety of fish to catch, and its high altitude. 

It is literally a steep spot for land-based fishing that provides an exhilarating adventure without booking an expensive fishing trip. One of the most common fish you can catch is Spanish Mackerel, which you can definitely catch in huge numbers. 

Although it is a land-based fishing spot, it will take time and effort to reach Steep Point, so make sure you are ready for the adventure by bringing essential gear, beverages, food, and more. It is one of the greatest fishing spots on earth, and it is an experience that you don’t want to miss—especially if you are a fishing enthusiast visiting WA. 

Cape Arid National Park

This picturesque fishing spot in the southern coastline is definitely one of Western Australia’s hidden gems. It is home to white sand beaches and it is not that crowded– allowing you to enjoy a quiet time of relaxing and angling. 

Some of the common catches in the area are salmon, but you can also get lucky and catch other species. But if you are specifically looking for larger salmon to catch at a land-based fishing destination, Cape Arid National Park in Esperance is the place to be. 

Fitzgerald River National Bark and Bremer Bay

This southern national park is a beautiful place for both fishing and camping– whether you like to enjoy going alone or with friends and family. Although sometimes access in the area may be restricted, it is definitely worth visiting when you can. 

You can come here to catch garfish, flathead, salmon, sand whiting, and bull herring. With the varieties of fish, the good view, and the quiet– this is easily one of the best land fishing destinations in Western Australia that should definitely be on your list.

Myalup Moore River

If you are looking for a reliable day fishing destination near Perth in Western Australia, this destination is definitely worth a mention. If you live in the metro area, you can reach the destination and come back with a guaranteed catch. 

The beach section, which is only a couple kilometres up north, is reliable for cation herring, tailor, garfish, and tarwhine. You can also go to the Morre river at Guilderton, which is also a reliable spot for catching tailor fish. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can also get on a kayak and catch some bream near the area. 

Should I Land Fish in Western Australia?

While not all of us have the time to visit ocean and river fishing destinations in Western Australia, this place also offers many land-based fishing destinations for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. 

It is definitely worth going land fishing in Western Australia, not only because of the different locations but also because of the varieties of fish you can catch without spending too much on charter fishing trips.

If you want to go fishing without riding a boat or spending too much money, land fishing is the next best thing. And we do recommend doing it in Western Australia since you get to catch different types of fish, such as both saltwater and freshwater fish– depending on your fishing destination. 

In the south-west coast, you can do a lot of rock fishing with some minor beach fishing– which makes for a productive fishing trip. In the mid-west coast, it is all about beach fishing, but there are still spots that offer a little bit of rock fishing too. 

Going to the north-west takes you to Steep Point, and as mentioned above– this place is one of the best land-based fishing destinations in Western Australia or even the entire world, thanks to the variety of fish you can catch and the beauty of the destination itself. 

What to Bring When Fishing in Western Australia?

Now that you know some of Western Australia’s prime fishing locations, it is time to pack up with the essential gear. Different fishing locations require different gear, but here are some of the universal fishing equipment that is essential on every fishing trip:

  • Rod and Reel
  • Bait
  • Line
  • Tackle
  • Tackle bag
  • Lures
  • Castable fish finder

Fishing at a specific spot like Harvey Dam, Preston Beach or river spots like Lake Moogerah requires different types of gear for a better catch. But essentially, they are only different varieties of the essentials mentioned above.

Related Questions

Can you fish at Waroona Dam?

Yes, you can fish at Waroona Dam. However, you will need a freshwater angling license, which will permit you to use lures, baits, and other equipment you need for freshwater fishing. If you attempt to fish at Waroona Dam without a license, you can get fined. 

Do you need a license to beach fish in WA?

If you are fishing from the shore or a jetty, you do not need a license to beach fish in WA. However, if you will be fishing with a boat or will ride a boat to get to a location to fish, you will need to obtain a license if you are above 16 years old.

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