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If you’re thinking about what you should be doing this weekend, fishing will always be a brilliant idea. Fortunately, Lake Moogerah is just a short drive away from Brisbane, and your family will certainly love the idea. Fishing at Lake Moogerah is suitable for both amateur and professional anglers. So, what are the exclusive perks of fishing at Lake Moogerah?

Lake Moogerah is an absolute favourite place to the angler with its open area and the visible richness of wildlife. Also, the excellent facilities and the beautiful view of mountains and lake are extraordinary. Fishing is more thrilling here, and you can watch the beautiful sunset reflecting the calm lake. 

Here is an overview for the fishing spots in Lake Moogerah:

  • Rocky Points 
  • Dam Wall or Shoreline 
  • Best time to fish is early in the morning or late afternoon.

So, are you planning a trip bound to Lake Moogerah? Read the full article before you go!

How Do I Get To Lake Moogerah?

Two routes are going to Lake Moogerah:

Head to National Highway 15 which is the fastest way to get to Lake Moogerah which is approximately 1.5 hours of driving.

  • Get on M3 from Edward St and Alice St
  • Take M5 and National Highway 15 to Morwincha Rd in Aratula
  • Continue on Morwincha Road. Take Lake Moogerah Rd to Living Water Rd in Moogerah

Via State Route 93

  • Get on M3 from Edward St and Alice St
  • Take M5, National Highway 15 and State Route 93 to Mount Alford Rd in Dugandan
  • Continue on Mount Alford Rd. Drive to Living Water Rd in Moogerah

Where Should I Get the Right Fishing Equipment Before Going to Lake Moogerah?

There are a lot of fishing stores in Brisbane where you can find the best quality hooks for angling so you can improve your fishing skills. Make sure to purchase all of your essential fishing materials with you and take note that there are fishing stores that cater to customising your fishing equipment that fits your needs. Here is the list of some fishing stores located in Brisbane, Australia. 

  • Platypus Fishing Line: Located in Brisbane, 4500
  • Master Angler: Located at Underwood Road, Brisbane, 4123
  • Shads Lures: located at Springfield Lakes, Brisbane, 4300
  • Rod Armour: located at Suite 27, 20 Park Road, Brisbane, 4064
  • Tackle Tek: located at Samford Rd, Brisbane, 4054
  • MB custom lures: located at 58 Antimony Street, Brisbane, 4300
  • PEtackle: located at Cavendish Rd, Brisbane, 4121
  • Geneo Kustoms: located at Bronzewing Ct, Greenbank, Australia
  • That Fishing Shop: located at 2/76 Curragundi Road
  • Jones’s Tackle: located at 692 Gympie Rd, Chermside Brisbane, 4032
  • Sport Fishing Adventures: located at Arana Hills, Brisbane, 4054

What Should I Know About Lake Moogerah?

Moogerah is derived from the Indigenous word Moojirah, meaning “home of the thunderstorm”. The Moogerah dam is a huge double curvature arch dam that spreads all across Reynolds creek which is located in the South East Region of Queensland Australia. The dam was built for the irrigation of Reynolds Creek and the continuous supply of water for the farmers in Warrill Valley. 

In 1959, the dam’s construction began, but the project was stopped for a while and resumed by 1961. Fortunately, the dam was completed in the same year. The dam structure is 38 metres (135 ft) high and 219 metres (719 ft) long, and it permits access to Mount Edwards in Moogerah Peaks. The 315-thousand-cubic-metre (11.1×106 cu ft) dam wall holds back the 83,765-megalitre (1.8426×1010 imp gal; 2.2128×1010 US gal) reservoir when at full capacity. 

The dam supplies drinking water to nearby towns although the primary consumer is the Swanbank Power Station. It also provides water for a few farms in the Valley of Fassifern. Adjacent to the reservoir is an amenities that serve as the camping ground for schools, family, and churches that conduct large camping activities. The wide range of accommodation in the Moogerah will satisfy your sense of adventure. 

It is also the best place to unwind, forget the hustle of the city, try fishing, kayaking, and do paddleboards. 

How Can I Catch Fish in Lake Moogerah?

Fishing spots and catches vary in different kinds of weather conditions. Fishing using a kayak or boat on the dam wall is not allowed in Mooregah. So here are some tips in Fishing at Lake Moogerah:

  • Troll at Rocky Points: You can catch Australian bass here and other Australian native fish species. Live fresh shrimps are the most effective bait for Australian bass.
  • Try in the Dam wall or shoreline. Try to sink your bait for 15-25 metres and let it sit on the coastline for a few minutes. Worms are an alternative bait, but usually, you will get nothing.
  • Best time to fish is early in the morning or late afternoon. Fish are mostly abundant by this time of the day and make sure to bring your reliable fish hooks to catch more.

What Kinds of Fishes Are Found At Lake Moogerah?

There are usually four different species of fish that are found in Lake Moogerah:

  • Australian Bass. This fish is commonly caught using live shrimp as bait and most abundant at rocky points of the dam.
  • Barramundi. Also known as Asian sea bass. Abundant in 10-15 ft lower but commonly found with AU Bass.
  • Gold Perch & Silver Perch. One of the main species caught along with AU Bass and live shrimp is its best bait as well.
  • Mary River cod. Commonly seen during summer because Mary River cod is a temperate species and native to Southern Australia.

What Are The Other Activities Can I Do At Lake Moogerah?

If you’re visiting Lake Moogerah you should:

  • Fishing. Perfect activity when visiting Lake Moogerah and catching native fishes. 
  • Go camping. It is always a good idea when going to Lake Moogerah because of its vast open space that you can park your camper trailers. Make sure to bring all your essentials like food, water and tents. You can also make a checklist to avoid hassle during your weekend trip.
  • Watch the sunset. When the sun hits the horizon and slowly goes down, it reflects the lake so well. You can consider doing this during a picnic and see the magnificent view of Lake Moogerah.
  • Visit Boonah Country Markets. You should go to Springleigh Park, Boonah every second and fourth Sunday of the month.
  • Moogerah Passion Play. Usually held at the  weekend before Easter. 
  • Bush Walking. Soothe yourself and walk in the bushy area of Lake Moogerah.
  • Local Produce Outlets. Support local products by taking the time to visit Local outlets.

If you want to know more about the activities in the region, you can visit their website.

What Do Other Tourists Say About The Lake Moogerah?

“If you’re a photographer, the sunset in this place is definitely worth the visit. Indeed turns on the show for our stay. We had a powered site, but it was a constant thoroughfare for campers, as this is where they usually walked to the toilets/showers, through our caravan site.
The toilets/showers were excellent. Usually, there are two blocks across from each other, but one was closed because it was undergoing renovations. They are just exhausted and old, with only limited facilities. I think it was only around 3-4 showers and toilets. The waterway was bustling with boats, jet skis, kayaks etc. Very family-friendly, there was lots of space, but come summer; I think it would be a very crowded place.” – Chrisxkx (TripAdvisor

Where Should I Stay in Lake Moogerah?

  • Campsite. Unleash your skills at camping and pitch tents beside your camper trailers or shady areas. There is no other way to enjoy the lake fully but through camping.
  • Stay in a Cabin. There is a private cabin located nearby Lake Moogerah that has a beautiful air-conditioned room. A maximum of 4 people is allowed to stay in the cabin with a queen-sized bed in the bedroom and single bunk beds in the living area. Kitchen is accessible for your needs and an outdoor area with your gas barbecue and even your private campfire.
  • Moogerah Lake House Waterfront. An old house resting on the shores of picturesque with an overlooking view and a beautiful garden. There are three large bedrooms with a capacity of 10 people. 

Related Questions

Can You Swim At Lake Moogerah?

Yes. Lake Moogerah is a perfect place for your weekend getaways, try water sports and swimming.

What Percentage Is Lake Moogerah?

The current volume of Lake Moogerah (ml) is 31, 365 ML or 37. 4% full.

 What Does Moogerah Mean?

The word Moogerah was derived from aboriginal word Moojirah, meaning “Home of the thunderstorms”. It provides irrigation of the Reynold Creeks and for the water supply of Warrill Creek. 

Can You Take Dogs To Lake Moogerah?

No. You cannot take your dogs because the dam supplies water in the nearby creeks, the water can be contaminated. Also, your dog should be on a leash and not permitted to enter the water dams.

Is There Redclaw In Moogerah Dam?

Yes. Because the red claw is a freshwater species, you can hunt it around the dam. There are ones on the side of the dam while others are found in the trees. 

Can You Swim At Lake Somerset?

Yes. But there are specially designated areas in Somerset that are located at Kirkleagh and The Spit. Also, motorised and non-motorised bikes, Jet Ski, wakeboarding and tubing is permitted in Somerset. 

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