27 Best Activities for Teenagers in Perth: 2023 Guide

Perth is booming with a range of fun activities for teenagers. Throughout Western Australia, there are so many unique bucket list items that will have teenagers off the couch and out and about in no time!

Perth is lucky enough to boast some of the most unique activities for teenagers. The best attractions include drifting, water skiing, skydiving, and so much more. Whether you need to keep your teen busy for a weekend or the entire school holidays, there is plenty to keep them busy. 

From the best outdoor activities in Perth to fun indoor locations to keep young adults entertained, this is the only resource you’ll need. 

Tell your high-schooler that it’s time to get up and go – Perth is waiting for you!

What Are the Best Teenage Activities in Perth? 

There are plenty of fantastic indoor and outdoor activities for teens and young adults in Perth, Western Australia.

Discover our favourites below:

1. Go Drifting at Drift School WA

Location: Wanneroo Raceway, Wattle Ave, Neerabup

Did you know that even without experience, you can enjoy a thrilling drift ride right here in Perth? Spoil your teen and take them to ride shotgun at Drift School, WA! 

This is the perfect activity for any car fanatic or adrenaline junkie teenager. It is a fun one-day activity that will prove ‌extremely memorable. You can even buy professional photos and videos to really commemorate the day. 

Get in on the action in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 hot laps with a professional drifter on the wheel. It’s a delicate balance between safe and heart-pumping. The school has Drift RideAlongOpens in a new tab. for 12 years and older and Drift IntroductionOpens in a new tab. for 16 years old and older.

So, if you have a teenager who loves fast cars, a drift experience at Drift School is the best activity for them in Perth! 

Learn more: Drift School WAOpens in a new tab.

2. Enjoy Snorkelling in Crystal Blue Waters 

Location: various locations across Perth 

If your teen is all about marine life, you can try a snorkelling courseOpens in a new tab. with Perth Scuba. This is a fun and informative activity for any teenager who loves the ocean. 

This 1- to 3-day activity is a great school holiday experience for teens. It’s also a good entry course if your teen is passionate about marine life and wants to see what it’s like snorkelling with Western Australia’s best sea creatures.

Want to make it a full weekend away? You can even combine your scuba course with a Perth beach camping trip for the full experience.

Learn more: Perth ScubaOpens in a new tab.

3. Zip Across the Water While Water Skiing at Wake Park 

Location: Corner of Mundijong Road and St. Albans Road, Baldivis

Another fun watersport to try for teens is the cable wakeboard park at Perth Wake Park. It is the only cable wakeboard park in Western Australia, and any experience level is welcome. 

Whether your teen has experience or is brand new to water skiing, this is a fun family activity. For beginners, a cable wakeboarding session is recommended. For advanced riders, there’s the main lake with obstacles that can test your skills. 

This is a super fun activity for teenagers to enjoy in the summer. However, it takes a certain level of swimming abilities and confidence in the water, so be sure to consider this before buying a ticket to the wake park.

Find out more: Perth Wake ParkOpens in a new tab.

4. Shoot Up Your Friends at Paintball

Location: Cnr Gnangara Road and West Swan Road, Henley Brook

Now, if you’re looking for an exciting teenage party idea, paintball is the way to go. It is a great way to stir competition and develop teamwork amongst any group of teens. Not to mention they get to release some pent-up rage or stress in a fun and controlled set-up. Paintball Skirmish can hook you up in that area.

If you have younger siblings or children in tow, Paintball Skirmish has splatball for younger players eight years old and above. With splatball, smaller-sized balls shoot at reduced speed.

This activity is excellent for that rough and tumble group of teens. However, paintball has been known to leave some bruises. So it is not everyone’s favourite activity!

Learn more: Paintball SkirmishOpens in a new tab.

5. Hit a Winner at Mini Golf 

Location: 200 The Boulevard, Wembley Downs

Teens who want to take part in a more chilled activity might enjoy mini-golf at Wembley Golf Course instead. Their 18-hole course sports sand traps, bridges, and water features—just like the real deal! There are starter, intermediate, and advanced holes, so come at whatever skill level you have.

Mini golf is a fun activity for practically any teen!

Learn more: Wembley Golf CourseOpens in a new tab.

6. Go to an Archery Range and Feel like Robin Hood 

Location: 111A Jules Steiner Memorial Drive, Whiteman

Visit Come ‘N’ Try’s Archery Park for a bow and arrow session and let out your teen’s inner Robin Hood. This 1.5-hour session includes instructions, bow rental, and a 10-target course for beginner or experienced archers alike.

If you want to throw a teen’s party with a group of friends, you can book a package for 1.5 to 3 hours at the course. It will include games, novelty target faces, club room hire, and even kitchen/BBQ facilities.

Learn more: Archery Park WAOpens in a new tab.

7. Cool Off at a Water Slides 

Location: Cockburn Aquatic & Recreation Centre, 31 Veterans Parade, Cockburn Central 

If your teen is on summer break, but you’re hoping to avoid the crowd at the beach, then the waterpark is the next best place to cool off. 

Cockburn Arc has thrilling water slides worth trying. Their pipeline is known to be fast and furious, while their tumbler allows you to share the fear factor of sliding on a raft with a friend. Oh, and did we mention that the tumbler will drop you down an enormous cavern?

When you’re done with the slides, make the waterpark your playground and take a dip in their pools and aqua facilities—a 50-metre outdoor pool, 25-metre indoor pool, water play area, warm water pool, hot and cold recovery pools, and the spa, sauna, and steam. There is so much to keep your teenager busy at Cockburn Arc that you’ll struggle to get them to leave!

Find out more: Cockburn ArcOpens in a new tab.

8. Feed the Wildlife on Penguin Island 

Location: Penguin Island

If you have a teenager who is an avid animal lover, we’re sure they would love to spend their school holidays hanging with some adorable penguins. Under Perth Wildlife Encounters, you can cruise or ferry to Penguin Island and feed the world’s smallest penguins. 

While you’re at penguin island, you can enjoy other activities such as swimming, snorkelling, picnicking, and exploring the nature trails.

There is so much to keep the whole family busy here! And feeding the world’s smallest penguins will prove to be a very memorable experience. If you’re planning a WA road trip for the family, make sure this stop is included. 

Find out more: Perth Wildlife EncountersOpens in a new tab.

9. Go Trampolining at Bounce 

Location: 1371 Albany Highway, Cannington

If your teen’s idea of fun is something active, you might want to try trampolining at Bounce.

Bounce is an indoor adventure playground in Perth meant to make your teenager and their friends sweat. Try out the interconnected Big Bag, Slam Dunk, and Dodgeball trampoline courts and their 3-Tiered Cliff Jump and BOUNCE X-Park obstacle course.

You can also organise an unforgettable party at Bounce, and the people at Bounce are experienced in making kids and teens enjoy while parents lounge hassle-free.

Find out more: Bounce Trampoline Park CanningtonOpens in a new tab.

10. Get Outside with Geocaching 

Location: across Perth 

If your teen was involved in the Pokemon Go era you may be familiar with the idea of geocaching! Geocaching refers to a treasure hunt assisted by GPS coordinates. So, you’ll be going on an adventure searching for a cache (a physical or virtual one). 

There are different types of geocaching: traditional, virtual, locationless, webcam, pod, trigpoints, and multi-caches. Curious? Read more on the Geocaching Australia wikiOpens in a new tab.

This can be a unique teenage party idea that is both fun and challenging for a group of teens!  Your teen will want this to become a regular activity with so many types of geocaching games to try. 

Find out more: Geocaching AustraliaOpens in a new tab..

11. Get Moving at a Roller Skating Rink 

Location: Unit 12, 352 South Street, O’Connor

Believe it or not, roller skating is not dead. And it remains to be a fun recreational activity for teenagers! 

This is a great way for your teen to have fun with a group of friends. They’ll get to exert some energy and race each other around the rink at Rolloways.

This family-owned recreation centre knows how to have fun with theme nights and live DJs. Parties are welcome, too, so you can organise your teen and their friends to get together and dig in at their café or play hard at their arcade. And if your teen falls in love with skating, Rolloways also has a skate shop with everything you need.

Find out more: Rolloways Leisure CentreOpens in a new tab.

12. Get Active at The Climb Zone  

Location: 100 Kirby Road, Bullsbrook

The Climb Zone at Kerem Adventure Camp is a family-friendly recreation centre that caters to people who love heights and the high-up view. Warning: If your teen is afraid of heights, this won’t be the right activity for them! 

Let your teen test their agility in the Low Ropes and challenge their flexibility in the High Ropes. The Climbing Wall offers multiple climbing routes suited for any age and level. If high tightropes, cargo nets, bridges, and rope ladders sound like something your teen will enjoy, drive on to The Climb Zone and get active!

Find out more: The Climb ZoneOpens in a new tab.

13. Cruise Around in a Party Bus  

Location: across Perth 

Nothing screams good time more than a party bus. Lucky for you, GOPARTYBUS offers some of the best party bus packages. 

Whether you want to have a private mobile party or go on a tour around Perth, GOPARTYBUS has you covered. This can be an exciting way to transport your teenager and their friends to a party location around Perth. 

With GOPARTYBUS, you can organise an intimate celebration with 14 seats to a blowout of 65 seats.

The business started with the goal to invalidate ‘basic white buses with a few speakers’ posing as party buses, so you’re sure to have a legit experience with GOPARTYBUS. Expect themed exteriors, a great sound system, dance floors, and TV/DVD players.

Find out more: GOPARTYBUSOpens in a new tab.

14. Get Away and Visit Rottnest Island

Location: Rottnest Island

No Perth bucket list is complete without a visit to Rottnest Island, and the list of the best activities for teens is no exception. 

You’re spoiled for choices on the island⁠—swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, exploring beaches, bays, nature trails, cycling, hiking, and skydiving. You can even go on photography tours, aboriginal cultural tours, Segway tours, bus tours, eco express boat tours, and an air taxi aerial experience.

Campgrounds, as well as budget and premium accommodations, are available. A one-day tour isn’t enough, so you might as well plan an overnighter or a two-day Rottnest Island camping trip with your teen’s friends or family. This isn’t a tourist trap but a legitimate great experience near Perth – not to mention one of the best fishing destinations in Western Australia.

Find out more: Rottnest IslandOpens in a new tab.

15. Visit the Wildlife at Perth Zoo 

Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth 

A trip to the zoo is always welcome for young people, and teens interested in animals will also delight in going to Perth Zoo.

Don’t know where to begin? Perth Zoo suggests a range of itineraries to make your trip that much easier!  The Awesome Aussie Icons itinerary will take you on an outback adventure to see wildlife on bushwalks, then reptiles, penguins, and crocodiles. Meanwhile, the Hoof and Claw Itinerary will start with Asian species, nocturnal animals, and the African savannah. Lastly, they also have a Heritage Trail itinerary.

Find out more: Perth ZooOpens in a new tab.

16. Visit a Video Game Museum  

Location: Shop 1, 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth 

If your teen is an avid gamer, we are confident they would love to visit a video game museum. You’re in luck if you’re in Perth because The Nostalgia Box is Australia’s only video game console museum.

At your own pace, tour and see the more than 100 consoles that made kids want to stay at home from the 70s through the 2000s. Then, play and replay the best video games on consoles and arcade machines from different eras. This is the perfect way for teens to make boring hours fun.

Parties and social gatherings are welcome with their 1.5 to 2-hour packages. This will be a unique experience that any gaming teen will absolutely love!

Find out more: The Nostalgia BoxOpens in a new tab.

17. Try An Escape Room and Learn to Cooperate  

Location: Belmont House, Station Way, Crawley

If your teen loves a challenge, an Escape Room is the perfect weekend activity! Get a group of friends together, or take the family along, and try your luck at escaping one of these rooms. 

When you’re time-pressured in a locked room, there’s really no one else to rely on but your team. Hopefully, an escape room will teach your teen helpful problem solving and teamwork skills, as these challenges require a lot of cooperation. 

Escape rooms are a great way to challenge wits and test synergy. In Escape Hunt, you’ll be weaved into themed narratives of the Alice in Puzzleland and Aladdin & the Magic Vault escape rooms, just to name a few of their curated games. This fun activity in Perth will surely have you coming back for the other rooms and beating your personal bests.

Find out more: Escape HuntOpens in a new tab.

18. Meet and Discover a Woylie at Whiteman Park  

Location: 233A Drumpellier Drive, Whiteman

Whiteman Park offers you an opportunity to meet woylies and quenda in its evening tour of Woodland Reserve. If your teen has already had their fair share of zoo day tours when they were younger, then you can shake things up with this nocturnal adventure.

This will be a guided tour by volunteer guides. By torchlight, you will get to see bushland habitats and their inhabitants.

This tour will not only be fun and educational for your teenager, but the fees also go to the good cause of keeping Woodland Reserve.

Find out more: Whiteman ParkOpens in a new tab.

19. Learn to Surf At Surf School WA 

Location: Meeting points at Trigg, Mullaloo, Leighton, or Rottnest

If your teenager has grown up along the coast of Australia, they have probably always thought about surfing. This may be the sign you’re looking for to get your teen involved in this famous watersport finally. Surf School WA can hook you up in this journey.

Recognised as one of the best surf schools in Australia, Surf School WA offers one-on-one and group lessons for kids, teens, and adults of different skill levels. 

There are also programs tailored for teensOpens in a new tab., such as private lessons, weekend learn-to-surf sessions, holiday learn-to-surf programs, and weekend intermediate squad training. These options can’t make you say you have no time because Surf School WA can make time for you.

Find out more: Surf School WAOpens in a new tab.

20. Check The View From On Top of the Optus Stadium 

Location: 333 Victoria Park Drive, Burswood

Treat your teenager and their pals with a complete view of the Optus Stadium rooftop via the HALO Rooftop TourOpens in a new tab.. Take a walk around this world-famous stadium and learn about its history and day-to-day operations. If your teen is into photography, they can also get a good shot of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) and Perth City. The tour is 2-hour long with a hat and photo as freebies.

If you’re interested in other Optus Stadium experiences,  they also offer:

  • Stadium ToursOpens in a new tab. – a behind-the-scenes look—including players’ changing rooms and benches
  • VertigoOpens in a new tab. – a beyond-the-rooftop experience in a harness—without handrail
  • Game Day Rooftop ExperienceOpens in a new tab. – a bird’s eye view game experience
  • Aboriginal Cultural ToursOpens in a new tab. – an educational experience of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation, where the stadium stands

Find out more: The OzoneOpens in a new tab.

21. Score a 10 at Bowling  

Location: Branches in Forrest ChaseOpens in a new tab., FremantleOpens in a new tab., CarouselOpens in a new tab., and KarrinyupOpens in a new tab.

If you want to do something active without breaking a sweat, then bowling is your number one option. Strike Bowling has locations in Forrest Chase, Fremantle, Carousel, and Karrinyup. 

Take your teen to enjoy bowling with a couple of friends or throw a private party at Strike. Packages include games, a host, and food and drinks. Some Strike locations have karaoke rooms, laser tag, and escape room experiences, which may also be included in your party package.

Find out more: Strike BowlingOpens in a new tab.

22. Find Out Who is Fastest at The Kart Centre

Location: 27 Baile Rd, Canning Vale 

Now, if you want to take the wheel instead of riding shotgun while drifting, then The Kart Centre can give you that experience. Karts are French-designed and safe, and racers can ride solo, duo, or hold group races. And the circuits are created for various levels and are designed by racers for racers.

If your teen loves fast cars or motorsports, go-karting is an excellent way to get them behind the wheel! This experience really lets them test their need for speed. 

Parties and events are welcome at this indoor karting centre. Rooms and catering services are available and customisable for your budget.

Find out more: The Kart CentreOpens in a new tab.

23. Explore the Historic and Beautiful Fremantle 

Location: Fremantle 

All must-visit lists about Perth aren’t complete without exploring Fremantle. The state capital is rich with fun things to do and explore in Perth with teenagers, including heritage buildings (Fremantle Prison, the Round House, Fremantle Arts Centre, the National Hotel) and markets with buskers and street performers. 

If you time your visit right, you can experience events and festivals, such as the Fremantle Festival and the RTRFM Winter Music Festival.

Enjoy delectable dishes in cafes and restaurants and the architecture of the city. Every moment is a snapshot.

But you don’t have to be overwhelmed in a self-guided tour since Visit FremantleOpens in a new tab. offers a couple of curated tours depending on what your teenager wants to focus on:

  • Eat & Drink Tours for foodies wishing to be in the know of back streets and street food
  • Heritage Tours for those curious about this historic port city
  • Out on the Water Tours for marine and watersports lovers
  • Walking & Cycling Tours for the laid-back travellers
  • Rottnest Island Tours for people who want to tick that off their bucket list.

Schedules vary per tour, so you can check out their websiteOpens in a new tab. to pin down your schedule.

24. Deal Some Damage (Safely) At Maniax Axe Throwing

Location: 63A John Street, Northbridge 

Yes, axe-throwing is a thing. In fact, MANIAX, the first Urban Axe Throwing company in Australia, has branches in different states aside from Perth. This will seem like one of the most exciting activities for any teenager! 

Axe-throwing is like darts but more complex. If you’re interested in hitting targets, this is a unique experience. Is this for teens? Yes! Anyone 13 years and over is welcome, but an adult should accompany minors.

Find out more: MANIAXOpens in a new tab.

25. Defy Gravity at iFly Indoor Skydiving 

Location: 143 Great Eastern Freeway, Rivervale

If you’re not yet ready to jump off a plane from kilometres high but want to experience skydiving, you’re lucky that you now can do it indoors. This heart-pounding experience is available at iFLY inside a safe glass tube. 

Kids (as young as three years old), teens, and adults are welcome and will surely enjoy it. Any level of experience is okay. This makes it a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. 

Do it alone, with friends, or make it the centre of your party. Packages for social gatherings and private events for teenagers are available. If you’re looking for a unique party venue in Perth, this is for you. Let your imagination run wild!

Learn more: iFLY Indoor SkydivingOpens in a new tab.

26. End the Day in Style With a Rooftop Movie 

Location: 89 Melbourne Street, Northbridge

Some people like looking at sunsets to end their day; others love a good movie before calling it a day. In Perth, you can do both and end the day in style with a rooftop movie.

Gather your teenager and their friends and take them to a Rooftop Movie experience and laugh, cry, or scream in this al fresco venue. Shows vary, just like in regular cinema, but the view outside the screen is always breathtaking, unlike regular cinema. Check out the latest showing times to find a movie that your teen will love.

Learn more: Rooftop MoviesOpens in a new tab.

27. Go Cycling With Spinway Bike Hire

Location: various locations across Perth 

Spinway is an automated bike company that allows you to explore Perth while cycling. Get your teen’s legs moving and take them for a cruise along the coast or cycle through the vineyard regions while checking out the city’s beautiful architecture. Stop anywhere you want in this self-paced adventure.

Bikes can be rented from various locations around Perth, Fremantle, Swan Valley, and Scarborough. And since they’re automated, they’re available 24/7. Just swipe your card and go. Return them to various convenient locations around the city.

Learn more: SpinwayOpens in a new tab.

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The most fun things to do at night in Perth involve exploring the city on a bike, going on an evening tour at Woodland Reserve, or watching a comedy show. Make sure to stop by restaurants or cafes for some food after your adventure. Bask in the dim lights and take in the city’s beautiful architecture whenever you can.

What Are the Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Perth?

The best teenage birthday party ideas in Perth for active teens are a paintball party, an active party at Bounce, and indoor skydiving at iFLY. For a more social event, your best options are cruising in GOPARTYBUS, bowling at Strike, roller skating at Rolloways, or renting The Nostalgia Box for a video game party. For something unique, you’ll have the most fun with Geocaching or challenging yourself with an escape room.

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