How To Store Things In A Caravan | 7 Best Caravan Storage Hacks

One obstacle you will need to address before setting off to your dream road adventure is how to store things in your caravan. Finding space to fit everything into a caravan, especially for a long trip, can become a problem but not something you cannot solve. 

The best caravan storage solutions involve looking beyond your caravan’s cupboards. Make use of overlooked vertical spaces like doors, walls, and ceiling. Maximize the storage potential of these spaces with hooks and fittings, and combine this with space-saving hacks like collapsible containers and nesting bowls. 

Although there are many caravan storage tips out there, make sure to choose the ones that fit your situation, space, and preferences. Storage tips should also not cost you a lot of money. When it comes to implementing any caravan storage tip, early planning is the key. Think about the places you want to visit and the activities you would like to do. These will help you decide which additional items to bring aside from the essentials.

Below is a more in-depth discussion of how to store things in a caravan. These ideas will help you maximize your space and efficiently store essentials without compromising too much comfort and safety. 

How Do I Store Things In A Caravan? 

Before implementing caravan storage tips, the first thing you need to make sure of is to avoid overpacking. 

Overpacking is quite tempting for a caravan trip, especially if you plan on going for a long time. However, you have to spend time and think through which items are necessary for your trip. Overpacking can lead to going over the weight limit of your caravans. Overloaded caravans will not only compromise trip comfort but also increase safety risks. 

Before packing, take the time to list the things you need for your caravan trip. After listing the items, check each one and go through a process of elimination. 

Once you’ve identified what’s most important to bring on your caravan trip, the next step is working out the best way to store things in your caravan. 

1. Invest In Storage Pockets 

When it comes to saving space, storage pockets are life-savers because they are light, versatile, and affordable. Several models of storage pockets are available, but the best for caravanning are ones you can hang on hooks and existing racks and railings.

Storage pockets can hold fruits, vegetables, and other food items in the kitchen. You may hang them behind the doors or at the bedside. You can also place storage cubes underneath the bed or hang organizers in the wardrobe. For bathrooms, hang storage pockets or shower caddies against the wall, so they need to take up floor space. 

Major retail stores like IKEA or online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon carry a wide range of storage pockets. You can easily find models that can hold particular things like shoes, toys, cleaning products, and jewelry. 

Where To Buy:

Drop Bear Large Vinyl Storage Pockets $124.99 

Ikea MÖJLIGHET Childrens Bed Storage Pockets $10

2. Purchase Sets Of Nesting Bowls And Utensils

Compared to random kitchen items, nesting bowls, pans and utensils are designed to save space. This space-saving quality makes them perfect for caravans. Nesting bowls come in varying sizes, so you can stack them together seamlessly and give cabinets or shelves a more organized look and feel. 

When looking for nesting bowls and utensils, pay attention to the design and sizes. The varying sizes of nesting bowls offer a lot of versatility in cooking, baking, and preparing food. The smallest bowls can be used for dips, spreads, and soup servings. The medium and large sizes can hold fruits, salads, and casserole dishes. Deep bowls can help keep food in place and avoid spattering. 

Find a nesting set that is durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and can be used in different ways. They should ideally be microwave and dishwasher-friendly. Make sure that the largest bowls in your nesting set can still fit your refrigerator shelf, pantry, or cabinet. 

Where To Buy:

Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensils Set $74.95 

Joseph Joseph 9-Piece Food Preparation Set $69.95 

3. Hang Storage From The Roof

The roof or ceiling of your caravan is a potential storage spot that can get easily overlooked. The ceiling or roof is usually large enough to install hanging shelves on them. You can choose to install permanent sturdy shelves, which offers you more security as they won’t shift once the caravan is moving.  

If you’re going for permanently installed shelves, just remember to provide enough space for heads to move around freely. Putting up storage should not lead to personal discomfort or it loses its purpose. 

If you don’t like the idea of permanent shelves, you can install temporary hanging lightweight shelves using velcro or hooks. This type of shelves can be taken down at any point without too much effort. It is more ideal for storing snacks, small packs, and lightweight items. 

Remember not to overload your temporary hanging shelves as this could lead to a major spilling disaster when the caravan is going through a bumpy road. 

Where To Buy:

4 Section Hanging Wardrobe Organiser $28.99 

4. Hang Utensils Using Magnetic Strips 

Most magnetic strips in the market are knife holders. However, you don’t have to limit their holding capacity to knives only. Magnetic strips can also hold tools and other metal-based kitchen utensils. These items do not need to be stored in cupboards. You can keep them in view but still out of the way by using magnetic strips. 

For magnetic strips, make sure to buy a product that’s strong, long-lasting, and flexible. There are models that you can easily cut yourself to fit the space you have. Choose a magnetic strip with a strong adhesive backing that can easily stick to different types of surfaces. 

Where To Buy:

Avanti Magforce Magnetic Knife Rack $29.99 

IKEA Hultarp Magnetic Knife Rack $10 

5. Cover Your Walls With Adhesive Hooks

When it comes to creating storage space, the adhesive hook is your best friend. Adhesive hooks are not only excellent for saving space, but they can also make items more visible, thus helping you locate such items easier. 

Purchase many adhesive hooks and install them all over your wall. One advantage of using this particular hook type is that it does not have to pierce through your wall. However, make sure to buy high-quality, durable, and reusable adhesive hooks as poorly made ones will just come off easily after a short period. 

Choose adhesive hooks that have strong holding power and the ability to stick to all smooth surfaces. Watch out for the weight limit rating of your chosen adhesive hooks. Pick out the strongest hooks available so you don’t have to deal with the headache of things falling off in the middle of a road trip.  

Adhesive hooks are perfect for hanging everyday items like utensils, jewelry, belts, hats, towels, clothes, power cords, chargers, and keys. These things are better off hanging and more visible than being stashed in drawers and closets. You can also install hooks in the bathroom to hang toothbrushes, cleaners, shower caddies, or washcloths. If you are using sticky hooks in your kitchen or bathroom, consider getting a water-proofed model. 

Where To Buy:

3M Self Adhesive Towel Hooks $10.88 

Self Adhesive Stainless Steel Hooks $29.90 

6. Only Buy Collapsible Storage Containers

Storage containers are a must when it comes to maximizing caravan space. The most basic collapsible storage containers available in the market come with a polyester outer layer and lining and a cardboard frame. The best containers for caravanning should have collapsible, fold-out, or pop-up designs. You can fold these boxes for easy storage when not in use. Collapsible storage containers are versatile and can take on the role of laundry hampers, wardrobe organizers, and pantry boxes.

When choosing collapsible storage containers, pay attention to their dimensions, size, and maximum weight capacity. Pick containers that are lightweight and space-saving, but are also cheap so you can buy a bunch of them. The containers should be sturdy enough to hold various items like laundry, books, magazines, and shoes. 

Where To Buy:

J.Burrows Large Collapsible Storage Cubes 2 Pack $9

EZOWare [Set of 4] Foldable Fabric Storage Cube Bins $39.99

7. Use Appliances As Storage

Appliances are not traditionally storage spaces. But when it comes to caravanning, you have to think outside the box!

Some appliances make excellent storage units because they are large and can seal items securely. You may not use these appliances as often as you think, especially if you intend to do a lot of free camping.  

Examples of appliances that can also become storage spaces are microwaves, grillers, washing machines, and dryers. 

You may pair the items you want to store to a more suitable appliance so it’s easier to remember where these items are. For example, you can store shelf items like chips, popcorn, and noodles in a microwave. Trays, baking tools, and cooking items can be put away in the griller. Your washing machine can store laundry detergent, softener, and cleaning agents. 

Using appliances as storage units must be a thoughtful decision that you should remind yourself often when on a caravan trip. You will need a good memory to avoid the mistake of using appliances while the stored items are still inside them. 

How Do You Store Bedding In A Caravan?

Some caravans may have overhead lockers that are perfect for storing beddings. If you choose to use overhead lockers, make sure to only store lightweight beddings to avoid overburdening the lockers. 

Another accessible place to store beddings is inside the wardrobe. However, if you prefer to use existing wardrobes for clothes, there are other ways to safely store bedding without taking too much space. 

You can store sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows under a bunk bed or a fixed bed. This space is a great spot to store bulky yet soft items securely. If you have a fixed bed, you can also choose to leave it made up so you don’t have to put any bedding away. If there are extra duvet covers and pillowcases, you may fold them neatly and keep them in a small bag. Another idea is to store beddings underneath seats that double up as beds at night. 

How Do You Keep Things From Falling Out of Caravan Cupboards?

Things can shift inside a caravan that is always on the move. Even though your cupboards have decent latches, things may get dislodged when the ride gets bumpy. For added safety, consider installing a barrier that will keep items in the cupboards in place. 

The good news is you don’t need to pay a professional to accomplish this task as there are a few simple DIY ideas to consider. One good tip is to install curtain tension rods and line them up horizontally in cupboards. If you plan to store large items like cutting boards and trays, you can set up the rods vertically. These rods are strong enough to keep things from falling out. 

Aside from curtain tension rods, you can use bungee cords in the same manner. Set up a hook on each side of the cupboard and then attach the ends of the bungee cords to the hooks. Another way to secure items is to use a light piece of wood that you can cut to fit the inside of the cupboards. Velcro strips and 3M command strips are also alternatives to bungee cords and wooden boards.

Pack cupboards tightly because leaving extra space will make things topple over easier. In addition to this, you can line shelves and cupboards with non-slip grip mats. Anti-slip mats will help minimize movement in a full cupboard. 

Where To Buy:

6 Pack Spring Tension Curtain Rod Adjustable Length $33.99

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips 

Related Questions

How Can I Make My Caravan More Homely? 

Your caravan can feel more like a home if you decorate it according to your design taste or personality. House accessories like cushions, rugs, lamps and floor mats (no matter how small) will add color and character to your caravan space. To create a cozy ambiance to your caravan’s living space, you can use soft lighting and add your favorite home scent like flowers, oils, and air fresheners. Consider decorating your caravan wall with photos and personal mementos of your previous trips to set the mood for fun and adventure. 

Can You Paint The Inside Of A Caravan?

Yes, you can paint your caravan’s interior to make it unique and personal. The process for painting the interior of a caravan is similar to painting its exterior. The first step is to clean the surface thoroughly and then sand it. The next step is to apply a primer and then add the first and second layers of paint. Some of the paint types you can use include silicate or mineral paint, acrylic enamel, synthetic enamel, latex paint (acrylic or vinyl), and emulsion paint. 

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