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Some modern slide on camper models come with showers and toilets to give campers privacy, convenience, and comfort. But is this type of slide on camper worth paying for?

A slide on camper is a type of RV that can be mounted onto the flat tray of a ute and removed at any point. Slide on campers are popular among camping enthusiasts who want flexibility and affordability. Some campers also offer extra comfort as they come with fully-functioning showers and toilets. 

You may be wondering if a slide on camper is worth getting instead of a caravan or if it’s worth paying extra for a model with a shower and toilet. Read on to learn more about this particular slide on camper type, including its features and benefits. 

Do All Slide On Campers Come With a Shower and Toilet?

Not all slide on campers come with a shower and toilet. The small truck campers usually don’t have any bathroom area because of space restrictions. However, many large and modern slide on campers have either a dry bath, wet bath, or exterior shower. 

Newer models of pop-up slide on campers can rival the hard-side truck camper as they are equipped with a separate bathroom and a built-in cassette or flush toilet. You can also find slide on camper models with both indoor and outdoor shower amenities.

What is the Benefit of a Slide On Camper with a Shower and Toilet?

A slide on camper with a shower and toilet gives you privacy and self-sufficiency while camping in the wild. With this type of slide on camper, you don’t have to rely on campsite washrooms, which allows you more flexibility, and convenience when going off the beaten tracks. 

Having access to a toilet and shower at all times during camping makes the experience much more comfortable and enjoyable for many people. It’s also much more convenient as you no longer have to find public restrooms or campsites with shower and bathroom facilities.

What Are the Best Slide On Campers With a Shower and Toilet?

Below are the five best slide on campers with toilets and showers available in Australia.

1. Ozcape WoondaBaa

The WoondaBaa is the slide on model from the Gold Coast company Ozcape. It measures 2300 mm in floor length and suits space cab vehicles with flat trays. Ozcape WoondaBaa is best known for its space efficiency and strong build.

It has sleeping and living spaces and a self-contained full bathroom with a shower, cassette toilet, and vanity. The Ozcape WoondaBaa has modern amenities including an air conditioner, solar panels, cooking appliances, a battery charging system, fresh and grey water tanks, and a self-locating system. The price for a brand new Ozcape WoondaBaa starts from $70,000. 

2. Millard Slide-On

Millard is based in Sydney and has been building RVs for more than 70 years. The Millard Slide On Camper starts at around $55,000 and can come with a pop-top or a hard-top design with different layouts. This model fits single-cab utes or some extended cabs like the Ford Ranger. 

This model best suits flat tray utes to combine the benefits offered by motorhomes and caravans. Millard features a hot-dipped galvanised chassis with an aluminium frame and single-sheet roof. It weighs about 900 kg and can carry about 60 kg of water and a 15kg gas cylinder. The Millard Slide-On features a full-sized bed, storage cabinets, fridge, sink, gas range, and microwave. 

3. 2022 Aurora SL-01

Despite having a large TARE and load capacity, the 2022 Aurora SL-01 is light with efficient exit and entry angles. It is 8000 mm long and has a payload weight of 855kg. Aurora SL-01 features a two-layer aluminium composite panel with an insulating sandwich. 

The 2022 Aurora SL-01 comes with modern amenities like a spring mattress bed (1500×2000), wood flooring, sofa mattress, water heater, water tanks, kitchen sink and tap, electric water pump, solar panels, and battery charger system. This model has a separate internal shower and toilet ensuite with a large mirror and storage drawers. 

The shower compartment features fibreglass with a flick mixer and hot water. The toilet has a marine macerator system with a 140L capacity. The cost for a 2022 Aurora SL-01 starts at around $50,000.

4. Northstar 850SC Shower/Toilet

The Northstar 850SC is a pop-up slide on camper that fits tray and tub utes. The SC in the model name refers to its self-contained design that features an interior shower and toilet. This camper is durable and withstands outdoor conditions. 

It features fibreglass side walls, block-foam insulation on the wall, floor, and ceiling, and mechanical jacks (upgradable to electric). 

The Northstar 850SC has a total floor length of 2590 mm and a low centre of gravity. It offers standard modern features such as a battery charger and battery supply, power outlets, hot water system, LED lights, burner stove, water tanks, and LPG tank. Northstar 850SC’s retail price starts at about $45,000.

5. TrailBlazers Slide On Camper

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the TrailBlazers Slide On Camper offer different layouts and customisation options. This slide on camper with ensuite fits single, extra, and twin cab utes and has a total length of 3500 mm to 4700 mm. TrailBlazer’s composite panel gives it strength and durability. 

This camper can have a hard wall or pop-top, depending on customer preference. It is fully insulated and lightweight to avoid overburdening the trucks. The TrailBlazer also offers desirable motorhome features such as a bedroom with queen or twin beds; and a kitchen with a fridge, burner cooktop, sink, and pantry. 

Where to Buy a Slide On Camper With a Shower and Toilet

One easy way to buy a slide on a camper with a shower and toilet is to visit a local RV dealership. If you do not know of any camper dealership in your area, you can start by looking for slide on campers for sale online.

Reputable camper manufacturers would usually have official websites to showcase their products. These websites highlight camper information, contact details, and dealership addresses. 

Should I Buy a New or Pre Owned Slide On Camper With a Shower and Toilet? 

Buying a new slide on camper with a shower and toilet will make you less worried about the quality and condition of the camper. While pre-owned models are always cheaper, a new model will always be clean and in the best possible condition.

Most manufacturers also offer a warranty, which gives you more peace of mind. But if you have a tight budget, purchasing a pre-owned model may be the more practical option. Make a price comparison research and learn what to check before buying a pre-owned slide on camper. 

How to Empty a Slide On Camper Wastewater Tank

Slide on campers in Australia usually have two separate wastewater compartments for greywater and blackwater. Greywater is wastewater from sources other than the toilet, and blackwater is waste flushed down the toilet. 

Follow these steps to empty a greywater tank: 

  1. Position your camper close to the greywater dumpsite at a campground. 
  2. Locate the greywater outlet and valve.
  3. Connect the greywater hose with a connector clip to the outlet. The other end of the hose must be pointed to the greywater dumpsite hole.
  4. Open the valve to release the greywater. 

Follow these steps to empty a blackwater cassette:

  1. Open the black water cassette compartment. 
  2. Take out the cassette carefully and bring it to a designated black water dump station.
  3. Open the large lid of the water dump station to expose the hole.
  4. Rotate the cassette’s neck around and take the cap off at its end. 
  5. Tip the cassette at about 90 degrees to pour the waste into the dumpsite hole. 

Do Slide On Campers Leak?

Slide on campers can leak just like other types of motorhomes because they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain. Water leaks on slide on campers can be due to cracked seals, damaged windows, or an unlevelled camper. 

Inspecting your camper regularly and using a sealant protectant are some ways to prevent leaks. Take your camper to a professional if you’re not experienced in fixing camper leaks.

How Do I Keep My Slide On Camper From Smelling?

A slide on camper can smell bad over time if it isn’t regularly cleaned. The best ways to keep your slide on camper hygienic are to clean it regularly, maintain good airflow and have it professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year, depending on usage.

Is it Worth Getting a Slide On Camper With a Shower and Toilet?

It is worth getting a slide on camper with a shower and toilet if you are an adventurous camping enthusiast who plans to camp several times throughout the year. A slide on camper with a shower and toilet offers the most versatility for those still wanting the flexibility of a slide on model.

The best slide on campers with toilet and shower won’t compromise your comfort and personal hygiene even if you venture into remote camping areas. If you value flexibility, privacy, and convenience when camping, paying for a slide on camper with a shower and toilet is worth it. 

Related Questions

Where Can You Empty Slide On Camper Toilet Waste?

Most campgrounds all over Australia have blackwater dump sites. These dump sites are the legally designated spots to dispose of toilet waste from campers. You are not allowed to dump camper toilet waste on the ground. 

What Size Camper Waste Water Tank Do I Need?

The size of the camper waste water tank you need depends on how many people you’re travelling with and the distances you travel. Slide on campers usually have smaller tanks or cassettes that hold about 5 litres of wastewater, which is enough for the average person. 

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