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Do you ever want to experience camping where you can hear the soothing sound of Calm River nearby? If your answer is Yes, Flanagan Reserve is the perfect camp for you. Its well-shaded campsites will always be a good idea to unwind. So, what makes this place so unique?

Flanagan Reserve has so much to offer at low cost. It’s entirely covered with bushes wrapping the foothills and mountains of Mt. Barney. This world heritage site is screaming peacefulness and freedom. Team building, family reunions, bonfires, fishing, and other recreational activities get more exciting here.

So, are you getting curious by this incredible place? Read this article and find out more!

How Do I Get to Flanagan Reserve?

Flanagan Reserve is located at 135 Flanagan Reserve Rd, Barney View, Queensland, Australia. It is easily accessible by 2WD, but 4WD would also be a good idea if you want to explore Flanagan Reserve more.

  • From Beaudesert follow the Mount Lindsey Highway 33 kilometre to Rathdowney. 
  • Drive through Rathdowney and when you get past the school turn right into Boonah-Rathdowney Road. 
  • Follow this road for 7 kilometres.
  • Turn left into Upper Logan Road.
  • Approximately 4 kilometres follow it to the end until you see an intersection. 
  • Turn right into Flanagan Reserve Road. 
  • The road becomes a well-maintained gravel road – it is only 1 km away from a cattle grid which borders the reserve.

What Should I Know About Flanagan Reserve?

Flanagan Reserve is a 12-hectare camping ground where you can bush camp anywhere—surrounded by beautiful bushes that are completely covering the whole area. Also, it is one of the most tranquil regions you can find within the scenic rim. You are overlooked by Mt Maroon and the lower reach of Mt Barney, a World Heritage-listed site. 

Flanagan Reserve will give you first-hand experience to the Australian Outback. It is close to Logan River that flows into a 200-metre-long swimming hole. Although the price cost camping in Flanagan Reserve is inexpensive, you can guarantee that you can get the best of the campground. Excellent facilities, shaded areas, wood fire barbecues, and picnic tables are just some of the things you can use in the campground. Adults, kids, and even dogs will surely enjoy this place. Children under age 12 must be supervised at all times. It is suggested that children must learn to go at a kiosk if they find themselves unattended or put tags or any form of identification to avoid being missing. 

Alcohol is prohibited but must be consumed moderately, and Campers are encouraged to save water. All showers in the area are coin-operated and cost $0.20/ minute located next at the kiosk. There are three showers within the amenities block. It is recommended that everyone must shower not longer than two minutes per person so that the water will be distributed equally among the visitors.

Also, there is firewood available in the kiosk, and it cost $15/ wheelbarrow. You can inquire about purchasing firewood at the booth. Ensure you visit during office hours.

Courtesy must be observed in the Flanagan Reserve. Campers must respect the rules and be aware of each other and restrict the noise level. To do this, Flanagan Reserve has put in place the following rules:

  • Visitors must make no excessive noise at all times
  • Noise must be at conservation level after 9 PM
  • After 10 PM, sound must be minimal
  • No whip cracking at any time
  • Music is strictly prohibited after 8 PM

How Are the Campgrounds in Flanagan Reserve?

Located 11km west of Rathdowney on Flanagan Reserve Road, Flanagan Reserve is a privately-run campsite that occupies 12 hectares of land in one of the most peaceful areas of the Scenic Rim region.

Nestled amongst a natural bush background at the foothills of Mt Maroon and the World Heritage-listed Mt Barney National Park, Flanagan Reserve Bush Camping is on the banks of the beautiful Logan River.

Flanagan Reserve Bush Camping has many things to offer including, low-cost camping with plenty of shady areas, picnic tables and wood fire barbeques, on-site managers, kiosk and modern amenities with hot showers and toilets which include a disabled facility. There is easy access to level sites for caravans and buses that are also excellent for camping in tents and camper trailers. The reserve is close to walking tracks, and there is plenty of wildlife to be seen.

Flanagan Reserve Bush Camping is surrounded by private property so please have full respect for these landowners by staying within the boundaries of the Reserve. Small open campfires are permitted in the fire drums provided. (Subject to fire bans) Please, do not place rubbish, bottles or cans in these drums. Quiet generators are permitted provided the generator is left at your campsite when in operation. Also, generators can’t be put behind the tree next door or placed over the riverbank as the noise carries to other campsites.

You can have mobile phone service here, but it varies among carriers. Dogs are also allowed to go inside, but you should be responsible and keep them restrained at all times!

Facilities at the bush camps of Flanagan Reserve include:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Disabled Access
  • Water – may not be potable
  • Picnic Tables
  • BBQ’s
  • Office/Kiosk

If you want to know more about the campgrounds in the park, you can visit their website.

What Are the Other Things That I Can Do at Flanagan Reserve?

If you’re visiting Flanagan Reserve, you should:

  • Canoeing/kayaking: There is no perfect way to wander the Logan River than sitting in a canoe or kayak, and it is also a great spot to fish. 
  • Fishing: Trout and whitefish are the usual fishes you can catch at the river.
  • Swimming: Swimming at Logan River is permitted but avoid swimming in the dark.
  • Walk around: Take an enjoyable walk around the beautiful bushes and shaded areas. You can also visit Mt Barney’s walking trails. 
  • Walk your dog: You can bring your dogs as long as it is on a leash at all times.
  • Campfire: Specific drums for building campfires are available, inquiries are available on the kiosk. 
  • Appreciate the scenic outlook: You can Visit the overlooking view of Mt Maroon and the magnificent scenery and the green shades surrounding the Reserve that’s perfect for photography and other recreational activities you can think of. 
  • Picnic: Picnic tables are available, and visitors/campers may use it. Must clear out space after using as a courtesy to the next user.
  • 4WDing: If you’re looking for adventure, you can climb up to Mt Barney and find off-road tracks. The people in reserve can also suggest the best paths you can take while staying there. 

What Is the Best Time to Visit Flanagan Reserve?

All year round is always the best time to pack up and go to a weekend getaway with friends, especially if you’re going to Flanagan Reserve. During summer, the weather condition is temperate, not too much hot and not too much cold during the winter either. But if you’re looking for the warmest month, January, February, and December are the hottest months. If dry weather is what you’re after, July, August, then September is the lowest chance of significant precipitation. 

What Do Other Tourists Say About Flanagan Reserve?

“The facilities are neat and clean. There’s freshwater, and the little shop on the entry has everything from ice to coffee. The owner of the shop is amiable and helpful. He knows the area very well and can give you advice if you are looking for off-roading tracks. The off-road climb up to Mt Barney is around. 10mins away but will take up to 45 minutes if the conditions allow. I wouldn’t suggest getting up there right after heavy rain, but it’s fairly moderate when it’s dry. Steep climbs with lots of gravel and a few slippery rocks will await you.” – Batman (Down Thunder)

Related Questions

Are Push Bikes Allowed Inside Flanagan Reserve?

All of the vehicle owners must follow specific rules. All vehicle owners must be licensed. 8 kilometre is the maximum speed inside the reserve. Motorised bikes and other vehicles of any sort are not allowed for riding pleasure in the area. However, push bikes are allowed, and all riders must wear a helmet and ride only between sunrise and sunset. 

Are There Campfires in The Reserve?

Yes, but only small campfires are allowed inside the reserve. There are drums provided if you want to start a campfire. All the rubbish is strictly prohibited to put in the campfire like Plastics (food wrappers, water bottles, etc.), any type of containers or cans, be it rubber or glass. 

Can I Bring My Dog Inside Flanagan Reserve?

Your pets are welcome in the area under some conditions that the owner needs to follow. 

  • Dangerous dogs (unvaccinated) are strongly prohibited in the area. 
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. 
  • Dog shit must be wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid foul smells.

Can You Swim at Logan River?

Yes, you can swim at Logan River when it’s in its calm current. The reserve takes no responsibilities for any injuries that occur in the river. Swimming is at your own risk. Always be careful when swimming, there are logs and rocks in the riverbank. They advised against swimming in the dark. 

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