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If you want to experience the great wonders of Western Australia, the Kalbarri is a beautiful place to start. It sat in between the River of Murchison where it meets the Indian Ocean, and it offers fine warm weather all year-round that visitors love, and one of the best sites that makes you admire Australia more. Also, the beautiful scenery, clean environment and countless adventures will stun you.  So, what are the things that make this place amusing?

Kalbarri is also filled with dramatic coastlines, calm beaches, hiking trails, vibrant wildflowers and abundant wildlife, which makes a perfect spot for 4WD camping, and best enjoyed with your family and friends. Watersports such as snorkelling and surfing and a refreshing activity like fishing are also popular in the area that will surely give you a good time. 

Here is an overview of 4WD Campgrounds in Kalbarri:

  • Murchison River Station
  • Lucky Bay
  • Chinaman’s Beach
  • Port Gregory
  • Hutt Lagoon or Pink Lake
  • Wagoe

Are you up for a trip to Western Australia? Read on and find the best site for you. 

How Do I Get to Kalbarri?

The town of Kalbarri is 499 kilometres away from Perth, and 580.2 kilometres in road distance. Usually, there are three ways to travel Kalbarri, through bus, car, and plane. If you’re going in your car, three different routes are accessible. 

Via State Route 60 and National Route 1. It is the best and most preferable route with a 570-kilometre distance and approximately 6 hour and 9 minutes of drive from Perth.

  • Take Roe St to Mitchell Freeway or State Route 2 in Perth.
  • Follow the State Route 60 and National Route 1 to Stephen Street or State Rte 139 in Northampton.
  • Follow State Rte 139 to Grey Street in Kalbarri, and you will arrive at your destination.

Via Brand Highway. Has a distance of 574 from Perth and typically takes 6 hours and 8-minute drive:

  • Get on Tonkin Highway in Muchea from State Route 51.
  • Follow Brand Highway and National Route 1 to Stephen Street or State Rte 139 in Northampton.
  • Follow State Rte 139 to Grey St in Kalbarri.

Via National Highway 95. The farthest among all three routes that have 704-kilometre distance, and takes 7 hours and a 42-minute drive from Perth. 

  • Head Southwest toward Roe Street.
  • Take Tonkin Highway, Great Northern Highway, National Highway 95, Mullewa-Wubin Road, and then take State Rte 139 to Grey Street in Kalbarri.

What Should I Know About Kalbarri?

Kalbarri is a small yet lovely coastal town situated north of Perth, Western Australia, and was named by the Aboriginal people of Nanda that once preserved the place. In their culture, they firmly believed that they are the keepers of the land and sea; that’s why they protected and fearlessly fought for their lands. They were also a firm believer of everything you see in the world today is a product of Mythological Beings that moulded the earth.

The windy and exposed coastal lines of Kalbarri has been the catastrophic site of numerous shipwrecks over time. Batavia of Dutch East India Company is one of the famous wrecks in Kalbarri, armed with 24 cast-iron cannons, and bronze guns. It was shipwrecked on 14th of June, 1629, and was struck by Morning Reef. Zuytdorp in 1712 was also wrecked along the high limestones of the Kalbarri and Steep Point, and the only shipwreck that is accessible through scuba diving.

How Are The 4WD Campgrounds in Kalbarri?

There are some campgrounds in the area where you can stay for the night like:

Murchison River Station

Murchison River Station is the perfect place if you want to experience Kalbarri’s local history, abundant wildlife and see different species of wildflowers. The station has been operating for over 150 years, and you’ll need a few days to sightsee the surface of the station because it is enormous. The large 350,000-acre property is suitable for 4WD to explore and visit the rough cliffs of the western border. Camping sites are available on the edge of the river where you can also unwind, and kayak.

The wonderfully diverse wildlife and wildflowers are one of the best things that you can see in Murchison River Station. The animals like birds, kangaroos, and lizards are the most abundant kinds in the station, especially in spring, the grounds are entirely covered with wildflowers that would be a suitable surface for bush camping.

If you want to camp in a sheltered area, there is a homestead that’s available for visitors with a decent facility like drinking water and kitchen. But if you camp farther than the homestead, you can try bush camping, but not having facilities to cater you. Camping near the river must have you to keep a 200-metre distance to keep the river unspoilt. But always remember that Murchison is accessible only for 4WD.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is a great way to start your 4WD adventures in Kalbarri because with its glorious view and weather, and you can enjoy yourself driving its vast stretched dunes. You can set up your camp in the sand, park your 4WD along with campervans, and experience its beautiful coast. Snorkelling and surfing are also popular activities that you can try in the morning when the wind is calm. Aside from that, Lucky Bay has a good spot for fishing. 

Tracks are easy to medium, has soft sands, and steep dunes. It is recommended that you should always prepare and carry your recovery gear, especially if you’re taking sandy tracks. Anytime is the best time to go 4WDing in Lucky Bay except for winter. During summer seasons, this is probably one of the hottest areas which many tourists like.

Chinaman’s Beach

Chinaman’s Beach is a usual stop in Kalbarri, particularly for those people that come in groups with their 4WD, because it is an excellent spot to calm down, and take a quick dip. There are barbecues and picnic areas that are available, and you should try. The soft beach sand is perfect for families who like to lay down and enjoy the sun.

Port Gregory

Port Gregory is a scenic little town in Western Australia, and it’s perfect for families, beach camping, swimming, fishing, and 4WDing. It is situated 56 kilometres from the Kalbarri proper but offers the most beautiful spots such as the Pink lake and Hutt River Nearby.

Hutt Lagoon is popularly known as Pink Lake, and it is something you surely can’t miss, and its vibrant pink-coloured lake varies on what time you are visiting. This iconic place was said to be pink because of the mythological existence present in the area, and for their natural connection to the god that moulded Kalbarri. But scientifically, the pink hue is due to the amount of rainfall and blooms of algae called Dunaliella salina.


Wagoe is a cosy town located 30 kilometres away from the centre of Kalbarri, and it’s famous for its lovely beaches. Big fishes are usually caught here, and on some days that the sea is calm, you can try snorkelling and see small fishes and reefs. This area is well-preserved for its vibrant reefs, it also has massive dunes located off the beach where you can try 4WDing.

If you want to know more about the campgrounds in the area, you can visit their website.

Where Can I Take A Bushwalk In Kalbarri?

Easy Walks

  • Birguda Trail is an easy bush type of walk that is located at Coral Coast of the region and takes a half-day typically to finish. If you want to experience the coast, family-friendly, and see wildflowers in the trails, you should not miss taking this trail. Also, the best thing and the best way to end the path is to unwind in the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean that will surely make your day.
  • Hawks Head is a short 0.2-kilometre trail located near Kalbarri and a perfect walk for people with children. This trail offers a good view of Western Australia, and it is also wheelchair friendly and has amenities like toilet, shelter, and picnic areas.
  • Island Rock, Castle Cove, and Natural Bridge Lookouts is a short 1.9-kilometre walk, and also perfect for picnics while looking out at a stunning view of the cliffs. This place has excellent facilities like toilet and picnic shelters, it is kid-friendly, and has an easy trail.

Moderate Hikes

  • The Loop Trail is an 8-kilometre loop walk located at Kalbarri National Park. Through these tracks, you can see the magnificent Murchison River, and the red and white banded rocks. It is recommended that you take this walk during colder days or you’ll get toast in 50oC heat in the summer. 
  • Nature’s Window is an iconic opening that frames the beautiful scenery of a river. Before you can get here, you must take a 1-kilometre walk and usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
  • Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, and Pot Alley is an 8.7-kilometre moderate walk, and the perfect place if you want to experience an outback adventure. You can see wildflowers in the trail that is most abundant during spring and has a fantastic beach view. 
  • Z Bend and Four Ways Trail is a moderate 3.4-mile trail in Kalbarri and has a great lookout view of the Murchison River. 

What Are The Tips When Visiting Kalbarri?

  • Start your trip to visiting Kalbarri Visitor Centre. This centre is helpful for visitors, so they are aware of what to expect in Kalbarri, and what are the things they can do in the town. They can also help you in finding places that are suitable for you, your budget, and your company.
  • Do not miss catching the cliffs and trails. Kalbarri is known for its magnificent beaches, trails and breathtaking cliff that you can’t miss. 
  • Take Photos. Good photos display your good memories that must be treasured. The historical and mythic Kalbarri is a representation of how Australia preserves and values its nature.
  • Snorkelling at Blue Holes. The cold and crystal clear water of Blue Holes is perfect for snorkelling and the hot weather. It is lovely here to visit along with your friends and family, but you must not let your child be alone in this hole, because there are usually no roaming lifeguards in the area.
  • See the Pink Lake. Pink Lake is famous in the Kalbarri that you must not miss, but remember that the lake is not always pink.
  • Ride a horse through the Murchison River. This activity is the best way to explore Murchison River than viewing it from the cliffs. For first-timers, riding a horse is usually challenging, but the view and sound of the river are more than a reward.
  • Watch the sunset on Chinaman’s Beach. One of the pleasures in nature is to watch the sun reach the horizon, and watching it from the shore of Chinaman’s Beach is extraordinary. 

What Are The Other Things I Can Do At Kalbarri?

If you’re planning to visit Kalbarri, you should:

  • Visit Kalbarri National Park
  • Try Pelican feeding
  • Kayaking
  • Visit the infamous Nature’s Window
  • Camp in the dunes
  • Wander with your 4WD
  • Build a campfire responsibly
  • Stargazing
  • Join a River Cruise
  • Try Fishing
  • Visit the beaches
  • Check out the different species of wildflower present in the area
  • Go Swimming
  • Visit the Cliffs
  • Try different coastal activities
  • Visit the Pink Lagoon

What Are the Things That You Should Bring When Camping In Kalbarri?

If you’re going to an adventure in Kalbarri, you should bring:

Basic camping essentials

  • Good camera
  • Awning tents
  • Walking Shoes
  • Guide book/Itinerary
  • Water
  • Food
  • Cooking tools
  • Coolers
  • First-aid Kit
  • Rubbish bins

4WD Essentials

  • Deflator
  • Recovery kit
  • Traction Mat
  • Tire Inflator
  • Portable shovel
  • Essential Tools


  • Sunscreen
  • Medicines
  • Toothbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Towels
  • And other personal hygiene relates items

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kalbarri?

Most people prefer to visit Kalbarri during the colder season because there is a tendency of the weather getting too hot, and non-tolerating during summer. Also, fall is a great time to visit the wonders of Kalbarri because it is the season for wildflowers to bloom, where it creates a beautiful field full of wildflowers. 

What Do Other Tourists Say About Kalbarri?

“Fantastic adventure! Yesterday we were picked up by Helen right at the Tourist Information office, and she was very welcoming. We rode our 4X4 bus, and after picking up the rest of our tour group, we set off towards the Kalbarri. We went through a locked gate and went along a narrow 4×4 track. It was a rough ride to where we all stopped and headed down to the Gorge. We were pleased with stunning views at every turn. It was all inclines and descents, and we were glad we had backpacks on as we often needed two hands to help us down the slope. We arrived at 4 Ways and Murchison Station. We then strolled and scrambled over rocks to a sandy bank where our canoes and kayaks awaited. We got our equipment and paddles and off we went along the stunning gorge. We saw fish and red kangaroos as well as wild goats and swallows. It was spectacular. After the paddle we had time for a swim and were given yummy homemade cake. We had our lunch and chill for a bit before it was time to climb out of the gorge. It was an arduous climb, spectacular views along the way but a level of fitness is required as some of the climbs were near vertical. Helen looked after us all and encouraged us along the way. It was a magical highlight of our holiday. Highly recommended.” –Mary B (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions

What Is Kalbarri Known For?

Kalbarri is known for its magnificent beaches and beautiful coastlines. Pink Beach, Murchison Station River, and Nature’s Window are some of the famous places that you should not miss when visiting Kalbarri. Also, Red Kangaroos, Pelicans, Lizards, and Wildflowers are abundant in the area and one of the reasons why this place is a tourists favourite.

Is Kalbarri Worth Visiting?

Yes! If you’re planning a venture going to Western Australia, Kalbarri is a great spot to start your nature-related escapades. The vast coastal lines of Kalbarri is perfect for you, and your family. This town is small and quiet. Its tranquillity is so satisfying, and the views are unbelievable.

How Do You Get To Lucky Bay Kalbarri?

If you want to go to Lucky Bay, you just have to take a typical route to Kalbarri, and the entrance of the bay is only 10 kilometres away from Gregory Port. This area is a great place to pitch your tent and have a great time hanging out in the dunes. If you also want to take a drive-by your 4WD, this place is suitable for you. 

How Far Is Kalbarri?

Kalbarri is approximately 570 Kilometres away from Perth and takes 6-7hours of driving. Though it’s a bit far, the scenic views, beautiful beaches, and the cliff are your reward. The place is also famous for fishing and different types of water activities that you can try.

Can You Fly To Kalbarri?

Yes, you can fly direct Perth (Jandakot Airport) to Kalbarri with Kalbarri Scenic Flights. The aircraft can carry up to 7 passengers.

What Is There To See Between Perth And Kalbarri?

There are a lot of things to see between Perth and Kalbarri, such as:

  • Pinnacles Desert
  • Jurien Bay
  • Port Gregory
  • Kalbarri coast
  • Kalbarri gorges

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