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Words are never enough to give justice to the sense of surprise and wonder you experience the first time you see such a fantastic view or place. Lucky Bay Beach is one of them. The white, soft and fine sand and the turquoise waters of the vast, protected bay is an absolute must-see and an incredible spot to appreciate water-based activities.

Lucky Bay is the highlight among the many stunning white sandy beaches of Esperance. The caravan and campgrounds in the national park provide a picnic area, solar-heated showers and toilet perfect for spending a night or two under a star-filled sky while walking around the moonlit bay. In the past few years, Esperance has invested some serious effort into upgrading the beach’s facilities to be able to entertain more tourists. 

Here are some campgrounds around Esperance near Lucky Bay Beach:

  • Quagi Beach Campsite
  • Stokes National Park Campsite 
  • Alexander Bay
  • Cape Le Grand Beach

If you’re planning to go to Lucky Bay beach, then read this article before you go!

How Do I Get to Lucky Bay Beach?

Located in the south coast of Western Australia in the Cape Le Grand National Park, Lucky Bay Beach is 60km from Esperance via Cape Le Grand Road.  This area may also be accessed via the beach just East of Esperance, but only by 4WD and not with caravans. In 4WD, you can drive on the beach, just be attentive since the road can get tricky in some sections.

Here’s the fastest route going to Lucky Bay from Perth by car:

Via National Route: with a 755km distance, it only takes 8 hours and 12 minutes to get to Lucky Bay Beach 

  • Get on Graham Farmer Fwy/State Route 8 in East Perth from Stirling Street and Parry Street.
  • Take Brookton Hwy/State Route 40 to York-Williams Road in Jelcobine.
  • Continue on York-Williams Road. Take N Wandering Road, Wickepin-Pingelly Road, Wickepin-Harrismith Road, Muller Road and Tarin Rock Road to Dumbleyung-Lake Grace Road/State Route 107 in Tarin Rock.
  • Follow State Route 107, Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Road, State Route 40, and National Route 1 to Fisheries Road in Chadwick.
  • Take Merivale Road and Cape Le Grand Road to Lucky Bay Road in Cape Le Grand.

What Should I Know About Lucky Bay Beach?

In 1802, while exploring the south coast of Australia, Matthew Flinders sailed a risky route through the Recherche Archipelago. When his vessel took shelter from a summer storm, it was then that he realized the number of islands and rocks he conquered. Hence, Lucky Bay was named in honour of his seafaring fortune. 

Lucky Bay is undoubtedly the jewel of Cape Le Grand. Hence, it is voted as the whitest beach in Australia, which is a significant remark considering there are a lot of neighbouring beaches in Esperance. The bay extends to five kilometres and with no crowds to battle, you’re definitely able to find a slice of the paradise of your own where you get to relax or cast a fishing line.

Lucky Bay is a must-visit place when you travel around Western Australia. What makes it so unique from all other equally alluring beaches in Esperance are the kangaroos. Most of the time, these kangaroos are just merely searching for oars of freshwater, eating plants and relaxing in the shade of somebody’s vehicle.

How Are The Campgrounds at Lucky Bay Beach?

According to the tourism officials, Lucky Bay is quickly becoming one of the most popular campsites in Western Australia. The area and Cape Le Grand National Park is prominent during school holidays and weekends from October to April, notably during public holiday weekends. So, you should book a few weeks in advance if you plan on having a trip during these times. 

Also, you need to find an alternative place to stay in during these times in case there is no suitable place available.

Here are some of the best campgrounds just around Lucky Bay:

Quagi Beach Campsite

Located around 70 km west of Esperance, off Farrell Road on a sheltered beach enclosed by natural bushland. Features sheltered sites that can also be accessed to Quagi Beach, which offers excellent swimming and fishing experience. Facilities provide composting toilets, sheltered picnic areas and rubbish bins.

Stokes National Park Campsite 

This campsite is located 80 km west of Esperance, on Stokes Inlet Road. Although this campground has a section of gravel road, it can still be easily accessed with a 2WD. There’s a simple bush campsite which provides running water and toilets, and entry to a calm inlet which is excellent for swimming and kayaking. There’s also an adjacent beach and a few unique places in the park to explore, such as historical Moir’s Homestead.

Alexander Bay

Found 80km east of the town of Esperance, off Alexander Bay Road, this picturesque campsite is also known as A-bay. This campsite is preferable for 4WDs because of the poor condition of the road. Sheltered campsites are so available with toilet facilities provided.

Cape Le Grand Beach 

Located inside the Cape Le Grand National Park, the camping ground is on the beach, which is convenient for diving, snorkelling and swimming. Facilities such as pit toilets, solar-heated showers and a camp kitchen are also provided. Can also be accessible by campervans and no bookings are required.

If you want to know more about the campgrounds in the area, you can visit their website.

Where Can I Take Bushwalk in Lucky Bay?

Offering an extensive view of the abundant wildlife of Recherche Archipelago, you’ll discover some excellent walking tracks while venturing beyond the beach. Lucky Bay stretches for five kilometres, so it’s only a short stroll away when in search of peaceful tranquillity. 

Easy Walks

Thistle Cove to Lucky Bay (Est. 1 hour)

With either direction, this is an easy section for the most part with really great views. You can walk directly from the Lucky Bay campground if you like. The path at the Lucky Bay end is very well-formed. Thus it’s undoubtedly an excellent section to try first if you doubt your abilities or the walk itself.  

Moderate Walks

Lucky Bay to Rossiter Bay (Est. 2 hours)

Although you’ll get to enjoy and appreciate the view whatever time it is, this section is best in the morning with the sun at your back as you walk to Lucky Bay. Although there are a few hills, none of them is too steep, and it’s a combination of firm sand, granite and gravel underfoot.

Even though you’ll miss out on some beautiful views while staying on track in this section, coming down to Lucky Bay worth it, it is a 2.5km beach trail leading to Lucky Bay campground is mostly very firm. For those who dislike soft sand beach walking, this is the perfect one for you since this won’t faze you at all.

What Are The Other Things I Can Do At Lucky Bay Beach?

Situated within Cape Le Grand National Park, Lucky Bay and Le Grand Beach are perfect for enjoying water-based activities like diving, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and snorkelling. Fishing and launching of small boats can also be done, although campers are recommended that it is effortless for vehicles to get obliterated in the wet and dry sand of the beach.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Lucky Bay Beach?

The perfect time to visit the beach of Lucky Bay is from December to April—with February being the best month, where it is a warm season. Australia is a relatively cold region; hence the seawater is cool even in the hottest season. However, due to the white sand, it’s a little warmer compared to most of the southern coast of Australia. If you’re heading south amidst the colder months which is from July to October, there’s a probability that you’ll be able to spot some migrating whales out in the deep blue, or if you’re lucky enough you’ll catch them wandering into the bay.

What Do Other Tourists Say About Lucky Bay Beach?

We got to the place early on a Sunday morning near the end of the school summer holidays. Parking was easy during that time, right next to the beach. We got coffee from the Coffee Bean van (it was perfect) and walked along this beautiful stretch of powdery white sand.

After sitting for a short while, we decided to walk over the headland along the trail to adjacent Thistle Cove. This trail was an easy walk, and we met only one couple on our return leg. Otherwise, it was just us and the birds and fantastic views.

Back at the end of Lucky Bay, below the Flinders memorial, we cut down to the beach for a refreshing swim. By this time there were a lot more people around, but it didn’t feel busy or noisy. Also, when I came out of the water, two kangaroos were drinking from the stream near the beach. They were undisturbed by us, although once others spotted them, there was a steady stream of people picking their way over the sand to take photos!

Altogether a magical day at a beautiful place – MaggieBos (TripAdvisor)

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How Far Is Lucky Bay From Kalbarri?

Lucky Bay is located 40 km south of Kalbarri, right off the Baline Road. This nature-based camping site is situated very close to the beach at 50 metres. It also has drop toilets and a dump point.

What Is Esperance Known For?

Esperance is popularly known for its long stretch of pure, white sand. Sand that seemingly shimmers in the sunlight. Beautiful stretches of beaches surround the town of Esperance, but the best of the sceneries can be found just a short drive along the coast, within the Cape Le Grand National Park.

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