Mt Barney National Park Camping Guide | Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for thrilling adventures and want to visit historical sites at the same time, Mt Barney National Park is the place for you. A mixture of stunning nature view, history, culture, and peace will impress you the moment you enter the park. It is the right place to go, even if you’re an amateur or an expert in terms of camping. So, makes this place so unique?

Mt Barney is a magnificent national park and has a lot to offer. It has the most beautiful summit, campsites, and recreational activities that you’ll enjoy. It is easily accessible via 4WD and its ideal for getaways. The rugged peaks of the mountain, picnic areas, and walking tracks will amuse you. If you’re a plant enthusiast, a wide range of vibrant species of plants is visible here as well. 

Here is an overview of the campgrounds in Mt Barney National Park:

  • The Main Ground
  • Lower Campsite
  • Lower Portals Bush Campsite
  • Cleared Ridge Bush Campsite
  • Hoop Pines Bush Campsite
  • Yamahra Creek Bush Campsite
  • Barney Gorge Junction Bush Camp
  • Rum Jungle Bush Campsite
  • Old Hut Site Bush Campsite
  • Burbank Bush Campsite
  • Forestry Bush Campsite

So, are you interested in going to Mt Barney? Feel free to read the entire article and find out more!

How Do I Get To Mt Barney?

Three different routes are going to Mt Barney from Brisbane.

Via National Route 13. It is the quickest way to get to Mt Barney from Brisbane.

  • Take Edward St and Alice St to M3
  • Continue on M3. Take National Route 13 to Boonah Rathdowney Rd/State Route 93 in Rathdowney
  • Continue on Boonah Rathdowney Rd/State Route 93. Take Upper Logan Rd to Seidenspinner Rd in Mount Barney

Via M1 and National Route 13

  • Take Edward St and Alice St to M3
  • Follow M3 and M1 to Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd in Stapylton. Take exit 38 from M1
  • Take Stanmore Rd, Beaudesert Beenleigh Rd and State Route 90 to National Route 13 in Beaudesert
  • Continue on Boonah Rathdowney Rd/State Route 93. Take Upper Logan Rd to Seidenspinner Rd in Mount Barney

Via State Route 93 and Boonah Rathdowney Rd/State Route 93

  • Get on M3 from Edward St and Alice St
  • Take M5, National Highway 15 and State Route 93 to Upper Logan Rd in Rathdowney
  • Continue on Upper Logan Rd. Drive to Seidenspinner Rd in Mount Barney

What Should I Know About Mt Barney?

Behind all those beautiful sceneries of Mt Barney, what you may not know is that the mountain is the product of an enormous volcano that erupted 24 million years ago. In the 1820s, Captain Patrick Logan, and botanists Alan Cunningham and Charles Fraser decided to set up a camp at Mt Barney yet Logan was the only one to reach the summit. Mt Barney is one of the mountainous areas of Scenic Rim along with Mount Lindesay and Mount Clunie and named after the prominent soldiers in the 1800s.  By the 1840s the lower reach of Mt Barney was opened for loggings that built the houses around Brisbane that standstill until today. 

In the present day, it is one of the most visited parks in Australia and actively protects the habitat of flora and fauna. It is one of the most undisturbed natural vegetation in the country and relevant to nature conservation because the mountain has rare plant species, especially in the higher peaks. In December 1994, it was acknowledged as the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area over the Scenic Rim by the World Heritage Committee. 

Mt Barney is easily reached with 4WD, so you can easily access Waterfall Creek Road and other off-road tracks. It has walking tracks that are suitable for all ages and picnic areas with a fantastic backdrop. The enormous pile of rocks & deposits and the next years of development, it made the park it is today.

How Are The Campgrounds At Mt Barney?

Here are some of the campgrounds where you can stay at when you are in Mount Barney:

The Main Ground

Main Ground is the focal point of all the amenities and facilities. It is the perfect place to pitch you camper trailers and caravans with its large camping area. You can access the kitchen and bush hall in this area and campfires are allowed in the designated area.

Lower Camp Site

Lower Camp Site is located 100m from the main ground. It is the best place to assemble your tents here because it is well treed, private and has a large fire pit. It is the area for larger groups and can accommodate 100 people. 

Lower Portals Bush Campsite

Lower Portals Bush Campsite is located at the foothills of Mt Barney and has three separated campsites for 18 people maximum next to Mt Barney Creek. It is accessible via 3.7km walk and has a bit of steep pathways. There are limited facilities present in the area and water must be pitched in the water creek.

Cleared Ridge Bush Campsite

Cleared Ridge bush campsite is located on the top edge along the fire trail and accessible by a 1.5hr of moderate walk or 4WD. There are no defined borders in the site, but a maximum of 10 people can camp in the area. It is recommended to bring your drinking water, and open fires are not allowed in the area.

Hoop Pines Bush Campsite

Hoop Pines Bush Campsite is a great campsite located on Yamahra Creek and surrounded by hoop pine grove. The area can be accessed by a moderate walking trail and has no specific borders. There can be a maximum of 30 people on the site and suitable accommodation for larger group campers. 

Yamahra Creek Bush Campsite

Yamahra Creek Bush Campsite is a very private camp located near the junction of Mt Barney Creek. It has a moderate grade of walking trails and suitable for walk-in campers. It is long and narrow but no defined sites but perfect for pitching your tents. 

Barney Gorge Junction Bush Camp

Barney Gorge Junction Bush Camp is a large site located at the intersection of Mt Barney Creek and Barney George. From lower portals, you can access the area by a half-day walk and has moderate to steep walking tracks. A maximum of 15 people is allowed camping and facilities are sort of unavailable. 

Rum Jungle Bush Campsite

Rum Jungle Bush Campsite is a wonderfully sheltered campsite in the middle of a rainforest. The area’s shady portions are perfect for building your tents, but the track is steep and has exposed rocks. Also, only ten people are allowed in the area, but there are no defined sites.

Old Hut Site Bush Campsite

Old Hut Site Bush Campsite is an exposed site located in the middle of Mt Barney’s east and west peaks.  You can access this camp by a 4-5hr of walking and have a steep walkway. A maximum of 6 people and three tents are allowed.

Burbank Bush Campsite

Burbank bush campsite is located at the shaded area of Cronan Creek. This area is accessible by a 1hr walk along Yellow Pinch fire trail.  

Forestry Bush Campsite

Forestry Bush Campsite is also a shaded area located at the Cronan Creek near Mt Barney’s Base. A perfect camp for 12 people and you can access this by a moderate walk. 

If you want to know more about the campgrounds in the park, you can visit their website.

Where Can I Take A Bushwalk In Mt Barney National Park?

Moderate Hikes

  • Mt Barney – East peak – Up south – East – Down South is a 17-kilometre return for average hikers. Estimated 8-10hr of hiking and known as the “Peasant’s Ridge”.
  • Mt Barney via Logan Ridge and return via George is 15 kilometres and can be hiked in 9 hours. It offers an excellent view while walking on a clear day and suitable for experienced climbers.

Hard Hikes

  • Mt Barney – East Peak – South Ridge Is a short 5 kilometres one-way trail but has the steepest and the sharpest direct routes. You should have ropes and harness while climbing this peak for safety purposes. 
  • Mt Barney West Peak is a very short and direct 2 kilometres climb to the west peak of Mt Barney. You should have a GPS or a topographic map while climbing this portion of Mt Barney.
  • Mt Barney East Peak South-East Ridge is an inclined trail and route starts at Yellow Pinch. It is very steep and perfect for professional climbers. 
  • Mt Maroon is 5.6 kilometres with steep trails, and sharp edges of the rocks are visible in the area. 

What Are The Other Things That I Can Do At Mt Barney?

If you’re visiting Mt Barney National Park, you should:

  • Try Rock climbing.
  • Abseiling.
  • Join with School groups.
  • Try to enhance your Navigation course.
  • Explore the numerous mountain trails.
  • Spot a variety of flora and faunas that are native in the area.
  • Visit the Creeks.
  • Visit the popular attractions at Mt Barney such as Bryson City Outdoors, Swain County Heritage Museum, Smoky Mountain Brewing Company Taproom, and Smokehouse & Brewery

What Is The Best Time To Visit Mt Barney National Park?

Summer and fall are the best time for you to visit Mt Barney and observe the wildlife inside this magnificent park. Also, you should consider the climate and environment of the park so that you can avoid the hassle.

What Do Other Tourists Say About Mt Barney National Park?

“A delightful way to tackle adventures or otherwise it would be a difficult challenge for the inexperienced. Our guide Cam was charming and professional, and nothing was too much trouble on our way. Lunch on the summit included brewed coffee, and everything was special. It is a well-managed safe way to climb the summit. I would highly recommend this activity – be warned it is a long fairly hard hike. Leave the high heels at home! I will be coming back – Thank you, guys. – Margi C (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions 

Is Mount Barney Open?

Yes, Mt Barney National Park is open for 24 hours. But for your safety, it is recommended to walk trails and climb the mountain peaks in daylight. 

How Many Hours Does It Take To Climb Mt Barney?

The hike going to the peak of Mt Barney is 17.5km and has a moderate to steep trail that is approximately 8hrs to complete. 

How High Is Mt Barney?

The elevation of Mt Barney is 1,359 metres. 

How Long Does A Climb To Mt Maroon Take?

Mt Maroon is located at Mt Barney National Park and has 5.6-kilometre elevation and should be completed by a 3-hour hike.  

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