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In most instances, the breathtaking distinct features of a place are one of the most important things to consider when looking for a place to stay to achieve the perfect getaway. If you want an area that has so much to offer more than basic camping, Myall Lakes is the one for you. The peaceful scenery is a perfect place for all ages, so if you’re a beginner at camping who wants an excellent place to unwind, make sure to visit this place. So, what are the things that make this place stunning?

Myall Lakes is a convenient spot that offers over 20 campsites with various settings such as beach, lake, and coastal forest. It is a unique camp within a coastal lake system, so it’s a paradise for campers and boaters. Expect the extraordinary view everywhere in the site when setting up camp that you will surely satisfy you. 

Here are the campgrounds in and around Myall Lakes:

  • Violet Hill Campground
  • Broughton Island Campground
  • Yagon Campground
  • Two Mile Sands
  • Shelley Beach

Are you up for lakeside camping? Make sure to read the entire article about Myall Lakes and find out more!

How Do I Get To Myall Lakes? 

Myall Lakes is situated in New South Wales and has a distance of 251- kilometre and takes more or less 4 hours of driving through its usual route. There are four different routes that you can take to get from Sydney to Myall Lakes like drive, train, bus, or fly. Whatever methods of travelling you may choose, compare and select what gives you convenience. But if you’re getting into its fastest route, this could be your guide:

Via M1 and Pacific Hwy/A1 (256 kilometres and takes 3 hours and 7 minutes of driving).

  • Get on M1 in North Sydney from Cahill Expy and Bradfield Highway.
  • Continue on M1 to John Renshaw Dr/A1.
  • Continue on Pacific Highway/A1 to your destination in Boolambayte.
  • Turn left, and in 400 kilometres, you will arrive at Myall Lakes National Park.

What Should I Know About Myall Lakes?

Myall Lakes lies approximately 75 kilometres north of Newcastle and east of Bulahdelah. It is the most extensive freshwater lake system which contains large hectares of headlands, forests, swampland, forest fringes, and coastal lagoons. The lakes have been under RAMSAR Convention which has been listed as a wetland of international significance. If you want to experience the saltwater, you should not be worried because the beach is accessible along the coast. 

Today, Myall Lakes is one of the most popular holiday destinations in New South Wales. Its beautiful waterways are perfect for all different types of water-related activities such as sailing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sunbathing, swimming and water skiing. The campsites offer diverse natural settings like beaches, lakes and coastal forests. Also, there are walking trails nearby that you can access if you want to try exploring the area while trekking. 

How Are The Campgrounds At Myall Lakes?

The main reason why you should visit and camp in Myall Lakes is their incredible campground. There are over 20 campsites but here are some that are a must-try to visit:

Violet Hill Campground

This campground is a large and flat-surfaced camp that is suitable for caravans and the perfect area to pitch a tent. It has 40 different campsites, Long drop or composting toilets, water, wooden barbecues, picnic tables, and a fantastic spot for fishing. Water-related activities are also available in the area such as canoeing and kayaking that you’ll love.

Broughton Island Campground

This island campground is a beautiful place to stay where you can also explore the active seabird colony. There are five different campsites that you can check-in, toilets are accessible, but you must bring your potable water and food. If you want an exceptional place to stay and pitch your tent, Broughton Island is the way to go. 

Yagon Campground

This campground has 37 spots with a beautiful beach setting. This campground is perfect for tents, camper trailers, and caravans to park and set a tent alongside your vehicle. There are facilities such as barbecue, picnic tables, car park, and toilets that you can use. The beach is perfect for swimming and for you to enjoy more water-related activities. 

Two Mile Sands 

The Two Mile Sands has four campsites and can only be accessible by a boat. So, if you’re the person who wants to camp in the remote areas, this site is the one for you. Two Mile Sands is perfect for your tents. Also, you need to be ready for backpacking/remote camping as the only facility available is a barbecue. 

Shelley Beach 

This campground will give you one of the most exquisite scenic views of Myall which is on the edge of the lake. Birdwatching and paddling are one of the most iconic activities in the Myall Lakes, and you can enjoy and choose to camp in one of the 18 campsites in the area. There are barbecue and toilet facilities which you can access and the calm waters will give you the satisfaction of adventure.

If you want to know more about the area, you can visit their website.

Where Can I Take A Bushwalk In Myall Lakes?

Here are the walking trails that you can try in Myall Lakes:

Moderate Hikes 

  • Tamboi Walking Track: this is a 5.6-kilometre walk located at the Myall Lakes National Park. This track is also famous for biking and it’s beautiful natural scenery. 
  • Neranie Headland Walking Track: is a short and historic 1.4-kilometre walk and usually takes 15-45 minutes to finish. You can see the wonder of Myall Lakes near the Seal Rocks.
  • Submarine Beach Walking Track: is a 1-kilometre shore-based walk that usually takes 15-45 minutes to complete. 

Hard Hikes

  • Mungo Walking Track: is a 21-kilometre one-way track that usually takes 10 to 12 hours to complete. If you want to walk and discover the aboriginal sites of Myall Lakes National Park, Mungo walking track is the way to go.
  • Yacaaba Headland Walking Track: is a 7-kilometre hard walking track that usually takes 3-4hours to finish. The sharp rock can be a bit slippery, so hiking in Yacaaba needs extra mindfulness. 
  • Treachery Headland Walking Track: is a 2-kilometre walk that generally takes 2 hours to complete. The pleasant walk with a view of ocean scenic views will surely take your breath away.

What Are The Other Things That I Can Do At Myall Lakes?

If you’re planning to go to Myall Lakes, you should:

  • Watch the sunset at Jimmys Beach.
  • Try Surfing at Bennetts Beach.
  • Climb Yacaaba headland and witness impressive views.
  • Visit the beautiful coastline and the Port Stephens Headlands
  • Wander at the Mango Brush
  • Cruise the Myall Lakes
  • Go sandboarding at Little Giber
  • Take a drive or push bike ride through Myall Lakes
  • Try their yummy ice cream or gelato from Ice Cream Shack

What Is The Best Time To Visit Myall Lakes?

Every season is the best time to visit Myall Lakes, but each has its perks. During autumn, the weather is good and cool, and it is less busy. Throughout spring, you can witness the magnificent view of wildflowers across the heathlands. Summertime is usually the best time to visit the beaches, watch out for dolphins, and swim among the waves. Lastly, during winter, you can witness the whale’s annual migration. 

What Do Other Tourists Say About Myall Lakes?
“Amazing area of pure beauty! We have lived around the Hunter Region for years but had never had the chance to visit Myall Lakes, and it is a stunning area to visit. Unspoilt beaches, gorgeous rainforest walks, wildlife – it is another world and just an hour up the road from Newcastle. Camping is mostly unpowered sites but in beautiful locations, so if you are self-sufficient it’s perfect. Even just a drive-through is well worth the detour from the highway.” – Emdeme (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions?

Can You Swim In Myall Lake?

Myall Lakes offers a lot of different water-related activities such as canoeing/kayaking, boating, fishing, and swimming. The calm waters if Myall is suitable for a quick swim and exceptional camping opportunities. The beautiful setting of Myall is a perfect spot for your weekend getaway, so if you’re still deciding on where to stay where you can chill and watch scenic views, Myall Lakes is a perfect choice. 

Are There Sharks In Myall Lakes?

Sharks require deep waters to survive, and the shallow waters of Myall Lakes cannot sustain the shark. So, if you’re worried about sharks roaming around the lakes of Myall, keep calm because sharks are usually in the deep waters of the ocean.

What Fish Are In The Myall Lakes?

Myall Lakes is quite famous for a good fishing spot. There are suitable species of fish you can catch in Myall such as bream, whiting, Australian salmon, flathead and mullet. Most of the camps in Myall Lakes have barbecue facilities, so you can quickly grill your fish and enjoy it.

Is Myall Lakes Freshwater?

Myall Lakes is a series of over 10,000 hectares of freshwater lakes. It is listed under the wetland of international significance and one of the most popular lakes in New South Wales as a holiday destination. 

Can You Take Dogs To Mungo Brush?

No. you can’t take dogs or any type of pets to Mango Brush, but if you want to spend time with your dog at camp, there are lots of different free sites in NSW where you can take your pet.

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