10 4WD Camping Spots in Adelaide | Everything You Need To Know

If you’re searching for a place that yells fun and vibrant, Adelaide is to look up to. Adelaide is located in Southern Australia, and it’s packed with a lot of events and gorgeous landscapes that made it so famous like festivals, sporting events, food, wine, beautiful hills, and coastlines. Suitable for people who love travelling with their 4WD. So, what is the best thing about Adelaide and camping through your four-wheel-drive?

Adelaide has camping spots with great trails that are best to explore with your 4WD and offers excellent camping views, magnificent wildlife and offers so much more. So, drive your 4WD and experience the wonders of Adelaide.Also, challenging trails would be a piece of cake as long as your 4WD is with you.

Here are ten of the best camping spots in Adelaide:

  • 42 Mile Crossing
  • JAKEM Farm
  • Lake Albert Caravan Park
  • Stringybark Campground
  • Bendleby Ranges
  • Blowhole Beach
  • Kuitpo Forest
  • Ocean Beach
  • Newland Head Conservation Park
  • Little Dip Conservation Park

So, are you up for an adventure to wander around Adelaide? Read on and find out more. 

What Should I Know About 4WD Camping Spots in Adelaide?

Adelaide is located in Southern Australia and consumes a vast stretch of coastlines. Beautiful landscapes and colourful history of the traditional people of SA will amuse your way and whatever outback camp with all the challenging tracks you may prefer, and you will surely find it here. The abundance of South Australia’s best camping spots will offer you a wide range of choices according to your personal preferences and comfort.

Adelaide is moulded by great diversity, cultural and aboriginal traditions. In every conserved area or National Parks, you will notice the richness of the free wildlife that fills Australia and see how people gracefully manage to do that. 

What Are The 10 Best 4WD Camping Spots in Adelaide?

Adelaide is known for its colourful festivals, sporting events, food and wine. But above all, its famous hills and breathtaking coastal lines are a stunningly popular spot for a 4WD camping! Here is the list of 10 best 4WD camping spots in Adelaide:

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1.42 Mile Crossing

42 Mile Crossing Camping Area located in Coorong National Park is one of the best campsites in Adelaide and situated in a well-preserved local park. The beach extends along the wild and woolly Southern Ocean Coastline. You can pitch your tents behind the dunes or on the grassy part of the camp, and it is the most reliable site all year round. There are basic facilities accessible in the area such as toilets and outdoor sitting areas. 

Every time you visit Coorong, there will always be something that makes you feel serenity and intimacy between yourself and the environment. This place has so much to offer than your usual local park because it is packed with good episodes of thrill and exciting adventures that adults and kids will appreciate. Also, each of the campsites is moulded and built by history, vibrant nature, and significance to the country. 

Aside from the designated camping areas, tracks are also there to challenge your mental ability and patience. When 4WDing, low-tide and low tyre pressure are keys to a better 4WD handling because it is one of the several entry points bound to the beach, so you do not want your vehicle to get buried in the dunes. 

You can find more information about 42 Mile Crossing here.

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2. JAKEM Farm

JAKEM Farm is located at the Éclair Mine Road in Southern Australia and easily accessible via 4WD and only takes a 45-minute drive from Adelaide. There are toilets available, designated campsite, pet-friendly, biking trails, walking trails, hiking trails, phone reception, play park nearby, and has one of the best 4WD trails such as their, Training Tracks, JAKEM Loop at the top portion if farm, Inglebingle Road, Introduction Hill, Man Hill, The Hard Road, Eagles Climb, Locker Lane, Raw Road, The Basic Steep Hill, Cave Climb Road, Coopers Climb, and Mickey Mountain.

The farm is a great place to practise and master your 4WDing because it has tracks that suit your level from easy to the trickiest ones. You can try to join their Advisory Courses as well to develop your 4WDing skills. Its 700 acres of track and wildlife present in the area such as kangaroos, ducks, wedge-tailed eagles, and turtles will give you the urge to visit the place. Also, the best thing about this place is you can bring your dog along with you! 

Aside from 4WD, you can take your mountain bike and hiking boots to explore the place, or swimming outfits from your wardrobe, and take a quick swim in the billabong. It is a perfect place to spend your weekend due to its accessibility from Adelaide, and beautiful view. 

You can find more information about JAKEM Farm here.

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3. Lake Albert Caravan Park

Lake Albert Caravan Park is situated at Meningie, Southern Australia and takes over an hour drive from Adelaide, and 10 kilometres away from Coorong.  They have great amenities like toilets, drinking water, powered sites, firewood, decent phone reception, barbecue areas, showers, and laundry. This area also offers an excellent view, especially in the afternoon, pet-friendly, walking trails, and trails for 4WD beach driving.

There are lots of attractions you can see in Lake Albert like visiting Meningie Cheese Factory Museum, Meningie Lions Jubilee Park, Vintage & Classic Caravanners Group of SA Annual Open Day. Aside from that, you can even celebrate New Year’s Eve here. Its famous landscape and calm lake are the reasons that make the place more accessible to locals. Lake Albert’s 4WD track is the best reward for adventurous people, so you can drive onto Mark’s Point or explore the entire Coorong. 

You can find more information about Lake Albert Caravan Park here.

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4. Stringybark Campground

Stringybark Campground in Deep Creek National Park is only a 2-hour drive from Adelaide. The 16 designated campsites are available in the area that is surrounded by a Stringybark Trees that has the right amount of shades that is perfect for pitching your tents. It is also an excellent site to drive your 4WD and explore the National Park, especially its remote areas that are uncommonly reached by visitors.

4WD is suitable for the rocky terrain along with the coastal roads of the campsite, so you can enjoy wandering Deep Creek, and at the end of the day, you can pitch your tent in the middle of the shaded Stringybark tree.

You can find more information about Stringybark Campground in Deep Creek here.

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5. Bendleby Ranges

Bendleby Ranges is situated 3 hours north of Adelaide and is a good camp where you can set up your tents and also have a great view, especially for your 4WD where you can try to drive through the rugged terrain. The camp is secluded with magnificent native trees and raw view of nature. There are also exhilarating outdoor activities that you will surely enjoy such as bird watching, bushwalking and mountain biking. Their main camp is called Gumdale area that has ample space and excellent facilities.

There are also nine borderless campsites for larger groups that are pretty shaded, so you can undoubtedly have privacy. The large camps are popular among 4WD enthusiasts in which they can set some spaces for their large vehicles, and so they can spread out. Isolated camping areas are also available 10-15minute drive from the man camp but only accessible through 4WD.

You can find more information about Bendleby Ranges here.

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6. Blowhole Beach

Blowhole Beach in Deep Creek Conservation Park is a good camp and only accessible by 4WD. It is one of the most stunning beaches and is an absolute treasure of the country. The blowhole is also famous for a spot for having a great picnic, surfing and fishing activities. The stunning view of the coast is perfect for photography, and excellent habitat for different species of wildlife. Descent steep and ascend are the tracks that you may experience on your way to Deep Creek and should be easy for a 4WD. But not to worry if you’re a beginner, this track is manageable and well-maintained.

You can find more information about Blowhole Beach here.

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7. Kuitpo Forest

Kuitpo Forest in Fleurieu Peninsula. A sizeable bushy area surrounded by Eucalyptus Trees that is perfect for pitching tents, 26 designated sites and has the best access through 4WD. There are amenities like toilets and rainwaters that you can use, so it must be a perfect place for families and hikers. If you want a camp that has good walking trails, this is for you. There are several easy 4WD hill tracks in the area, so it is suitable for newbies. 

You can find more information about Kuitpo Forest here.

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8. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach in Coorong National Park will be enjoyed by everyone by the calmness of the waterway and only accessible by 4WD because the sand and tracks are sometimes soft. The campsite is suitable for tents and swags, but there are no facilities available. If you are getting here from the south, you can easily access it through 28 Mile, 32 Mile Crossing, 42 Mile Crossing, Tea Tree Crossing and Wreck Crossing. 

It has a good amount of dunes that make it a famous 4WD Track. Surfing, fishing and camping is also a nice recreation activity you can do. As you explore the area, you will realise that you can see remnants of history around the beach, Australian pelicans, great trails that you can walk by.

You can find more information about Ocean Beach in Coorong National Park here.

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9. Newland Head Conservation Park

Newland Head Conservation Park is located on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula and 2 hrs away from Adelaide. A popular destination for the locals and certified fishing, camping and surfing spot. There are walking trails along the cliff and served with a beautiful view of the ocean. Its Rough Roads are perfect for 4WD, and the area is rich with vibrant species of wildlife. 

Fifteen campsites are only for pitching tents, large spaces and shady areas are present and accessible for your 4WD. Waitpinga Beach is nearby the area, but not visible if you’re in the camp. Trails are also available, if you’d like to hike, bike, walk, and drive. 

You can find more information about Newland Head Conservation Park here.

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10. Little Dip Conservation Park

Little Dip Conservation Park is a well-protected area located at State Park in Nora Creina, South Australia and abundant with diverse species of floras and fauna. It is home to the Aboriginal people that once occupied Little Dip, and preserved their cultures and protocols. This park is an excellent 4WD camping spot due to its trails and magnificent view. Small lakes can be seen in the park, as well as rich floras and faunas. 

Campsites have a considerable amount of shade and protection so that you won’t need an extra trap for the filter. Facilities are decent like drop toilets, rainwater tanks and gas fires. The isolated beach and rock formations are there if you want tranquillity. This beach may be small, but it is filled with outback adventures.

When 4WDing, make sure to explore the beautiful beach, but you have to reduce tyre pressure to drive in the dunes, do not go near the water, or else, your vehicle will start to rust. It is essential to know your clearance, always carry a recovery gear and do not disrespect nature. It is best to enjoy a little dip by taking care of the beach, bring home your rubbish, and be safe.

You can find more information Little Dip Conservation Park here.

What Are The Other Things I Can Do While 4WD Camping in Adelaide?

These are just some of the things that you can do while camping around Adelaode:

  • Watch or join 4WD Adventure Show in Adelaide
  • Participate in community events
  • Join 4WD clubs
  • Drive on the beaches in South Australia
  • Visit the National Parks and Well-protected Reserve
  • Visit the stunning waterfalls with your 4WD
  • Hike
  • Explore remote areas with your 4WD
  • Join an Outback Tour

What Is The Best Time To Do 4WD Camping in Adelaide?

Summer is always the best time to be in Adelaide and experience the festivals and go 4WD adventure! The warm temperature gives everyone a sense of liveliness, and everybody is ready to experience the summer heat. 

What Do Other Tourists Say About 4WD Camping in Adelaide?

“Stunning Tour – Great Service! Wifey and I had a great day on a private tour with Nathan. Onkaparinga National Park is amazing, and there was plenty of wildlife to capture our attention. Morning tea while watching the birds next to the river was the best part, and Nathan was right about the quality of the food he provided. Yummy! Lunch at the Salopian Inn was spectacular, surrounded by incredible indigenous art on the walls while devouring five courses of the set menu. The delicious wine tasting at the gorgeous Primo Estates set us back a few hundred dollars, and we wanted every bottle we tried! We tasted so much wine and ate so much food that day we both fell asleep when we got back to the hotel! Driving on the beach in the 4WD was a little underwhelming, the beach was packed with families and other vehicles, but it was fresh. The whole day went well. We enjoyed it, and it was a stunning landscape to spend the day. It is not so much an off-road adventure as a private scenic tour, high-quality vehicles and not rough at all.” – Brett K (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions

Where Can I Go 4WD In Adelaide?

  • Little Dip Conservation Park
  • Canunda National Park 
  • Ngarkat Conservation Park      
  • Alpana Station
  • Deep Creek National Park
  • Coorong National Park

Can You Camp Anywhere In South Australia?

No, you strictly cannot camp just anywhere in Australia, especially in a private property, and you may face illegalities and other consequences because it is trespassing. However, wild camping is popular among locals, but you must verify and search more about the place you’re going to stay it. Commonly, camping in unauthorised areas are prohibited but may be tolerated if you have local permits and passes.

Where Can I Camp in Adelaide?

Here is a list of camping sites that you can try while staying in Adelaide. 

  • Pink Gum Campground – Onkaparinga River National Park
  • Deep Creek Conservation Park
  • Coorong National Park
  • Levi Park
  • Adelaide Brownhill Creek Tourist Park
  • Brighton Caravan Park
  • Discovery Parks – Adelaide Beachfront
  • Moana Beach Tourist Park
  • Para Wirra Conservation Park

Can You Camp On The Side Of The Road In Australia?

No. Camping on the side of the road is illegal and may cause accidents and also, sleeping in your car deserves legal consequences as well. You can take a rest at the designated rest stop in the area or camp legally to avoid hassles and being chased by the cops and private landowners. 

Is Camping In National Parks Safe?

Safe as long as you’re in the right boundary. Camping is fun and its way to discover more about our heritage and history, and know more about our ancestors, the ones that preserved and took good care of our reserves.

Is Camping In Australia Safe? 

Everywhere is safe if you keep yourself safe and be vigilant of your surroundings, so do not meddle into something you are unsure about. Camping in Australia is safe, but you must always remember that Australia has diverse species of wildlife even in urban areas, so make sure that you must always be alert and be mindful of your environment. 

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