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Australians always love the idea of camping and getting out of town to unwind and enjoy. All of the majestic ranges, seas, and national parks of Australia is a must-see place to visit and wander. Every time you go camping, it is always convenient to tow your camper trailers and caravans in the back of your truck, so luckily, EzyTrail Camper has the best options for you! So, what are the perks of these campers?

EzyTrail Campers has the best range of camper trailers and caravans to choose from. It is comfortable, steady, secure, durable, and can be towed easily. It will also give you a more relaxing cross country getaway. Also, it is portable and perfectly designed for all families. It’s combined with comfort and accommodation in one, so you can enjoy your camping even more. 

Are you interested in getting one of the EzyTrail Campers? Read on and find out what’s the suitable choice for you. 

What Should I Know About Ezytrail Campers? 

EzyTrail Camper is a broad range of camper trailers and caravans that are made for every Australian outdoor trip. The goal of EzyTrail is to give the Easiest and the most convenient way of camping anywhere in Australia using their campers. Every EzyTrail Camper is designed to be your home wherever you are in the country, so each model has its complete kitchen cooking facilities, comfortable bed, and storage. 

Where Can I Get EzyTrail Campers?

You can get EzyTrail Campers in their following showrooms:

  • EzyTrail Campers Kilsyth Branch: located at Canterbury Road.
  • EzyTrail Campers Campbellfield Branch: located at Sydney Road, Campbellfield.
  • EzyTrail Campers Lansvale Branch: located at Hume Hwy, Lansvale. 
  • EzyTrail Campers Geelong Branch: located at Sharon Court, North Geelong.
  • EzyTrail Campers Penrith Branch: located at Lemko Place, Penrith.
  • EzyTrail Campers Newcastle Branch: located at Archibald Place, Heatherbrae NSW.
  • EzyTrail Campers Coopers Plains Branch: located at Meadow Avenue, Coopers Plains.
  • EzyTrail Campers Sunshine Coast Branch: located at ear Jet Drive, Caboolture, QLD
  • EzyTrail Campers Townsville Branch: located at Punari Street, Currajong, QLD
  • EzyTrail Campers Adelaide Branch: located at North East Road, Hampstead, Gardens, SA
  • Geraldton (PMX Campers): located at Jensen St, Geraldton, WA
  • North Perth (PMX Campers): located at Dellamarta Rd, Wangara, WA
  • South Perth (PMX Campers): located at Bannister Rd, Canning Vale, WA
  • EzyTrail Canberra (Trailer Camper Australia): located at Whyalla St, Fyshwick, ACT
  • EzyTrail Coffs Harbour (Coffs Canvas & Campers): located at Keona Crt, Coffs Harbour, NSW

What Are The Things I Should Consider In Buying An EzyTrail Camper?

  • Feature Standard. Your camper must have built-in features rather than rely only upon the optional add-ons. Especially on your first trip, you should always gear up and be ready to avoid the hassle. Before putting your money to waste, always check the flexibility to modify your trailer because you don’t want to go to your family outing and realise 400kilometre away from home, you did not get a fuel stove for your trailer. 

Lucky for you, EzyTrail Camper has the best feature caravans and campers such as kitchen, comfy bed and storage. 

  • Price/Budget. If you decide to upgrade your old tent to a camper trailer, you must have enough budget to buy a camper and to maintain it. If your budget is $10,000 below, you’ll get a used camper rather than new basic ones. Above $10,000, your choices of campers expand, and you will have more options in buying reliable campers. 

From $20,000, you will have standard and brand-new camper trailers with better qualities. $40,000 you should expect fantastic design, best features and a hard-core off-road suspension. Remember to spend your money wisely, always look for a camper that is suitable for you and your budget. 

  • Quality. When thinking of buying campers, make sure you know well enough the standard organisations, specs, and engineering in each of camper trailers or a caravan. 

EzyTrail has the best specs and quality in every trailer or caravan models they made, and the details are exceptional. In choosing a camper, always consider its durability in every road you’re in because you would not want to wander Australia and wondering if the parts of your camper trailer are still intact or not. 

Sometimes, it’s tempting to buy a cheap camper than investing in something that will last you for a lifetime. Do not settle for a low-cost camper that will not last for a few kilometres. Rather, put your money in a good quality item that will lessen your maintenance, repair and replacement of parts.

  • Reviews. Before you even pay the down payment for your camper, do your research and ask around. The best way strategy is to ask people who are reliable enough to do a review and ask for other people’s insights for choosing the right camper for you. 
  • Comfort. You would not want to go camping feeling uncomfortable because there is no bed, electricity or lighting. In EzyTrail, you will find comfort that will soothe you because every model is well equipped yet well designed. Choose carefully and consider the options that will make you comfortable to ensure that you got the right camper for you. 
  • Suitability. Check if your camper’s ball weight is suitable for your vehicle. Aside from that, you need to consider the sizes of the bearings. Check if your truck can lift your trailer or it can drag it across the country. 
  • Where you go: off-road or on-road. Always consider checking your chosen destinations before purchasing your trailers or caravans because there are some suitable for off-road and on-road trailers. If you’re going to a steep road, ranges, cliffs, and deep forests, consider buying trailers for off-road. But if you’re bound to somewhere easily accessible by a 2WD, buy the on-road ones.   
  • Tents. Your tent is an extension of your trailers and serves as a roof. Choose a suitable tent for your trailer yet easy to pitch.
  • Warranty. Know the warranty of your product so that you will make most out of your money. From your manufacturer, know where you can go if you’re in dire need of repairs and the sort of backup services you can avail. EzyTrail has a Warranty Claim Form that will ensure your written guarantee and your benefits in purchasing a model.

What Are The Different Model Units Of EzyTrail?

Five different types of Camper Trailer and Caravans are made for your camping needs. These are off-road camper trailers, on-road campers, Forward fold camper trailers, Rear fold camper trailers, and Caravans. In EzyTrail, seven different models are distinctly made for all families:

  • Albany is an off-road lightweight rear fold trailer and built with a hard floor camper trailer. If you do not want a super heavy trailer dragged by your truck, so this is the trailer for you. It is suitable for a small family, or couple campers and can be towed into your 4WD anywhere you want. It comes with five different vibrant colours that you will surely love. 

Its cosy interior, storage, queen-sized bed, mattress, and standard sockets will surely fascinate you. Albany comes with standard independent suspension which is found in all K series camping ranges. It tows smoothly on off roads, safe and adjustable. It has a large kitchen with four quality burner gas stoves and made of stainless steel. It also has a large sink, storage, cutlery drawers, and a large tent. 

  • Buckland. If you’re short on a budget for a trailer, Buckland is an off-road premium series with a soft floor and designed that fits your budget. It is made of the soft floor yet can follow you even off-road. It is also perfectly fit even for a large family and comes with good interior design and huge living space. 

Its good suspension can handle any type of terrain, and it is adjustable. The fully-independent suspension has dual clock absorbers that will surely satisfy your camping needs. It has cooking essentials with four-burner stoves and an electric water tap. It also has a tent that is set for 2600mm highest point. 

  • Lincoln. If you’re up for a spacious and luxurious camper, this is for you. Lincoln is an off-road lightweight dual fold built with a hard floor camper trailer. It is suitable for the larger family yet designed to be more luxurious and stylish. It comes in six different colours and has a huge living space. It has dual sized beds with thick mattress and clever style.

It has very great suspension, so you can take it wherever you want and no matter how rough the road gets. It is adjustable, safe, and tough. It has a large kitchen that you would want with four high-quality gas burners. It is easy to clean up because it is made up of stainless steel with drawers for storage, drying rack and has enormous cutlery.

  • Parkes is the off-road hybrid caravan that is built for up to 5 or more family members. It has a posh king-sized bed, huge living area, storage, and pantry. It has high-quality twin shock absorbers that could easily conquer Australia’s toughest terrain smoothly. It is safe, predictable and adjustable.

It has a high-quality kitchen with four high-class burners, king-sized sink and terrific cutlery. It is your kitchen away from home. It has two electric water pumps, fridge slide, bunk beds, smoke detector, shower and Entertainment system.

  • Stirling is an off-road forward fold lightweight camper, suitable for heavy-duty needs. It is perfect for those lower towing essentials but still wants to go off-road campsites. It also comes with six different colours with wonderful interior design. The inside has a very comfortable and light style which is perfect for thrill camping. It also has a queen-sized bed and a thick mattress. 

You will surely enjoy nights with kids in here because it is cosy and well-organised. It also has independent suspension and tows smoothly. Stirling has everything you want from clever designs to its great construction. It has a good space kitchen with stainless steel sink and four-burner gas stoves. 

It has top quality yet lightweight tent and added extension features. They also have optional extras that you can put into your trailer like appliances, racks and electrical access and are perfect for any types of campers. 

  • Winton is a lightweight, compact caravan that is made for tough roads and long drives. This trailer is distinctly made for couples. It has beautiful interior design and multi-functional living space. The makers of Winton come through with a lot of storage compartments that is enough for your living in camps. The exterior design is classic but with a modern twist. It has a well-functioning kitchen with induction cooker, stainless steel sink, and good above your head lighting.

It can perfectly be towed by small SUV and sedans yet intended to handle cross country travel. It has a toilet with a hot and cold shower. It has an air conditioner that keeps the van cool during the summer season. It is perfect for you if you want a minimal but super classy trailer that does the job.

  • Ceduna is a fully functional family caravan designed to take you anywhere in the country. It is perfect for off-road or on-road destinations with your family. The interior is spectacularly spacious with bunk beds and a luxurious king-size bed. The living space is huge, with built-in TV and overhead storage cabinets.

Ceduna is made of the famous EzyTrail K series independent suspension and can conquer the toughest terrain of Australia. This caravan is screaming high-class design and durability. It has an external built-in kitchen that is fully equipped and has everything you will ever ask for. It also has a large pantry, storage spaces, and bench for additional workspace. 

Construction of Ceduna is spectacularly good that led to a lifetime warranty and engineered to perfection. It has an antenna, an air conditioner and an in-built toilet. This camper is an EzyTrail masterpiece and well put-through designed. 

If you want to know more about the products that EzyTrail offers, you can visit their website.

What Do Other People Say About EzyTrail Campers?

“It all happened at the Ballarat outdoors show with Victoria no pressure all our questions answered. I’ve had a Change of Colour white with Black Chequer plate that looks amazing. But my excitement caused me to overlook a few questions, so I went over to Campbellfield and spoke to Travis. He gave his undivided attention for almost an hour then complete in every blank that there was. We also had the option to pick up our Stirling Gt from Geelong or Campbellfield but chose Campbellfield because it is closer to home. When we got there, we dealt with Jeremy, the Geelong Manager from our purchase office and did our handover. The staff at EzyTrail have been more than helpful from the beginning until the delivery. 

Since our pick up, I have had a couple of calls to Jeremy with a question or two that he was more than happy to help. I could go on and on but and the end of the day we are pleased with the service and our new camper trailer from Ezytrail campers and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Cheers and Thanks

Peter & Emma” –Peter (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions

Where Are EzyTrail Campers Made?

EzyTrail Campers are made in Australia. It is among the top brands of campers in the entire country and designed for all of the families in Australia that love camping and nature adventure. There’s no other way to spend a weekend or a day trip than camping, with EzyTrail Campers, camping is made so comfortable and easy.

Are EzyTrail Campers Any Good?

Of course, yes! EzyTrail has a wide range of different unit models, and there must be something suitable for you. Comfort, durability, quality and style, EzyTrail Campers has it all.

What Is A Camper Trailer In Australia?

A camper trailer is a small and accessible caravan that is towed in the back of your 4WD. It is normally used for a comfortable camping experience, and it is designed just like any other home. It has a kitchen, bedroom, and comfortable living space. If you’re tired of pitching your old tents over and over again, upgrade to camper trailers. It is adjustable, reliable and safe.

What Is A Hybrid Caravan?

Hybrid Caravan is a combination of a camper trailer and a caravan. The hybrid has a narrow body that makes them easy to pilot down on narrow bush tracks. It has a hard roof and walls that serves as a protective shell of the caravan. It is built for outdoor camping but also has a luxurious twist. The fully equipped kitchen is the best, and the bed is comfortable just like the ones in your home. 

What Is The Best Off-Road Camper Trailer?

These are the best off-road camper trailers:

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  • Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3
  • Kakadu BushRanger 200 XT
  • MOAB Trailers Fort XL
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