Tasmania’s Best Caravan Parks: 16 Great Sites by Region

Tasmania is a gorgeous island state located off the southern coast of Australia. It’s renowned for its wild and rugged beauty, as well as its delicious food and wine. If you’re thinking of spending your next caravan holiday in Tasmania, then you’ll need to know about the best caravan parks on the island. 

Tourism TasmaniaOpens in a new tab. reports that over 20% of visitors spend at least one night in a caravan park, cabin or campsite. With plenty of demand, you’ll find that the best caravan parks in Tasmania are part of the top-of-the range holiday resorts in Australia. Most of the parks are strategically located around the sites where holidaymakers frequent the most. 

This article is dedicated to giving an outline of the most popular holiday parks in Tasmania. There are many options to choose from, including some of Australia’s holiday park chains and independent campsites. Some of them have a variety of accommodation options to suit visitors travelling either as small or large groups.

Caravan park reviews in Tasmania can definitely be mixed, with some complaints around cleanliness, security, and customer service. That’s why researching the best holiday parks in advance will help you plan your caravan itinerary. 

If you are planning to visit Tasmania for your next holiday, here are 16 of the best to suit all budgets and preferences. 

Is Tasmania a Good Place for Caravan Holidays?

There are a number of reasons why Tasmania is a good place for a caravan holiday. Firstly, Tasmania has a climate that appeals to the traditional older market, with four seasons that appeal to different tastes.

Additionally, Tasmania has quieter roads and less traffic congestion than other states, making it a more relaxed destination to travel through.

Tasmania also offers a diverse range of experiences within easy driving distance, from beautiful wilderness and nature-based experiences to cultural heritage and quality food and beverages. 

Finally, Tasmania is perceived as a relatively safe destination, which is an important consideration for many caravan and camping visitors.

Since most caravan holiday makers tend to be on touring trips, with shorter stays in a variety of locations, Tasmanian caravan parks often focus on great on-site amenities rather than activities. After all, with the great outdoors and many historical sites to explore, there’s no shortage of things to do in Tasmania! 

If you’re heading on a longer trip, check out our guide to touring 4WD storage and best caravan storage hacks

The Best Caravan Parks on Tasmania’s East Coast 

Tasmania’s east coast has many fantastic holiday parks for caravan, camping and touring trips. With great family-friendly amenities and comfortable site features, these locations are perfect for groups of all ages. The East Coast of Tasmania offers some of the best spring fishing locations in Australia, so be sure to pack your rod and reel. 

BIG4 St. Helens Caravan Park 

St Helens Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is a Tasmanian, family-owned business. The founders of the  company are Peter and Tanya Robinson and their five sons. Not only is the business  professionally managed, but the park also won several prestigious awards. The following is a  collection of their awards to date:

  • Tourism Tasmania State Award (The Best Caravan Park, 2008 – 2018 and 2016)
  • Induction into the Hall of Fame (2010) 
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2015 – 2021)  
  • BIG4 Customer Service Excellence Award (2020) 
  • Caravan and Camping with Kids 
  • Reader’s Choice (2020) 
  • Best Park (2021) 
  • Out and About with Kids Readers’ Choice Awards (2020, 2012) 
  • No 1 Holiday Park in Tasmania 

The park has numerous facilities for every member of the family. Kids can enjoy the Kids’s Club and Games Room, Toy Room, Baby Bath, Craft Activities, and Indoor Games,  among others. Of course, pet friendly cabins are also available for the furry members of the family for their own “me” time. 

Adults on the other hand, can enjoy a slew of facilities like the recreation lounge, nearby sporting venues, walking tracks, and the lending library to name a few. There are of course, facilities for both adults and children such as the bike path and Wildlife Viewing areas, so families have something to bond over. There are a lot of things to do within these facilities, so everybody can keep busy and enjoy themselves while at the caravan park.

Triabunna Cabin and Caravan Park 

Triabunna Cabin and Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is a family-friendly camping resort with everything from van sites to cabins with fully furnished accommodations. 

Triabunna Cabin and Caravan Park have a combined total of 25 tourist sites, and five are  powered. They have a facility for hot showers, washing machines and dryers for laundry  purposes. 

The cabins have electric heating systems, electric blankets, and the entire kitchen facilities. The park is pet friendly, making it convenient for families to bring their favourite pets on-site. One can easily communicate with loved ones because the facility has excellent  mobile phone reception. Part of the site has free space for tents and BBQ machines. The fees are reasonable given the facility amenities at your convenience.  

Those interested can make bookings via telephone directly to the park staff and management.

BIG4 Iluka on Freycinet 

BIG4 Iluka on FreycinetOpens in a new tab. is a holiday park opposite Muirs Beach around Coles Bay at the East  Coast of Tasmania. The location is suitable for those who need to explore the wonders of  Tasmania. The area is famous for its historical features, natural beauty, scenery and  recreational facilities. The park is situated on 10 acres of natural bushland. That has made it  ideal for relaxation and family holidays. 

BIG4 Iluka on Freycinet was established by Alex and Rosalie Kain when they bought the park  in 1989. Their primary objective was to select a family-friendly caravan park and a popular holiday destination for the people of Tasmania. Since then, the park has witnessed commendable developments. New cabins and facilities  have now been built. The park is located near conveniences like a tavern, bistro, a shop, and a bakery.  

Part of the entertainment is a range of outdoor activities to treat the visitors. A portion of the area is used for berry farming hence the wine production. There is plenty of seafood sold around the adjacent restaurants.  

The Best Caravan Parks near Hobart 

If you’re looking for a campsite or RV site in the Hobart area, don’t go past these top four parks. Of course, this destination is a must-see for a touring holiday in Tasmania, with an abundance of historical sites to explore. 

Port Arthur Holiday Park 

Port Arthur Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. is located close to the Australian premier historical  site of Port Arthur. The site is close to the swimming beaches of Stewarts Bay, making it convenient for those who love swimming. It is close to the walkway that connects Cabin Park and the Port Arthur Historic SiteOpens in a new tab.

The park has a variety of accommodation packages to suit visitors’ preferences. The options  are Garden Cabins, Studio Cabins, Safari Tents and the Water View Cabins. The facility has a  recreational facility for visitors. Port Arthur Holiday Park also has a car-hire option for the mobility of their valued customers. 

The Port Arthur Holiday Park boasts facilities that are meant to bring together the family and bond over activities. The park’s Camp Kitchen and Woodfired Pizza Oven brings together the family over love of food and cooking. Show off your culinary prowess or get some wacky recipe ideas from your kids! 

If you’re looking for a physically engaging activity, then head on to the park’s BMX Pump Track with your bikes and scooters. Challenge yourselves to the track and develop or show off your skills. Lastly, the park’s self-guided convict trail is meant to be a much more slow paced activity for both solo goers and families. With the trail’s rich colonial history, you could take the time to learn and/or teach your kids a history lesson or two.

Huon Valley Caravan Park 

Huon Valley Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. consists of a collection of campsites around the area. It is situated  at Huonville on the shores of the Huon River. Huon Valley Caravan Park is also popular  because of the farming activities around the area. Part of the site is powered, while the rest  is not under an electricity supply. There is sufficient land for parking cars and caravans on  the site. 

Due to its proximity to the city of Hobart, people find it convenient to travel by bus. Besides  the other amenities, the place has a post office, banks, restaurants, and petrol stations. There is a supermarket and cafes around the main site for your shopping. In farming, dairy  cows produce the milk that supplies the local population. They also grow apples and  vegetables from the gardens that sustain the community. 

The park houses a slew of modern amenities that come standard in almost every caravan park today. The Huon Valley Caravan Park’s charm comes from its proximity to nature and wildlife points of interest, such as the Huon River, which allows the families to go kayaking and fishing; and the Mountain River, where families can enjoy the calm and serene environment. The park also offers  farm activities as well as Tasmanian Devil feeding everyday.

White Beach Tourist Park, Nubeena South 

White Beach Tourist ParkOpens in a new tab. is popular with tourists from all over Australia because of its quality facilities. The park is under the supply of electricity hence the rise of subsidiary businesses that rely on the power supply. There is a sufficient water supply to support activities like the laundry, restaurants, and other businesses. 

Partly, the site is designated for tents with an allowance for parking cars. Those booked on  the site will be issued with a code for the vehicle to go through the boom gate as a security  measure. Besides the security measures, from 10 pm to 7 am, the period is a quiet time. 

The White Beach Tourist Park has self powered cabins, powered sites, and unpowered sites, depending on the preference of the visitors. Due to being located within the area of Wedge Bay, visitors have direct access to the beach for water activities such as swimming, fishing, and kayaking, among others. 

It is also only a few minutes away from the Port Arthur Historic Site, and near the Tasman Peninsula Trails, Tasman Golf Club, and the Pennicott Wilderness where visitors can undertake a short trip to see the stunning coastlines of the Tasman Peninsula.

Barilla Holiday Park

Barilla Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. is situated in the Cambridge section of Tasmania. The site is a 15-minute  drive from the city of Hobart. The park is close to Hobart Airport for those who prefer to fly.  The place is designed for relaxation and holiday travel. 

Barilla Holiday Park offers a wide range of accommodation options such as cabins and  camping grounds. The park is ideal for family camping, with full entertainment for adults  and kids. 

The place is managed by staff with excellent customer service. The place is blessed with  many tourist attraction sites around the area. Some roads lead to popular tourist sites like  Richmond, Port Arthur, and the nearby golf courses. 

Barilla Holiday Park boasts a camping ground with provisions for both powered and unpowered sites, as well as modern facilities such as a children’s play area, a sheltered BBQ area, campers kitchen with TV, and a free Wi-Fi connection. The park is also near multiple attractions such as the Putt and Play mini golf site, oyster farm harvests (which are considered to be home to the best Pacific Oysters in the world), great Coal Valley wineries, and some nearby beaches for water activities. The park is well equipped to be your family’s  next destination for the holiday season.

The Best Caravan Parks in Northwest Tasmania  

There are plenty of good Caravan Parks in Northwest Tasmania, but most have family friendly amenities. The sites have sufficient security measures to guarantee your safety and  valuable property. 

Discovery Holiday Park Cradle Mountain 

Discovery Holiday Park Cradle MountainOpens in a new tab. is located convenient to one of Australia’s popular holiday destinations, the Cradle Mountain National Park. Discovery Holiday Park Cradle Mountain does not have the most number of facilities nor the most sophisticated ones, but it makes up for this due to its beautiful location and world class scenery. 

It houses the usual facilities of BBQ, camp kitchen, and some kiosks and stores. The park is notably home to the famous Overland Track, which spans more than 160,000 hectares with both guided and non-guided walks for individuals of all skill levels. Canoe tours, horseback trail rides, as well as helicopter flights are also available in the area for the adventure seeking individuals.

Besides the mainstream activities, one can go fishing. There is also a place for supervised  kids’ entertainment, including swimming areas. For those who love sports, there is a  playground convenient for different sporting disciplines. 

Zeehan Caravan Park 

Zeehan Bush CampOpens in a new tab. offers decent accommodation for its guests from a relaxing bush  setting. Its location makes it easier to commute to the West coast towns. The guest can relax in a bushy environment, listening to the natural sounds of the birds. 

The parks are for both short  and long-stay alternatives. There are powered caravans, campervans, and trailers to choose from, as well as glamping accommodation from November 1st to April 30th each year. 

The Zeehan Caravan Park houses a generous amount of shared facilities such as a communal kitchen with a large oven, a solid-fuel stove (which also doubles as the game room, containing the table football set), and the playground for children. There is ample space for some BBQ nights as well. Near the park you will see the West Coast Heritage CentreOpens in a new tab., where you can trek or cycle depending on your preference.

Gowrie Park Wilderness Village 

Gowrie Park Wilderness VillageOpens in a new tab. is where nature is celebrated to the extent that they refer to  the facility as the ‘Wilderness Village’. The place is decorated with excellent  accommodation, luxury cabins, caravan parks and Backpackers. 

Experts in the tourism and recreational industry manage the site. Their pricing is designed to  accommodate people with different income levels. 

The accommodation is available at any given moment. One can make a pre-booking or book  on the site, and there is always time to facilitate your accommodation. Gowrie Park  Wilderness Village accommodates single visitors, small and large families given an  assortment of rooms and settings to fit your needs.  

Gowrie Park Wilderness Village offers both cabins and powered/unpowered sites. The cabins themselves offer the complete suite of basic facilities such as toilets, showers, kitchen with microwave and cooktop, television, and beds. The sites on the other hand offer a different experience, such as camp kitchens, games/TV rooms, and BBQ areas. The park is pet friendly and is located near notable locations – it’s perfect for camping near Cradle Mountain National Park as well as Mount Roland Range, and Lake Barrington.

Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park, Stanley 

Stanley Cabin and Tourist ParkOpens in a new tab. is an award-winning accommodation facility in Tasmania. The  park is ideal for a family holiday with a choice for staying in a cabin, bedsitter or some may  opt to bring their caravan or tents for the occasion. Some of our sites are powered, others have boardrooms for meetings/bookings. Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park also have free Wi Fi access and overhead digital presentation facilities for small scale conferences.  

For those on a romantic getaway, Stanley Cabin and Tourist park is a great romantic honeymoon location near the beaches. The beaches have hotels, shops, and restaurants within walking distance. Stanley’s beaches have fantastic fishing sites, or one can buy fresh seafood from the shops close to the site.  

The Best Caravan Parks near Launceston 

The Best Caravan Parks near Launceston offer a range of excellent options for visitors. The  options include accommodation packages, recreational activities, discounts, and menu  options to suit different eating cultures.  

Launceston Holiday Park Legana 

Launceston Holiday Park LeganaOpens in a new tab. is situated on eight acres of parkland. It is 10 km northwest  of Launceston. Visiting Launceston city becomes easy due to the proximity and the  availability of a good transport network. 

In terms of accommodation options, there is a variety to choose from. At Launceston Holiday Park Legana, one can opt for cabins ranging from a single bedroom to a two bedroom accommodating up to four people. They also have powered sites with the option of pitching tents. 

All the accommodation packages are budget-friendly, taking into consideration variances in  income. There are plenty of local attraction sites which make your visit a dream trip. 

You’ll find a range of different amenities at Launceston Holiday Park Legana, such as free gas BBQ and hotplates, a camp kitchen area which includes a fridge, microwave, toaster, and kettle, and nearby kiosks for basic purchases. A games room is also present to keep the kids occupied while you find time to relax. 

There are a couple of nearby locations you may want to visit as well, such as the Legana Tavern (sports bar), the Legana Hair and Beauty Salon, and the Woolworths Supermarket, among others.

BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday and Native Wildlife Park 

BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday and Native Wildlife ParkOpens in a new tab. offer various options for those serious  about holiday travel. The parks are all over Australia, with Tasmania topping the list of the  most sought-after destinations. This is one of the few facilities offering pet-friendly parks for  clients who prefer to take their pets for a holiday. 

They have a platform for tips and advice for visitors. That will assist visitors in terms of  strategies for navigating the gateways during the tours. They also offer a membership  package that allows you to save up to $50 each time you book with BIG4 Kelso Sands  Holiday and Native Wildlife Park.  

Among the main attractions of the BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday and Native Wildlife Park are the solar swimming pool and the large play areas where adults and kids alike can play volleyball, as well as a soccer field and a basketball court. Basic facilities are also found in the park, such as camp kitchens, free Wi-Fi, walking tracks, and wildlife viewing. For families looking for more bonding activities, there is a facility for Bocce, face painting activities, and unpowered Go Karts.

Bridport Holiday Park 

Bridport Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. offers various services for the convenience of anybody desiring a  perfect holiday. Bridport Holiday Park has a team of friendly and professional staff to manage all your holiday and camping needs. The staff will also provide all the information  required to enjoy your time away from home. 

The accommodation is reasonably priced to match the budget of every customer. We have  hotels, apartments, resorts, and Villas. With five-star ratings, our accommodation has all the  facilities to make your bookings worthwhile. The accommodation is world class with  professionally cleaned to make your stay sensible.  

The Bridport Holiday Park contains a lot of the usual facilities you would expect to have in a caravan park – children’s playground, laundry provisions, and an undercover BBQ area. There is an herb garden for individuals with a green thumb, a tennis court for the sporty, and bikes and boogie boards for hire for the adventurous. There are also wheelchair accessible facilities which means you can bring PWD friends or relatives and they will enjoy the trip just as much. If you’re bringing your kids with you, there is a nearby ice creamery and kiosk to satiate their sweet tooth. 

Discovery Holiday Parks Devonport 

Located in one of the most preferred holiday destinations, Discovery Holiday Parks  DevonportOpens in a new tab. has a flair for an elegant outing. The park offers packages ranging from outdoor  sports to everything in between. 

The park houses the basic facilities expected of a caravan park and more. You get the camp kitchen, a BBQ area, laundry provisions, free Wi-Fi, an activity room, laundry provisions, and nearby kiosks. There is also a bouncing pillow area and playground for your kids should they have the energy to play around. One of the main attractions of the park is its proximity to a wide variety of locations and activities, which include the Devonport Regional GalleryOpens in a new tab., the Hellyers Road Distillery, the Seven Sheds Brewery Meadery Hop Garden, and the Bass Strait Maritime CentreOpens in a new tab., among others.

To make your trip especially friendly on the budget, Discovery Parks frequently offer promotions as well as ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ options. 

Latrobe Mersey River Caravan Park and Working Hostel 

Latrobe Mersey River Caravan Park and Working Hostel is situated near Devonport, near the  Bells Parade River in the Patrobe area. It is a magnificent town with facilities for many  caravan parks. The town offers free parking for visitors, free wine, and a self-service laundry  for valued tourists. 

The park has hostel and cabin accommodations, as well as both powered and unpowered sites. Amidst the usual facilities such as a BBQ facility, and a large covered camp kitchen, the park is located in a location that is surrounded by pleasant gardens, and near both the CBD and the Ferry Terminal for accessibility. 

The park is often used as a central base for visiting the state’s northern  attractions, such as the Axeman’s Hall of Fame, and the Trout and Platypus Interpretation Centre, where the family can bond together. 

Best Pet Friendly Caravan Parks in Tasmania 

Pet friendly caravan parks in Tasmania include:

  • St. Helens Caravan Park – This park contains pet friendly cabins specifically made and designed to take the family’s furry friends into consideration. Remember that this cabin will have to be specifically booked through a call since they are not offered through online booking platforms. These cabins also charge a $25 cleaning fee due to all the fur and/ or waste your pets may leave behind.
  • BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday and Native Wildlife Park – This park specifically houses pet friendly parks for families, couples, and/ or individuals who prefer to travel with their dog. 

Best Big 4 Holiday Parks Tasmania  

Some of the notable BIG4 holiday parks in Tasmania include:

  • BIG4 St. Helens Caravan Park – This park makes it into the list of being among the best BIG4 Holiday Parks in the state just by the numerous awards it has won, such as the Reader’s Choice Award (2020), Best Park Award (2021), and the No. 1 Holiday Park in Tasmania Award, among others. The long list of awards this park has is a testament not only to its facilities, but also to the service given by its employees/ staff.
  • BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday and Native Wildlife Park – Once again this park comes to the top of the list due to the variety of facilities and activities that are available to its clients. This park is unmatched in terms of the sports facilities available – including a soccer field, basketball court, volleyball area, solar swimming pool, and Bocce area, among others.

Are there Free Caravan Parks in Tasmania?  

Absolutely. There are free caravan parks and campsites in Tasmania. Some of them are located near the  ocean, along the rivers and nearby magnificent lakes. Others are close to wineries and pubs.  Some of the free camping sites in Tasmania include the following:

  • Bay of Fires
  • Swimcart Beach
  • Pondering Frog
  • Bicheno
  • Friendly Beaches
  • Freycinet National Park
  • Spring Bay Hotel
  • Triabunna

Related Questions 

Can you camp anywhere in Tasmania?

Yes. You can park your campervan anywhere in Tasmania so long as there aren’t any signages around that prohibit parking. Wild camping using a tent is also legal in the state, so long as you follow the usual rules such as being discreet enough and not trespassing over private property such as farmlands.

How many caravan parks are there in Tasmania?

Caravan Industry Australia Tasmania (CIAT)Opens in a new tab. lists 91 commercial caravan and holiday parks in Tasmania as of 2009, totalling almost 5000 campsites available. The caravan parks are in  different locations around the state. Most of them offer cabin accommodation, powered  sites, and non-powered options for tent camping.

Can you live permanently in a caravan park in Tasmania?

You are legally permitted to live permanently in a caravan only when you have a licence. You  can also live in a caravan if you are based on a private property with a licence from your  local authorities. Without a licence, the law compels you to move to a different location  after every 30 days.  

Tourism Tasmania reports that the average length of a caravan trip in Tasmania is 30 days, but with a typical stay in each location of just two nights. 

When is the best time to caravan in Tasmania? 

An ideal time for caravaning in Tasmania is from December to March. The reason is that it is  the summer season, hence the weather will be mild with limited cloud cover and perfect for outdoor adventures. Tourism Tasmania reports that the Easter holidays are the busiest period for caravan parks, so you may struggle to find a last-minute booking, while winter is the quietest season. 

How much is a powered caravan site in Tasmania?

It depends on the caravan site. High end or luxurious caravan parks will cost more, but the general average sits around $35 to $65 per night, and the inclusions that come with the site will again depend on the specific caravan park you are staying at. 

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