19 Best Caravan Parks in Western Australia: Where to Stay in WA

You’ve decided to pick Western Australia as your next caravanning stay- good choice! The biggest state in Australia is just brimming with diversity, insane rock formations, and crystal oceans and rivers that you’ve just gotta see to believe.

While this is obviously true for the whole of Australia, WA is definitely the ‘road less travelled’ when it comes to a holiday destination, which means the outback is all yours. Whether you’re planning a Western Australia road trip itinerary or visiting friends and family, as long as you’re caravanning, you’ve definitely come to the right article! 

I’m going to outline the BEST caravan parks in the state as picked by our experts, and also tell you a little bit about what it’s like to camp in WA. 

We’ve gone pretty comprehensive with it, so whether you’re planning on going to Perth, South West WA, Northern WA or anywhere else, along with any-number of friends/family, our list will definitely have a park just perfect for you.

Read on for our shortlist of Western Australia’s best caravan and holiday parks! 

Is Western Australia Good for Caravanning?

Caravanning in WA is the best deal you can get in the whole of Australia. It has excitement, beautiful and brilliant flora and fauna, and a zillion unique experiences just waiting for you. It’s also one of Australia’s most affordable caravanning destinations.  

Yeah! The state is, at least according to maths-whizzes over the Australian Treasury department, the most affordable of them all!Opens in a new tab. So that means you’ll get all the extraordinary scenery, without having to pay extraordinary high prices. 

As for the experience of actually caravanning, WA is a brilliant destination mainly because of the diversity of options available to you. If you want to absorb some culture in the city? Well, Perth has a bustling coffee scene and art galleries upon art galleries – and you can find plenty of great outdoor activities in the Perth region too. 

If you want to get away from it all? Well the Great Outback is just a step away! The best part is that you can do it all, you’re not forced into one type of adventure if you get a little bored after a while. 

The Best Caravan Parks in Perth

Perth is the capital of WA, and an amazing holiday destination, home to landmarks like the Fremantle Prison, gold-rush architecture, and the historical city centre. You’ll find plenty of fun activities for kids and teenagers in Perth, as well as more refined pursuits for older travellers.

From beach camping in Perth to family holiday parks, there’s something for everyone on this list. If you’ve decided to caravan, whether it be for excitement of getting out of the house, or just plain affordability, we’ve definitely got a caravan park here that’s right for you.

Tip: While visiting Perth, don’t miss a trip out to Rottnest Island, just 25 minutes from Fremantle. 

Discovery Parks Swan Valley

This fancy park is located right in the heart of Swan Valley, a famous wine region in WA. It’s 25 minutes from Perth CBD, and a hop/skip away from the famous Perth vineyards, where you can take the Delicious Food and Wine Trail, which takes you across over 150 wineries and restaurants.

Discovery Parks Swan ValleyOpens in a new tab. also has every amenity imaginable, including WI-FI, a playground (for the kids!), a huge swimming pool, and a free BBQ. It’s the perfect place to take a special someone, or the whole family, to taste scrumptious food and wine with.

BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Busselton

This park is also very close to the CBD and Swan Valley, but has the added bonus of being right next to the beach! The BIG4 Breeze Holiday Park BusseltonOpens in a new tab. is located in the  quaint and cute seaside town of Busselton, which is famed for housing the jetty that is the longest in the whole of Australia, as well as non-stop artistic and musical festivals. 

The park offers beachy cabins, as well as caravanning options, where the beach is quite literally a five minute walk away. The perfect place for a sandy getaway! 

Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park

Mandurah Caravan & Tourist ParkOpens in a new tab. is a family-oriented caravan park fifty minutes south of Perth with caravan, camping, and private ensuite options. It’s got some great ‘bang-for-buck’ deals, and offers massive savings, as well as free days, no-matter the length of your stay. The kids will be able to play to their heart’s content in the heated pool, bouncy castle, and huge playground.

For adults, there’s also the option to experience the excitement and adventure of one of WA’s best fishing spots, with the park being extremely close to famed fishing waterways. In addition to fishing the estuary, consider fishing at Preston Beach between Mandurah and Bunbury. 

With plenty of family friendly activities, Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park is definitely a top choice for those with kids! 

The Best Caravan Parks South West WA

If you’re headed to South-West WA, we’ve got you covered. These holiday/caravan parks will park you right next to the seaside, as well as a ton of Indigenous history! On your trip south of Perth, don’t miss the sandy dunes of Dunsborough Beach

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

This park is right next to famous tourist destination ‘Hamelin Bay’, where you can swim, whether it be with sharks, fishes or the reef, to your heart’s content. There’s over one-hundred powered camping and caravan sites, as well as cottages with a direct view of the bay! 

If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, Hamelin Bay Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. also offers activities and adventures organised from your caravan HQ, including snorkelling, diving and boating. Definitely the best place to take your loved ones if you’re getting a little annoyed with waking up to the cars and alarms of industrialised society.

Taunton Farm Holiday Park

What makes Taunton Farm Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. unique? This family friendly holiday park gives you insight into life on an Australian farm! You’ll be able to stay right on an active farm, sharing space with cute little goats and cows that will have your kids saying “Please may we take him home?”

If all those animals sound a bit messy, worry not, because the park also offers caravan placements which are a little secluded, so you don’t always have to worry about getting into the thick of it. For the adults of the family, there’s also wine-tasting right next door, with the park being located smack bang in the middle of the Margaret Valley Wine Region.

Nanga Brook Campsite

Nanga-Brook CampsiteOpens in a new tab. is definitely the place to go if you want a real hearty outback adventure. It’s located in the middle of forest, far-far away from the city, where you’ll be able to spot koalas, birds and possums playing amongst the trees. It’s also only $11 dollars a night (for an adult)!

As for activities, Nanga-Brook appeals to those with a bit of a wild side. So if mountain-biking, hiking, and just generally being in the book sounds like your jam, get in your car and get going already. You can book your stay through the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Peaceful Bay Caravan Park

Peaceful Bay Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. offers you the chance to see the rugged and wild WA south coast, without having to get too wild! Peaceful Bay is the hot-spot holiday destination for those who want something a bit more, well, peaceful! There’s tranquil live music, a bright blue empty beach, as well as powered grass camping/caravan sites. 

Furthermore, the seven hectare space means that the sites are separated from each other by quite a bit. That way, your relaxation won’t ever be disturbed! If that sounds blissful, you can take a look at the beautiful bay in question and book on the website. 

Big Brook Arboretum

The Big Brook Arboretum camping siteOpens in a new tab. is deep in the Australian wilderness, and inside the Big Brook State Forest. It’s mainly for those looking to walk the trails of the Karri Forest Explorer Track, as well as the Bibbulmun, two of the best hiking options in the whole state! The walk will take you right next to gargantuan redwoods, as well as bustling flora and fauna.

Notably, campsites are unpowered, and water is not provided, so this one is definitely for those of us craving a little adventure. You can book a stay through the WA Department of Parks.

Mandalay Holiday Resort & Caravan Park

If you’re looking for something resembling ‘glamping’ – that is, camping or caravanning with the glamour of services like a spa and resort facilities – Mandalay Holiday ResortOpens in a new tab. should be where you book! 

The facilities are rated 4.5 stars and don’t discriminate on age when it comes to activities offered. For kids there’s a waterpark, and for adults, there’s massage parlours and relaxation seminars. Mandalay, and the beach right next door, will have you truly understanding the meaning of the word luxury! 

Esperance Seafront Caravan Park

As with all the best caravan spots in south WA, Esperance Seafront Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is just a minute away from the beach! There’s three main accommodation types, En-suite cabins, “regular cabins” (perfect for you and a lover), as well as regular powered caravan sites. 

The best part about this place specifically is that you don’t need to give up anything you love from home to get a caravanning experience, with the park being extremely close to a town, as well as grocery stores. If you’re planning on visiting the cape of Australia, we highly recommend you consider camping at Esperance Beach

The Best Caravan Parks in Northern WA

If your caravanning journey, or holiday plans, have directed you up to Northern WA, see below for our picks as the best caravan and camping parks! From the Karijini National Park to Geraldton Beach and Broome, there’s plenty to see up North. Off-road enthusiasts shouldn’t miss 4WD camping in the Kalbarri for a real outback experience. 

Lake Argyle Caravan and Camping Park

The Lake Argyle Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is, as the name would hint, the best place to stay for one looking to visit the famous East Kimberley lake – Lake Argyle. The park offers cruises, as well as tours, of the lake, which can be as relaxing or informational as you desire. Your caravan/campsite will be parked right next to protected wildlife walks, where you can enjoy a relaxing hike, or look out for some of Australia’s rarest bird species.

Unfortunately, as it is the premier park in the specific East Kimberley region, spots are pretty limited. However, it’s easy to understand why! One look at the beautiful pictures of the surrounding area and you’ll truly understand why everyone is fighting over a booking!

Seaspray Beach Holiday Park

This Holiday Park is the only destination in the WHOLE of Dongera where you can actually stay next to the surrounding water’s edge. As for where you’ll sleep, the park has luxury accommodation, as well as powered camping/caravanning, with the website detailing a laundry list of amenities/services so long, you’ll forget you’re not reading about the most fancy-pants resort on the planet!

So if you want to get your hair wet, or perhaps just sit in a spare during your holiday, you can book a stay at Seaspray Beach Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab..

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

Located in the eye of the storm that is the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, a stay at Monkey Mia’s Dolphin ResortOpens in a new tab. is your chance to snorkel in one of Australia’s biggest and most beautiful reefs.

For those of us a little less wild, there’s also relaxation options, such as spa’s, massages, and other glamorous resort options. This spot is definitely of the ‘higher-end’ in terms of quality, but you get what you pay for! Come up and treat yourself. 

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park 

The Exmouth Cape is one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why! You can swim, hike, and even (if you’re lucky) catch glimpses of the extremely rare whale-shark.

This holiday park offers you the chance to visit the brilliant place that is Exmouth, offering cabins and powered caravan sites that have direct access to travel options that will take you up to ‘UNESCO Heritage Protected’ natural wonders.

If you’re planning to visit Exmouth, or have just been convinced by my little pitch, the amenities and location at RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. are unmatched!

Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay

The Peoples Park Caravan VillageOpens in a new tab. is located a stone’s throw away (five minute walk!) from the beautiful and brilliant reefs of Coral Bay. Its excellent location allows you to visit one of Australia’s premier reefs for extremely affordable prices.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay for the low-prices with low-amenities, with the caravan park having access to BBQ’s, laundry, a beach trail, a pool, among many other ‘must-haves’. The park is so in demand that you have to book a year in advance!

Given the high-demand however, we recommend that this park is most likely suited for those who have had visiting Coral Bay on their bucket list for a while.

Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Jurien Bay Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is placed on the direct coast, a relaxing 2.5 hour beachside drive away from Perth city. This means you’ll be able to participate in the wonders of the bay (swimming, snorkelling, etc) without having to drive deep into the outback! 

This park is best suited for families, with the playground, family swimming tours, free WI-FI (for the teens), providing hours of entertainment to keep the mob busy. There’s also the option for adventure, with the park providing access to premier mountain-biking and hiking trails! It’s also affordable, with plenty of specials on offer year-round.

The Best Caravan Parks in Regional WA

If you’re interested in the outback, and the glorious unmatched natural landmarks wherein, regional WA is the area for you! Our picks for the best caravan parks in the region are below.

Wave Rock Caravan Park

Wave Rock Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. is the upmarket, “premium” option when it comes to visiting and caravanning in Hyden. This area is home of the famous ‘Wave Rock’, a legitimate natural marvel that will leave you googling its history for years to come. 

Unlike other stay options (such as camping out in the wilderness), the caravan park won’t leave you covered in red-dirt, which we promise is extremely hard to get out of clothes. So save yourself a fortune in laundry fees, and treat yourself to powered caravanning with access to a camp kitchen, and the Wave Rock ticket purchasing kiosk.

BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park

BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. is operated by the BIG4 company, the most well-reviewed of Australia’s major caravan services. This means you can expect quality, comfort, and even a bloody waterpark! 

Furthermore, the location is also excellent, with the beaches nearby being voted as some of Australia’s best (and we all know just how many beaches there are in Australia). To book a stay here, or to read a little more about the place, check out their website which has numerous beautiful photos of the scenery surrounding the beach town of Albany.

Best Water Park Caravan Parks in Western Australia

If you would like your caravan park to have a water-park, perfect for a cheeky lil bit of fun for you or your children, we recommend the Mandalay Holiday Resort & Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab. or any of the parks owned by the BIG4.Opens in a new tab.

Best Family Caravan Parks in Western Australia

If you need a place to bring the kids, and keep them entertained while you’re there, you can’t go wrong with either Taunton Farm Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. or Jurien Bay Tourist ParkOpens in a new tab., both of which offer activities specifically for families.

Best Dog Friendly Caravan Parks in Western Australia

If you would like to take your pet travelling, we recommend Wave Rock Caravan ParkOpens in a new tab., which allows you to see one of Australia’s most amazing natural landmarks without having to leave your dog at home!

Best Big 4 Caravan Parks in Western Australia

The best of the BIG 4 Caravan Parks in Western Australia is definitely the BusseltonOpens in a new tab. location, as it just has the best of all worlds – access to beaches, without having to go too far from the city! You really can’t go wrong with any of these locations though, the BIG4 company is pretty famous for its quality and consistency of service.

Related Questions

Can you camp anywhere in Western Australia?

The answer is… sort of! While you can definitely camp at any different area, you are only permitted by WA law as being allowed to camp at a place designated as a campsite or resting zone.

Are there free caravan parks in Western Australia?

The answer is yes! These free caravan parks are mainly located in publicly owned areas, such as national parks. However, these places are usually low on amenities/services, and generally operate on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

When is the Perth Caravan & Camping Show?

The Perth Caravan & Camping ShowOpens in a new tab. is finally back after a COVID-19 hiatus! So if you want to rub elbows with other people who love the camping/caravanning lifestyle as much as yourself, get down to the Claremont showground in Perth between the 17th to the 21st of March 2023. 

Which caravan parks are close to Margaret River?

The Taunton Farm Holiday ParkOpens in a new tab. is right within the Margaret region, and you can definitely visit the river if you stay there! So, if you want to see the shimmering river line, get yourself down to the farm. 

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