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There are a lot of beautiful places to explore in Western Australia that you will witness beautiful sights and unforgettable experiences if you have ever gotten there – one of those places is Geraldton. The town has built up itself as a contemporary coastal hub of cafés, shops, street art and displays and the primary city on the Coral Coast. The sunny weather and the city’s beaches make guests hoping to absorb the sun on perfect shores and a decent hotspot for water sports lovers.

Also, the perfect area to get to the Coral Coast’s carpets of wildflowers, which are in full sprout in pre-spring and late winter is Geraldton. It is an excellent base, especially if you want to explore the Coral Coast district.

Here is an overview of beach campgrounds near Geraldton:

  • Milligan Island Eco Camping
  • Flat Rocks Beach Campground
  • Cliff Head North Campground
  • Sandy Cape Campground
  • Lucky bay, Kalbarri
  • Monkey Mia
  • Francois Peron National Park

Are you ready for an adventure in Western Australia? Enjoy reading this content and get ready to explore new things.

How Do I Get to Geraldton?

Geraldton is 424 kilometres north of Perth. From Perth, you can travel to Geraldton two times per day on weekdays and once daily on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other hand, along the Indian Ocean Drive, it is a 4.5-hour drive to the north from Perth. With a hop on and off the bus well known with the backpacker market, the district is likewise supported by Integrity coach lines. There are only two different routes that are accessible if you’re using a car.

I recommend taking via State Route 60 with only 415-kilometre distance because it only takes you 4 hours and 23 minutes to get to Geraldton.

  • Take Roe St to Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2 in West Perth
  • Take State Route 60 to Cathedral Avenue Geraldton
  • Drive to Cathedral Ave

The alternative route is to take via Brand Hwy with a 432-kilometre distance, and it takes around 4 hours and 32 minutes to arrive in Geraldton.

  • Get on Tonkin Hwy in Muchea from State Route 51
  • Follow Brand Hwy to Cathedral Avenue Geraldton
  • Drive to Cathedral Ave

What Should I Know About Geraldton?

A coastal city in the Mid-West sector of the Australian state of Western Australia is Geraldton (casually shortened to Gero). It is 424 kilometres (263 mi) north of the state capital, Perth. Geraldton had an urban population of 37,648 in June 2018. It similarly arranges the town of Mullewa, Walkaway and massive local districts previously shaping the shires of Greenough and Mullewa.

Geraldton is wealthy in West Australian culture and history and has gradually become increasingly more famous as a must-visit traveller destination north of Perth. The Port of Geraldton is a primary west coast seaport. Geraldton is a significant help and logistics centre for territorial mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and the travel industries. The charming town is found right on the beachfront and has a scope of water and inland activities accessible for guests all year.

In Geraldton, it is about the way of life! It is what carries individuals to Geraldton and what makes them love to stay. It makes for the ideal seashore lifestyle, and Geraldton’s dazzling coastline fascinates individuals from everywhere throughout the world.

With an excellent Mediterranean atmosphere, the sun sparkles most of the time. In winter, the temperature standards are around 20oC and 33oC in summer. Regardless of whether it is water sports, a spot of fishing, saying hello with our friendly Sea Lions or just to unwind on their world-class seashores.

Clear proof has set up indigenous individuals living on the west coast of Australia for at least 40,000 years. Though at present, it is uncertain when the primary indigenous individuals may have initially explored and lived in and around Geraldton. The provincial Aboriginal individuals local to the district surrounding Geraldton are known as “Yamatji” or “Wajarri” individuals.

The Wajarri nation is inland from Geraldton and reaches out as far south and west as Mullewa, north to Gascoyne Junction and east to Meekatharra. The Aboriginal individuals of the Murchison-Gascoyne district were instrumental in helping early pilgrims in the region in recognizing permanent water sources. They worked in the fishing, pearling and peaceful industries.

The Wajarri nation is inland from Geraldton and reaches out as far south and west as Mullewa, north to Gascoyne Junction and east to Meekatharra. The Aboriginal individuals of the Murchison-Gascoyne district were instrumental in helping early pilgrims in the region in recognizing permanent water sources. They worked in the fishing, pearling and peaceful industries.

How Are the Campgrounds in Geraldton?

Would you be able to consider anything better than waking up close to the pounding surf, taking in that ocean air, and feeling that unmatched relation with nature? Make your next beach outdoors trip a booming accomplishment with these essential spots.

Milligan Island Eco Camping, Green Head

It is a short drive from Green Head and Perth, and the tour is about 250km with around 2 hours and 45-minute driving time for the individuals who like to take it officially on Indian Ocean Drive. The mood killer is well-signed, and the street into the campground is a short drive on an open road. Access is appropriate for 2WDs except if you need to come in through the coast and the open street from Green Head.

Flat Rocks Beach Campground

The Flat Rocks Beach Campground is one of the must-visit camping spots if you want to go surfing and fishing. Also, the camp only has necessary facilities like toilets. This campground is also one of the extraordinary fishing spots close to Geraldton. Also, huge Mulloway can be brought in this coast, but you need to pick your spots.

The reef can catch your line to the point of surrendering in certain spots. Only north of the campsite, you will discover a few holes between the reef which are very worthwhile. One great thing to do is to swim out onto the shallower areas of the reef, search for the edges and deeper sections.

Whiting, herring and tailor are likewise in huge numbers here. In case you are a 4WD lover, a lot of tracks can be explored here, and they lead to different destinations, with a variety of obstacles. A few areas are exceptionally delicate, and there are some well-sized dunes, so ensure you are ready for sand driving.

Cliff Head North Campground

Cliff Head North Campground has a free campsite on the coast which is appropriate for Caravans. The outdoors area is level, however for the most part sand, and given the low scrub, not a great deal of shade. It is not a terrible spot for fishing even though the weed can make it somewhat troublesome from the shore.

There are numerous satisfactory different spots around this spot, particularly when you have a 4WD. It may require doing some exploration to find them.

Sandy Cape Campground

The passage to Sandy Cape is a short drive north of Jurien Bay, around 20 minutes. The camp hosts will put a sign at the entrance of the grounds that are already crowded, which frequently occurs on ends of the week, public occasions and school vacations. So basically, whenever which is not a standard working week.

At the hour of composing, the way to the camping areas is unlocked, and it takes an additional 10 minutes to get to the campground. It is well-signed, with a great, brown traveller sign. Not a long way from the grounds is an information stop with containers and a dump point.

Lucky Bay, Kalbarri

This place is a famous spot for beach campers and the individuals who desire a dose of adrenaline on their coastal stopovers. On account of an outer reef along the length of the cove, it is incredible for swimming and snorkelling spots, while the dunes give insurance from the breeze and a lot of fun for motorbike and dune lovers.

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia, on the edge of the Francois Peron National Park, is one of Western Australia’s most acclaimed vacation destinations. The Monkey Mia Experience is handled by Western Australia Parks and Wildlife, where you can remain in knee-deep water and see wild bottlenose dolphins, who visit each morning. Park Rangers will attempt a finite number of new fish for hand feeding by a fortunate few individuals.

A most loved spot for families and those not merely hoping to see the well-known dolphins, Denham and Monkey Mia, offers campers extraordinary seashores, and red dune walks paths and dazzling views.

Francois Peron National Park

In case you’re wondering where the red dunes meet the ocean in Western Australia, Francois Peron National Park inside the Shark Bay World Heritage zone is the spot. The Big Lagoon has an extraordinary outdoors place. It is an incredible jumping-off point for a portion of the state’s best kayaking and paddling, while Cape Peron and Skipjack Point Lookout offer impressive views rare to our little corner of the world.

You can learn more about the beach campgrounds in Geraldton here.

Where Can I Take A Bushwalk in Geraldton?

Bushwalking in the Geraldton area is best restricted to May through to September when the climate isn’t excessively warm. Here are some of the walks:

  • This Walk is a 16km loop along the sealed road starting from the Northwest Coastal Highway and ends on Coronation Beach.  Just park off in the car park then have an 8-kilometre walk to the beach, have a good lunch and a fun swim and lastly, enjoy the view then walk back. It is best done on a weekend morning because it has less road traffic and the best time of the year is July – August for flowering Wattles and Hakeas.
  • White Peak is a refreshing walk with low ground covers and some pretty cool rock formations though it is short. White Peak is partially ploughed fields and stands out like a giant pimple amongst the real estate signs. It is still covered in native vegetation and home to a few roots and wallabies.
  • The Greenough Rivermouth Walk is a local treasure. For the fit walker, it is a suitable 3-4 hours circuit with great views over the water. You’ll see pelicans and herons, likely see some ospreys, either perched on the nest or hunting and you will see various other raptors in the region as well. It is a long way back if you haven’t checked whether the river mouth is passable though, so be sure to do so before heading out.
  • The Chapman River trail is best appreciated when all the wildflowers are blooming because it tends to have a lot of flies, so a day with a bit of a breeze is better or wear a flynet. The trail features several interpretive signs, nesting boxes and trail markers. These are some examples of how they can help make the visitors journey a more enjoyable and informative one and how an Envirofund grant can create local benefits.
  • The Moresby Ranges is private property, but the owner is attempting to get the government to purchase the land for recreational use and certainly has excellent views. Forbes is pretty amenable to responsible users through access by permission only. Sweeping vistas frame the intricate beauty of native flowering plants and birds from the Moresby Range are visible as well as the Indian Ocean.

What Are the Other Things That Can I Do in Geraldton?

Geraldton is wealthy in West Australian history and culture and has gradually become increasingly more well known as an absolute essential to visit vacationer destinations north of Perth. The welcoming town is found right on the beachfront and has a scope of water and inland activities accessible for guests all year. 

So, here are some of the things that you can do in Geraldton:

  • Head to the town’s attractions. The City of Greater Geraldton, including Greenough, Walkaway and Mullewa, has a population over 41,000. There are a vast number of things to see and do from the coastline to inland.
  • Take a tour. Going on a tour is one of the best ways to explore Geraldton and Mid-West. Talk to our helpful staff at the Geraldton Visitor Centre or the friendly team at Geraldton Belair Gardens Caravan Park, and they will find the tour that is fit for your taste.
  • Explore the trails and look for wildflowers. There are more than 12,000 types of wildflowers in Western Australia, making it the world’s biggest collection of wildflowers. 60% of Western Australian wildflowers are nowhere to be discovered on any place on Earth. Summerstar has plenty of trails to explore in walking distance.
  • Try water activities. Geraldton Belair Gardens Caravan Park is located in the beautiful West End surrounded by protected beaches. Pages Beach, our closest beach, is a popular swimming and fishing location and is protected from the southerly winds.
  • Go to art galleries and participate in cultural and entertainment events. Geraldton has a cultural scene that includes several galleries, the Queens Park Theatre and a vast collection of public art just around the corner from Summerstar Belair Gardens Caravan Park and thriving art.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Geraldton?

The best ideal opportunity to visit Geraldton in Australia is from January until June and September until December when you’ll have a pleasant or warm temperature and constant rainfall. The highest moderate temperature in Geraldton is 31°C in February, and the least is 19°C in July. The water temperature is somewhere in the range of 11°C and 30°C.

What Do Other Tourists Say About Geraldton?

“We remained at this caravan park in May 2019. We have remained here regularly as a drive-through overnight to have a break on our wander. It was never marvellous and was sensibly priced. We were amazed to see the numerous upgrades that the new owners have made to the grounds. It is set out, and solid slabs have been put, new BBQ spots, a pool, simply neater and additionally welcoming. Credit goes to the new owners on the enhancements they have done. We are settling here on 25th October, so will be quick to look at what has been done since our last visit.” -Wendy M. (TripAdvisor)

Related Questions

What Is Geraldton Known For?

Geraldton is otherwise called the windsurfing capital of Australia for its steady summer winds, especially at Coronation Beach, 30 kilometres north of the city, which is supposed to be one of the world’s best three beaches for athletics.

Is It Safe to Swim at Monkey Mia?

At Monkey Mia, dolphins visit the coast to collaborate with guests as they have accomplished for over forty years. While feeding is permitted with guidance, guests can’t swim with the dolphins. Remain close by at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

Why Is Geraldton So Windy?

Given Geraldton is legitimately downwind from Southgate’s sandhills, encircled by broadacre agriculture, and has a hectic port in town but dust is an apparent reason. Additionally, Geraldton is directly on the coast and is so breezy that the trees grow sideways, so an excellent level of the particles in the air is ocean salt.

Is Geraldton An Excellent Place to Live?

Geraldton is an incredible spot to live in. The seashores are great, and the entire foreshore place has been redeveloped. You don’t have the issue of being stranded in rush hour, and you can get from Cape Burney to Drummonds in just 15 mins. Marine Tce and the West End have been renewed, and there’s a ton of innovations, independent cafes and art projects that are occurring.

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