Hiring a Campervan | Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re about to go on a trip and decided to rent a vehicle where you can have both accommodation and mobility at the same time while wandering the stunning coasts and mountains of Australia, hiring a campervan is an excellent choice for you. Also, hiring a campervan instead of paying for a hotel and other expensive lodgings saves money, and you can flexibly explore without relying on your hotel transport service. So, what are the things to consider when hiring a campervan?

Hiring a campervan is a convenient way that will equally satisfy your desire to save and enjoy at your comfort. So, you must choose the right type if you want a low or high top based on the things you prefer to avoid snags. However, there are factors that you should consider in terms of choosing the right campervan for your chosen destination such as type of road, budget, comfort and capacity. 

Are you interested in hiring a campervan for your trip? Read on and be informed.

What Should I Know About Campervan?

A campervan is a motorised vehicle that can provide transport and comfortable accommodation at the same time. It was invented by a Dutch businessman named Ben Pon, which used to do trade and imports of Volkswagen Beetles within the Netherlands in 1947. After a few more years in the car business, he came up with an idea of making a brand-new automobile, so he thought that Volkswagen would be the primary inspiration to create a campervan.   

There are two types of campervans: the low top and high top. The usual size of a campervan is 2.04 metre, but if you want to stand straight fully, you will have to pay more and get yourself a high top, to get that extra space. Compared to 4WDs and motorhomes, a campervan is smaller but offers you a decent amount of space that is enough to get you comfortable. Usually, a campervan already has a sink and fridge, but if you’re getting a high top, you’ll be able to avail dining area, microwave and extra space for sleeping. 

There are times, a campervan is made into a moving home for some people, and so they move and go for a spontaneous adventure whenever they want. Despite its size, the campervan is a good investment especially if you’re a natural adventurer kind of person because you can get all the necessary essential facilities such as fridge, stove, sink and a few cupboards. Shower and toilet can be compromised or not. It only varies on the size of the campervan.

How Can I Get a Campervan For Hire?

There are a lot of questions with regards to campervan fees, and how to find a campervan for hire. So, this will act as your guide to find the right one for you:

In different regions of Australia, there are popular websites or branches that will entertain your inquiries.

  • Ask for minimum and additional fees (if there is any). Typically, the cheapest rental for a campervan is $30, but it depends on the season and the availability of the vehicle.
  • Always consider your renting period when hiring.
  • Know the terms and conditions of the rental provider, so you’ll know what the dos and don’ts are. Remember, it is crucial to have an actual contract for proof. Always check everything before you commit.
  • Look for the deal that is suitable for you and your necessities. Finding a perfect campervan does not mean you should rent the most expensive or the biggest ones. Always consider your budget, comfort, and capacity.
  • Ask if there is a Relocation Specials. 
  • Always book in advance, so you’ll get a bigger chance of getting the right vehicle for you, most notably during peak season.
  • Insurance. Always ask if you’re renting a vehicle with full coverage insurance. 

What Should I Look for In A Campervan?

If you’re hiring a campervan, these are the basic things you must look for:


Your budget somehow determines how your vacation or your road trip will look like. So, find the best campervan from your rental provider that will not exceed or worse, destroy your budget.


If you’re driving a manual but your driver’s licence displays that you can only drive automatic, you cannot drive the manual. Other company rentals are dominated by manually transmitted vehicles, so if you badly need an automatic car, make sure that you book in advance so you can choose the right vehicle for you. 


A campervan can usually accommodate up to four people, so if you’re a group of four or a couple camping in, this is a great deal for you. But if you’re with a large group that exceeds the minimum, you must hire a motorhome which is bigger and can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons.


When travelling, being able to cook your food and not relying on instant cooking is a big deal, especially if you’re health-conscious. That’s why, you should always make sure there are kitchen accessories such as plates, bowls, cups, utensils, pots, pans, a kettle, teapot and dishcloths that you can use in your hired campervan. Cleaning and cabin accessories like a dustpan and brush, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, bucket and hose, maps and area guides are also crucial.

2WD or 4WD

 If you’re going to a destination with a smooth road, the 2WD campervan is alright. But if you’re exploring the unsealed roads of Australia, 4WD is all you need. 

What Are The Other Costs For Hiring A Campervan?

Being mindful of your budget is an excellent thing while travelling so, being aware of your additional charges or different fees for a travelling campervan makes a difference to help you out.


Paying for petrol is an obvious cost that must have a more significant portion of your budget because, without it, you will not be able to go anywhere. Fuel ranges of a typical campervan are 300 to 500kms but depend on the size of your fuel tank, so you must be watchful on how you spend your budget and take note that the further you travel from the city, the more expensive fuel is. 

Toll roads

This cost another addition to your travel expenses, $4 – $11 is the range of fees depending on your vehicle’s size. It is suggested that you purchase a tag before anything else to remember that you are allowed up to 72 hours maximum since you pass a toll. 

Site fees

If your destination is an outback or unsealed roads, some companies will add charges for each day. So, review your contract before signing anything else to avoid getting hustled, some dealers are too good to be true, so you better read and ask as much as you need. 

Limited kilometres 

Hiring a campervan typically allows you to travel for several kilometres, as far as you want without any additional fees. But, few other companies count each kilometre your vehicle covered, or they set a minimum kilometre that you can travel per day. As you exceed those kilometres, they add up extra payments for you, so always check your contract and ask your rental provider. 

What Are The Perks Of Choosing Campervan VS Motorhome and 4WD Camper?

Before you commit to anything, these are the perks that you must consider when choosing a campervan for rent:


A campervan is a lot smaller compared to motorhomes and 4WD, so you can easily choose a good camping spot without compromising. The size of a campervan is pretty decent, minimal, and most importantly, it does the job. 


If you’re hiring a campervan for your trip, it will cost less, unlike motorhomes and 4WD, which is more expensive. If you’re on a budget and do not need a lot of storage and too much amenities, campervans are suitable for you, and it is one of the most effective ways to explore Australia. 

Easier to handle

If you’re driving a typical car for quite some time now, a campervan is an excellent choice for you. Unlike motorhomes and 4WD campers, you will not be overwhelmed by how big your driver seat is. It is so easy to control and drive, even in any weather conditions, and your turns and backing up is more straightforward compared to other camping vehicles. Due to its lesser weight, you will not have to buy so much petrol, so it saves more money.

What Are The Tips and Etiquette For Travelling Australia in a Hired Campervan?

Hiring a campervan for a week doesn’t indicate that you completely own the vehicle. So, you must be aware of some things to avoid having a conflict with your rental provider.

Be aware of general rules.

  • Keep things tidy.
  • Take care of stuff.
  • No smoking inside the campervan.
  • Drive if licenced.
  • Be aware of the weight.
  • Maintain the campervan – get it serviced and check that your tyres are at the right pressure.
  • Emptying the loo/wastewater
  • Change the gas bottles

Driving etiquette.

  • Stay left, pass on the right. When driving, always monitor your speed and always be mindful of your vehicle, especially when driving in multiple lanes, keep left unless overtaking.
  • Do not drink and drive. Road trips are all fun and enjoy, but do not drink if you’re driving. Your company’s life is in the palm of your hands. 
  • Always carry your driver’s licence.
  • Give way to your right and intersections.

Travel planning tips.

  • Travel lighter so bring only the necessities. 
  • Plan your route wisely and consider bringing an itinerary.
  • Go to national parks and see abundant wildlife.
  • Set enough budget for your food and drinks.
  • Find free camping sites.
  • Avoid buying fuels on weekends – they are cheaper on weekdays.

Where Can I Take My Campervan?

Having a campervan will level up your next vacations so that you can head to these destinations in style:

The Great Barrier Reef

Unquestionably, one of nature’s best marvels that sustains much marine life, and composed of over 2900 individual reefs, located off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. If you’re on a road trip around Queensland, might as well check this UNESCO World Heritage Site and experience the extraordinary adventure that is easily accessible through your campervan.

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park. If you’re planning to travel around Western Australia, you should check out one of its gems, and experience the enormous wilderness of the area. There are lookouts, trails and magnificent scenic views that you must not miss. The historical landscapes of this national park are breathtaking, that is approximately over 2,500 million years old, perfect for the family with children and for a group of people who love adventures with a historical twist.


Uluru was popularly known as Ayers Rock. This massive sandstone column is located in the heart of Northern Territory, near Alice Springs. If you’re roaming around in Northern Territory with your campervan, you need to visit this distinctive site for its magnificent structure, and great significance for the aboriginal people of Uluru. They believed that this sandstone is sacred, and there are ancestral remains of the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people inside so they kept and preserved it for ages.

The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is the most brilliant site if you’re going on a road trip! This path is one of the most beautiful roads in Victoria that has scenic drive, which stretches up to 243 kilometres. The Great Ocean Road starts at Torquay and heads around 243 kilometres westward to end at Allansford close to Warrnambool. This city is the largest one that you’ll come across along the way, and the road was built to honour men that died during The Second World War. 

Blackall Range Natural Attractions

The Blackall Range Natural Attractions is an eye-pleasing natural attraction such as Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve that provides good overlooking across Glasshouse Mountains. Aside from that, it also has excellent access to a lot of spots that will help you to appreciate and learn more about subtropical rainforests. Kondalilla National Park that has a pleasant walk that will lead you to a tremendous 90-metre drop of Kondalilla Falls. Mapleton Falls National Park that also has a substantial 120-metre drop of Mapleton Falls with an excellent wheelchair-friendly trail.

What Is The Best Time To Hire A Campervan?

Any time is the best time to hire a campervan because every day is a perfect day to go on an adventure! But the pro tip is: book as early as you can. Especially during peak season, book first so you will have the time and opportunity to choose from available vehicles and to avoid getting hustled. 

Related Questions

How Does Hiring a Campervan Cost in Australia?

Typically, when hiring a campervan, the general price average is from $60 to $85 per night in the off-season and $90 to $125 per night in peak seasons. But it depends on your rental provider, type of vehicle, and season. So, choose your rental provider wisely and decide what is best for your budget but does not compromise your comfort and freedom.

What Licence Do I Need To Drive A Campervan in Australia?

To operate the hired campervan, the driver must be 21 years old up to 75 years old and must provide a valid driver’s licence, both Overseas and International driver’s licence are acceptable as long as the language in the card is written in the English language. 

Can I Drive A Campervan in Australia?

Yes, as long you are on a legal age, Identification Card, and Driver’s License, you will be able to operate a campervan in Australia. But there may be some circumstances that you should think of like driving on the left lane and campervans in Australia are usually in a manual transmission. 

Can You Sleep Anywhere in a Campervan in Australia?

No, you cannot pull over and suddenly decide to sleep on the roadside, it is not legal. Therefore, you must find an authorised place that will get you through the night, so you will not face any legal consequences. Sleeping anywhere in Australia, especially if you’re going to camp in unauthorised and privately-owned land, may cause disturbances and can be called trespassing. 

Is Free Camping Legal in Australia?

Freedom camping can be done in Australia but not permitted anywhere. There are many spots in the country where you can free camping in the wilderness without violating anything. If you’re planning to do a Freedom camping, you must be careful and must leave no trace, so always bring bins for your rubbish and take it home with you. 

Are Campervans Worth It?

Yes. Buying a campervan is an investment and not just ordinary leisure. If you’re the type of person that is always up for an adventure, this will be a good purchase for you. A campervan gives you freedom in exploring the wonders of Australia, and it is easier to handle than caravans, the size is decent where you won’t need huge space to pitch your camp. Also, there are on-board facilities, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the amenities in your chosen campsite. The good thing is, you can take your family with you because having someone you can share your adventures and happy moments in life is the best part. 

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